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Claims on Quantity and distrupution partners of the Phantom Lapboard…

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Plain and simple – if it’s not posted on here by John Landino or phantomadmin ( Jim Dimeo ) – its not true.

I tell as I hear it. – direct from China

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SO .. here is the MSN chat to China – with Phoebe our account manager at iONE who are making our lapboards – I asked to rush it to meet Jan deadline.

Here is the conversation just yesterday.

Jimmynut says (10:14 PM):
Hi Phoebe – any updates for us ?
PHOEBE says (10:15 PM):
PHOEBE says (10:15 PM):
we plan to ship them on 1/15 before Chinese New Year
PHOEBE says (10:15 PM):
Shipping Mark:
PHOEBE says (10:15 PM):
PHOEBE says (10:16 PM):
PHOEBE says (10:16 PM):
Made In China
Jimmynut says (10:16 PM):
PHOEBE says (10:16 PM):
C/NO: 1-UP
PHOEBE says (10:16 PM):
Jimmynut says (10:18 PM):
the 15th is great – so we should get them at the end of Jan.
Jimmynut says (10:18 PM):
thanks Phoebe
PHOEBE says (10:23 PM):
no problem

There you have it – confirmation from the factory…
so figure 2 weeks from when they ship on the 15th to ship across the sea and into the US. Yahoo… finally. Knocking on wood, fingers crossed, rubbing the rabbits foot, etc, etc, etc,

CEO receives Phantom Lapboard samples.

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Did you miss us?  We’ve been busy.