Bloomberg News dicusses the coming of IPTV

“the biggest upheaval the industry” will experience…IPTV will be monetized by content & ad providers.

5 Responses to “Bloomberg News dicusses the coming of IPTV”

  1. what does all this mean for PHEI?

  2. Maximum PC’S review of the lapboard is a stinker, imo X-P.

  3. Why? Was it a bad review?? Where can it be accessed?? Link please.

  4. Yes, i thought it should have been a more in-depth and thorough ting review. Such as actually sitting down and playing a game or down loading content with it. So far I haven’t been able to find the review online; yet.

    You’ll have to go to the Oct issue for Maximum PC 2010 to the review section to read that silly piece.

  5. That “review” wasn’t much of a review at all; seems the author was pretty biased going into it. 5 short paragraphs and that’s it? Didn’t Maximum PC do a review of the Lapboard a year ago? I remember that one being much more even-handed. The MissingRemote review is still the most thorough review of the lapboard I’ve seen to date. Our Lapboard isn’t perfect and has a lot of room for improvement, but the guy doing the Maximum PC review seemed like he had his mind made up about it beforehand. He said the mouse was bad for gaming, but didn’t even mention which games he tried.

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