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Claims on Quantity and distrupution partners of the Phantom Lapboard…

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Plain and simple – if it’s not posted on here by John Landino or phantomadmin ( Jim Dimeo ) – its not true.

Truth and Consequences

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Here we are again.  At a standstill, with the vultures circling above us, and the wolves closing in around us.

Well here are the facts – and yes we are a little late in getting them to you for good reason, we tried to resolve the issues before it came to this blog post – and Christmas Holiday didn’t help in the resolution of these issues any quicker.

The GameStore –
The Phantom GameStore was up and running, being worked on live until suddenly the rug was pulled swiftly from our feet.  Due to publishing right issues from our content provider and 3rd party distribution problems our game feed was turned off.  The GameStore was critically wounded and without a game feed would lie in a coma till such a feed would present itself again.  After a week of effort in trying to restore the GameStore’s feed, we decided it be best to push forward and take matters into our own hands. Currently we are working with publishers directly, and looking for alternative sources to make the gamestore the best it can be.  In this downtime a better Graphic interface is being developed as well as user interaction tools, such as forums and API connectivity to Facebook and other community member portals. But as time drags on , so are we through the mud of the media.

We have acquired much of our own content which puts us in a much more profitable stance going forward so we can compete directly with the big boys.  We hope to revive the store quickly, and be back up in early Jan, pending no more surprises.

The Phantom Lapboard –
Ah, when it rains it pours as the common phrase goes in the realm of bad luck. THE GOOD NEWS> is that we have received and approved the new packaging and functionality of the lapboard samples we obtained. The more we stress-tested the new internal components, the more impressed we are with the functionality. The new lapboard is Great! You can review John videos and I will post new material after this blog runs. THE BAD NEWS> well timing of the board approval, US holidays, and now Chinese New Year ( factories close for one month! ) are slowing down production times and shipping to the US. We are now looking at a FEB date.  BUT we have asked that these boards be made ASAP with critical importance so that we don’t break a promise to our customers with a JAN deadline.

It seems the harder we try to make a comeback the more snags we hit. In this economy everything is hard, and we at Phantom are doing our best – after many many rounds in this fight, to finish this contest against all odds and put out the product we have been trying to get to market for the last 5 years.

If anything we have shown that we have kept moving to survive and grow stronger to look back and say, we did it.

Thanks for all the support from our devoted stock holders and fans, and even for those out there that could care less about our company – yet still take the time to talk and write about us throughout the forums, and blogs around the world – thanks for the attention.