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Posted in Jim the Web Guy on September 21, 2009 by phantomadmin

Well I love the flutter of negativity to our last posting, really inspirational.

Major Corporations usually don’t give you up-to-date blogs postings to read about the internal workings of their businesses.  They provide Press releases.  Press releases are usually to indicate success, momentum, large developments, and so forth.  Press releases also cost alot of money.  At this stage we don’t have any.

What is going to stimulate Phantom so that it may get back on it’s feet? ( Which will inturn help it’s stock holders )  Hmmm..  Money.  What is hindering Phantom from getting Money…  Hmmm Debt.  Where is this debt located, please review the past 6 years of Phantom’s history stating at the middle of last year.  Other than Debt is the chain reaction of events that started late 2008, manufacturing delays, Chinese Holiday, economic distress in China, lack of specialized parts, more delays on lapboard manufacturing, shipping via ship timelines, internal reorganization, debt management, failure of  investment ventures to stimulate income, customs problems, etc….

Negative blogs are not the issue here, I’ve seen my share of bashes and the such – the real issue is that Phantom can’t function as a business if  “powers outside of our control” want us never to succeed.  So since there are a select few that monitor this blog religiously for information that they can use to cause more problems for us, we have made the executive decision to send press releases when we have good news and the money to do so. Not to place that info here.

This blog with still provide information on marketing successes and Phantom reviews, but no longer insight into stock relisting, lapboard developments, or other internal items that may cause us more harm than good. We are sorry for the reasoning behind this decision yet it was a necessary step.  Something to leave you with.

Questions / Answers

Is my stock worth anything?
You own it, it doesn’t automatically disappear.  We plan to reenlist ASAP, but we have to bring our balance sheet back to the black in order to do so. We are keeping the same or better structure with our shareholders, we’ll see what’s possible when that time comes.

Are we relisting? When?
As soon as we have the financial ability to do so.

When will I receive my Lapboard?
All backorders have been ordered from our distributor and as soon as we receive them we will overnight them to you.

How will I know whats going on with Phantom?
We will be sending out press releases when possible to well known services a copy of that release will be displayed here on the blog also.

Usually nothing said is better then saying anything at all.

Posted in Jim the Web Guy, John Landino with tags on March 27, 2009 by phantomadmin

So.. here we are. I’ve been reading your posts and I can see you are all getting upset, are anxious and well hanging on by your last thread.
I have nothing to tell you. I can’t – legally.

Here are some facts.

As most of you know John Landino became the new CEO of Phantom back in July of 2008 – what that means is that he needed to sort through the tons of crap that happened over the last 5 years… Do you think thats easy? Do you think that can be accomplished in 8 months – while at the same time manage getting the lapboard to market ( remember that means fixing relationships with old manufacturing companies that were pushed aside by old Phantom managment ) John had to start from ground Zero – he was the new guy taking over – It’s not like PHEI started where it left off – I hear you guys rant about a 5 year period for a keyboard to get to market. SIGH… If it was only that simple.

I’ve tried to explain this over and over again. Here it is plain and simple, the delay of getting the board to market lies in the hands of our manufacture; also the 3 weeks it takes to ship to the US. We are at their mercy. Think what you want – I’d like to make some money selling our keyboards…..

OK – please stop the hammering – my head hurts!!!

Posted in Jim the Web Guy with tags , , , on March 4, 2009 by phantomadmin

I just can’t take the asking every day, I believe I made it understood that when information is available it WILL be posted.
Have you ever thought to consider the fact that we are siding on the side of caution BEFORE announcing to the “world” on this blog information on the Lapboards progress, financial news, company events, etc. I thought I addressed this a few posts ago.

Some of you are vested in this company financially, and I can respect your position. You feel you have the right to know, and you do in most respects. But the captain of the ship decides what course to take despite the weather or obvious conditions; when everything looks bleak, it’s ALL up to him to make critical decisions. Some may not make sense to the crew at the time, but went he clouds clear and they are in calmer waters, it is understood.

LapBoard…uh ask Amanda

Posted in Jim the Web Guy with tags , , on February 26, 2009 by phantomadmin

OK – LapBoard Models now have their own section….in the page area. For those whom can appreciate a pretty woman and a cool product sharing the same page. reviews our new Lapboard!!!

