Review: Phantom isn’t dead and this is their Lapboard

Not a bad review at all from  They will also be giving the Phantom lapboard away shortly so stay tuned.

“If you’re looking for a companion to your home theater setup, the Lapboard is a good choice.”

5 Responses to “Review: Phantom isn’t dead and this is their Lapboard”

  1. I bought a ton of Phantom shares way way back. I love hearing the new news but I’m disappointed to see google ads on the Phantom Entertainment blog. Not exactly sending the message that this is a product company looking to sell a product when there are pay per click ads on the site.

    Bad form Phantom

  2. A good review in my opinion. One of the posters may have a valid point. There needs to be a small rim around the edge so the mouse doesn’t slide off !!!

    55 Chevy

  3. Chevy,

    The Gamers would view this as a restriction to the mouse movement. I am toying around w the idea of a mouse pad for the bottom of the Lapboard.

  4. is the stock we all bought worth anything? I hope so. we havent given up on the company yet and look forward to continued growth.

  5. Hey John, that’s a good idea. Just so you don’t give it too much friction, as to slow down the action of the mouse. Just enough to prevent the mouse from easily sliding off of the board !!!

    55 Chevy

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