Phantom Lapboard unboxing by Boxeounboxing, very cool!

Alex Herschell at Boxeounboxing puts together a great informative video of his Phantom Lapboard!

2 Responses to “Phantom Lapboard unboxing by Boxeounboxing, very cool!”

  1. WOW— This is really cool !!! This was one of the best viewings of the Lapboard I’ve seen in 5 years. I liked the little red pop-ups, very descriptive. Did you notice how easy it was for him to close then re-open the Lapboard using only his fingers on 1 hand !!! The music kept me tapping my foot !!! I hope a lot of people see this !!! Keep it up John !!!

    55 Chevy

  2. 12-9-2010 3:45 P.M. What happened to all of the info. on Facebook, when I click on the logo on the blog ???

    55 Chevy

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