Posted in Jim the Web Guy, Message from the CEO with tags , , on January 21, 2009 by phantomadmin

The LapBoard, the epic journey turns a corner

Posted in Jim the Web Guy, John Landino on January 21, 2009 by phantomadmin

Here’s the scoop ppl.

Lapboard Shipment

It turns out the manufacturer could not keep their commitment to ship prior to CNY.  We also need to understand this project has been floating around for several years and they final received payment a few months ago to go to production.  Phantom is probably not too high in the picking order when it comes to completing an order before CNY.  Jimmy really pushed to get the Lapboard out, there is nothing else he could have done.  Thanks Jim!

I know we all are very anxious to get this product out and get this company productive, so just a little more patience and support is needed.

Thanks to those new and current shareholders who have invested again in PHEI.  We do have a plan to clean up all the financial and start filing again.  Terry Taylor has all the filings ready to go.  While we need to clean up a few more bills to do this, Terry will be able to put a post up this week detailing where we stand and what we need to do.  If we can’t file yet…we sure can at least post the info.

We are still working on the Phantom Game store with our partner GameStreamer who will be releasing a breakthrough application today: GS Extranet.  Please visit  The GS Exrtanet will allow game content to be uploaded and managed through an online portal.  Very cool stuff!

Just remember the bashers will bash….some are paid to do this, some are ex employees who left with pockets full of money while we work for free.  PHEI has NO burn rate,me Jimmy and Terry are not going anywhere.  We will continue to work on making Phantom Entertainment into a valuable company.

If you have any questions or concerns,please do not hesitate to contact me.

John Landino

The Unofficial Official word.

Posted in Jim the Web Guy, Message from the CEO on January 21, 2009 by phantomadmin =

Ok then. Clear?

Now using the above function, read below.

PHEI retains an equity stake in the company that purchased and currently owns the streaming assets.

Details of this transaction can be found in the following link to Phantom Entertainment, Inc.’s SEC Form 8-K dated August 11, 2008:

Recurring Questions – from some new bloggers.

Posted in Jim the Web Guy on January 11, 2009 by phantomadmin

OK, I’ve decided to answer every post that comes in.  While tedious maybe it will help people who know nothing about marketing or manufacturing understand better how business works. PHEI for Dummies if you will.

The Lapboard: This board was designed 5 years ago, the design hasn’t changed for the reason that it hasn’t come to market, it is now coming to market for actual review by real people not just the Big Wigs of the Media Community. While we respect those guys, its the consumers we need to hear from. COST: does anyone know how much it costs to redesign a product? ALOT! Especially in this economic disaster we currently live in?  Does anyone realize the time it takes to make those redesigns, and even if done will they improve overall based on a few responses from the corporate audience?

The GameStore:  Once again I seem to revisit this, yet I understand that most of you are in the dark when in comes to the inter workings of a company doing what we are doing. Deals take time, lots of time, we are doing are damnedness to cut through the red tape and speed up the process, yet legal is legal and paperwork is paper work.  I’m sure most of you have been at an amusement park or carnival, you pay your entrance fee and then you see an awesome ride you want to get on – ALL YOU CAN DO IS WAIT.

We are doing our best here, with little money and dragging time lines.  Yes, the media is going to tear us a new one, but what else is new. I know the type of company we are now, and I’m not about to start living in the past.

Suggestions Post. – per request

Posted in Jim the Web Guy, John Landino, Message from the CEO on January 7, 2009 by phantomadmin

ANY post can be commented on.

If you click on Wanna Help.

Look under the post – you can leave a comment there, but NOT ON THE CHIPIN  site.

“Wanna Help” is specifically for monetary donations.
Please read all the disclaimers before contributing in that manner.

As for the rest of you that Wanna Help, know that I read this blog everyday, every time someone blogs I get a message on my iPHONE. I enjoy reading the positive vibes, thoughts and input!!  Don’t stop.

I’m constantly connected to this blog, since my ear seems to be glued to my phone these days..

.0005 today  🙂  yah!

Talk to you all soon.


Claims on Quantity and distrupution partners of the Phantom Lapboard…

Posted in Jim the Web Guy, John Landino, Message from the CEO with tags , , on January 7, 2009 by phantomadmin

Plain and simple – if it’s not posted on here by John Landino or phantomadmin ( Jim Dimeo ) – its not true.