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Can you trust the Maximum PC review of the Phantom Lapboard?

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Maximum PC just published their “review”, I mean hit piece, on the Phantom Lapboard.  We at Phantom can hardly expect everyone to love the Lapboard however after all the years of effort to get the Lapboard to market we have for the most part been given a very fair shake buy all media who has looked at the Lapboard.  Outside of Wired in 2008 and this current “review” by Maximum PC, everyone who we spoke with has been professional and responded to questions but more importantly they all brought up any negative feedback prior to publishing as a courtesy.  I emailed Gordon Ung and Mike Brown for a reasonable explanation as to why the flip-flop on their past 2008 positive Phantom Lapboard review:

Hi Mike,


I wanted to touch base with you on our review by Alex (and I assume you had the final ok on it).  To say I am disappointed is an understatement and here are some of the reasons why:



We’ve spent a few days playing multiplayer shooters using the Lapboard, and we can say that the
keyboard rocks.”

“The Lapboard would be virtually guaranteed a Kick Ass award if it were sold by itself, but the included
mouse will almost certainly bring down the final verdict.”


We fixed our signal/mouse issues and yet how can Maximum PC have a new review trashing my product?

  1. My original email to Alex:

Hi Alex,


Gordon told me you are handling the Lapboard review.  If you have any questions, pls lmk.  Also, a tip: the batts in the box sometimes run out quickly so if you have any signal problems just swap ‘em out and you’ll b back in biz.


Primary customer we intend to market to is the new Internet TV, MC & Gamer end users.  We also understand that the hardcore Gamers will want a mouse w more buttons which we may add later.


Thanks for your time and interest,



Alex appears to have disregarded my note when issuing his review.

  1. The generic statement by Alex “this thing (Lapboard) is just bad” is highly disturbing considering your previous review as well as Hot Hardware giving the Lapboard 5 out of 5 stars & Hardware Heaven issuing their “Gold Seal” (top honor rarely given out)
  2. The Lapboard price you have printed is $140…where did you find this price?  The prices is 129.99 USD


Honestly I am at a loss on how this review could get printed.



No response from either except to say Gordon will get in touch with me…I won’t be holding my breath:)  But as with the kids a Wired, this too shall pass.  I will say tho, they took some great pics of the Phantom Lapboard!

IPTV has momentum which cannot be stopped, many living rooms are waiting for their Phantom Lapboard!  And in the end, we do thank Maximum PC for thier time and effort to look at our product.

Phantom Lapboard review to be published in October issue of Maximum PC!

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Maximum PC: Lapboard Review


Maximum PC just finished a review of the new Phantom Lapboard which will be published in thier October magazine.  Big thanks to Alex Castle & Gordon Ung from Maximum PC for thier efforts to give the Phantom Lapboard some daylight.  The magazine should hit the stands in early September!