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Lapboard Giveaway!

“Next up, courtesy of the fine folks at Phantom Entertainment is their very cool Phantom Lapboard. Our very own Mikinho reviewed this bad boy back in July and he has admitted to me that it’s his favorite keyboard/mouse device he’s ever used.”

Go the and register for the raffle!

Missing Remote: Phantom Lapboard Review

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“I can positively say that in the case of the Phantom Lapboard, form follows function. They sought to create a keyboard and mouse that could be used for gaming or multimedia usage from the couch and came up with an unique designed that allowed you do to just that.”

– Michael Welter, Missing Remote

BUT truth be told…Mrs. Welter has stolen the show with her own report in the review:

“I love how easy it is to use. The full size and large mousing area is a plus. The mouse is so easy to maneuver and it contours perfectly to your hand, it is perfect for little hands as well. The kids find this keyboard much more useful than the previous models and this is one keyboard I can say does not make me want to slam it against the coffee table a few times when it is being uncooperative.”

– Mrs. Welter