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Couch Gaming with the Phantom Lapboard

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The time has finally come!  Companies like OnLive & Valve now offer cloud gaming through the TV with a MicroConsole or workstation configuration.  Now a long term gaming session can be done in the comfort of the couch with the added large screen display of your HDTV.  The only problem: how do you couch compute with the full functionality of a keyboard and mouse?

The Phantom Lapboard’s unique patented design allows the end user the only solution in the world for couch gaming in any position even for both lefties and righties.  Cloud computing has entered the living room  so whether you are couch gaming, using Internet TV or an HTPC the Phantom Lapboard is your input device “where you want it and when you want it”.

Turn on UT3, sit back and use your Phantom Lapboard to blast the enemy to pieces!

Gaming coming to the IPTV & living room; we have your input device the Phantom Lapboard!

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I have been saying for years that Gaming would also be run off the TV in the living room.  PC Gamers will adjust to this new location (the sofa) with the Phantom Lapboard.


“The company also reckons you’ll be able to play StarCraft 2, Civilisation 5, Call of Duty: Black Ops, Fallout: New Vegas, Mafia 2, Bioshock Infinite and Duke Nukem Forever.” – from your IPTV.

Sony Online Service – “the total entertainment experience” still needs an input device: Phantom Lapboard needed!

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Sony’s Plan for IPTV

Why an IPTV Input Device from the living room is needed!

“Another bombshell to drop out of Sony’s recent Investor/Analyst Meeting was the revelation of an upcoming online store called the “Sony Online Service.” While the name is tentative, the features Sony are planning for it aren’t and we should expect it sometime in 2010. But what does “Sony Online Service” really mean? Is it just the infrastructure of the Playstation Network with a new name and more multimedia? Hardly. This isn’t just another competitor to iTunes – its far beyond that.

The upcoming Sony Online Service will be a personal and premium digital ecosystem. In the first slide, you can clearly see that Sony will begin this process by enabling network connectivity with all of its digital imaging products throughout 2010 and beyond, enabling devices to upload, store and share their content online. This personal content (created by you) will coincide with the vast majority of Sony’s entertainment offerings, including music, movies, games, and books. Sony will also embrace many 3rd party content providers to bolster their initial offering – something they have proven themselves capable of with their current partners in the Playstation Store and streaming partners in their latest networked Blu-ray product.

However, one of the main focus points will be you.

“One of the things we really need to get into is the whole concept of user-driven content,” EVP Kazuo Hirai of Sony said in an interview.

“There already are a lot of services out there but we want to try to bring something that is uniquely Sony to the experience.”

It doesn’t stop there though – Sony also plans to offer streaming media, applications (including 3rd party), services (such as health/fitness, banking, etc), and shopping (such as the ability to buy products at SonyStyle). The great thing is that many Sony devices will be able to view the service, including VAIO computers, Blu-ray players, BRAVIA Televisions, and of course the PS3 and PSP. This will ensure that Sony products have access to the total entertainment experience.