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The Phantom Game Service website launches.

Posted in Jim the Web Guy with tags on October 1, 2008 by phantomadmin

It’s up boys and girls – finally – I’m going on 38 hrs of no sleep, starting to see slightly translucent creatures in the reflections of my glass computer desk – ahh whatever – this is the BETA site  ( )- we need to switch to a more powerful server in the next few weeks – but the site if packed full of goodies for you to find, download and educate yourself.

Just so I don’t get 100 of emails – I am not giving out username and passwords – I will be implementing a member backend system once we move to the new server – and that system will allow you to register right on the site, and then that service will be avaliable to you.

Wanna get specific answers – fill out our contact us page, we even have a few job openning up.  OK, I’m beat and I still have more to do yet to this Beta site – HEck drop me a line via if you do find a spelling mistake or issue with the site – Thats why I’m here.

Thanks for reading –  JD.