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Onlive Informer reviews the Phantom Lapboard

Posted in John Landino, Message from the CEO, onlive, Phantom Lapboard with tags , , , , , , , , on November 9, 2011 by jlandino gets addicted to couch gaming with the Phantom Lapboard:

“In Summary I would have to say that the I feel the Phantom Lapboard
is an essential purchase for anyone using OnLive with a Microconsole.
It offers unparalled control and convience without sacraficing gameplay.
If you wan’t to experience OnLive to it’s fullest you need to give the
Phantom Lapboard a serious look

Glenn Giersdorf

OnLive Informer reviews the Phantom Lapboard

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A big thanks to the folks over at for taking the time to review our Phantom Lapboard:


“I definitely give my stamp of approval, and if you’re like me and do the majority of your OnLive gaming from your couch, the lapboard is a must have. Owning the lapboard is going to make even more sense when OnLive finally releases its web browser. It would be great if OnLive partnered with Phantom Entertainment to package the lapboard along with the MicroConsole and OnLive controller because it really completes the entire experience.” –

Phantom Lapboard review to be published in October issue of Maximum PC!

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Maximum PC: Lapboard Review


Maximum PC just finished a review of the new Phantom Lapboard which will be published in thier October magazine.  Big thanks to Alex Castle & Gordon Ung from Maximum PC for thier efforts to give the Phantom Lapboard some daylight.  The magazine should hit the stands in early September!

Missing Remote: Phantom Lapboard Review

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“I can positively say that in the case of the Phantom Lapboard, form follows function. They sought to create a keyboard and mouse that could be used for gaming or multimedia usage from the couch and came up with an unique designed that allowed you do to just that.”

– Michael Welter, Missing Remote

BUT truth be told…Mrs. Welter has stolen the show with her own report in the review:

“I love how easy it is to use. The full size and large mousing area is a plus. The mouse is so easy to maneuver and it contours perfectly to your hand, it is perfect for little hands as well. The kids find this keyboard much more useful than the previous models and this is one keyboard I can say does not make me want to slam it against the coffee table a few times when it is being uncooperative.”

– Mrs. Welter

Evaluating The Phantom Lapboard – Marco’s Blog –

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5 out of 5 stars!

“Overall though, I am quite pleased by the Phantom Lapboard. It does what it is was designed to do, and it does so quite well. It’s $139 asking price is somewhat steep, but the Lapboard’s range and the precision of the included mouse are better than many other wireless desktops, and you won’t get the uniquely designed base that makes the Lapboard so good to use while gaming. If you’re looking for a wireless keyboard and mouse for an HTPC that’s also used for gaming, the Phantom Lapboard is worth serious consideration. it’s a very cool device.”

Gadget of the Week: Phantom Lapboard Keyboard and Mouse – ZIGGYTEK

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ZIGGYTEK: Phantom Lapboard Review

“The idea is so simple and useful that I am perplexed as to why there are not more of them around: a compact wireless keyboard and mouse combo designed to work on your lap for couch typing/gaming/music listening/film viewing sessions. Phantom’s $130 Lapboard is literally an all-in-one KBM device whose full-size keyboard can swivel 360 degrees and be pulled up by 20 degrees, leaving the board underneath to act as a mousepad for the small laser mouse. In theory, the product is an HTPC dream, but does it work?”

Read more to find out!!!

Thank you ZIGGYTEK!!!!

Another Happy Phantom Lapboard Customer!

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The invasion has begun...

Received my Black Lapboard today via FedEx. I wanted to buy one to see the product after all these years. I have to say – the quality, the feel, the look is incredible!!! Much better than I ever imagined. I am actually typing on it as you read. Very easy to set up and installs itself! I can see so many uses for t…his outside of the gaming world as well – espcially considering it is installed on my laptop and I am kicked back in the chair – LOVE IT!!!! Thank you Phantom for bringing this to reality! I would recommend all Fans buy one and check it out!

I would say working at home just got even more comfortable!!! 🙂