Couch Gaming with the OnLive MicroConsole & the Phantom Lapboard

Update of the OnLive MicroConsole & Phantom Lapboard

Well the first thing I found out was that FPS games are darn hard however I am digging URIII.  Secondly the more I use Onlive & my computer on the flat screen the more convinced I am in our Phantom Lapboard solution.  I like to sit on the couch and switch from TV, OnLive & my computer.  I’m also a cyclist so anytime I can get my feet up on the couch really helps during the heavy training. Thus hanging back on the sofa and being able to use all my media devices is very very cool!

The use of a mouse, for me at least, works much better than a touch pad or keyboard short cuts.  Now that I am doing some couch Gaming I also see how important a mouse is as well.  I like to find unique positions which I can relax my legs but still have the Lapboard fitted for responsive Gaming, here lies the real value in our multi-level/position input device.

Again expect Onlive to delve into streaming movies and hopefully bring a browser too.  The games play very well on the OnLive real-time network, the only problems I had were with my own IPS during the days running up to Christmas when bandwidth was super crowded.  I would like to blame my poor Gaming skills on something other than me but truth be told…I kinda suck right now.

The good news is I have a comfortable way to get better at couch Gaming with the Phantom Lapboard and the super cool and affordable OnLive MicroConsole!

3 Responses to “Couch Gaming with the OnLive MicroConsole & the Phantom Lapboard”

  1. Key words—Comfortable Positions—while using the Lapboard !!! Big, Big selling point, people are naturally wanting to be comfortable, instead of sitting at a desk !!!

    55 Chevy

  2. I believe we would have been in the gaming category at this year’s CES. I wasn’t impressed with the 3 that made it there, especially the wireless headset. Wow, I sure did like the Vizio 3-D TV. My daughter has a Vizio HD TV, it is absoutely crystal clear, so I know the 3-D would be great.

    See Ya
    55 Chevy

  3. We are all gathering around the big screen TV now for NetFlix on the Wii and the laptop for streaming youtube…. Hooray now we can have some comfy gaming too. SWEET!

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