Phantom Lapboard end user pics!

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12 Responses to “Phantom Lapboard end user pics!”

  1. If I remember correctly John, that’s not you. Is it anyone important?

  2. You remind me of RAY—“Everybody loves Raymond”.

  3. Well…all Lapboard end users are important!

  4. john:

    i know you get tired of the stock questions. but if you could get us back on even the pink sheets that would be better than nothing. and with all this press and good news this thing would now trade like crazy! anyway keep up the good work. we are behind you!

  5. relisting will cost a ton…will take a long time to even think about that.

  6. John: Thanks for being open and honest. Time will pass, and we will re-list. Just keep up the good work and continue to feed us with whats going on. Now that good things are happening everyone is getting impatient. I would like to see continued connections with re-sellers, and some Big deals which will increase our sales. It would be great to re-list next year even if its December !!!

    55 Chevy

  7. Just read David Stitz’s comments on U-Tube. I have concerns there too !!! I hope that never happens and you will always honor all of us stockholders who have been with Phantom for many years !!!

    55 Chevy

  8. well i knew it was a lot for the big boards to relist but isn’t it much less for the “penny” stock boards?

  9. I have posted dozens and dozens of times: to relist to pink sheets is 400k first year then 40k p/Q for audited filing from there on out. One missed Q and Good Bye listing. Have this kind of money on top of running a real biz is a long long way off. this is REALITY for us or any small company trying to go public. I dont know when ppl will listen and I cant keep responding again and again to the same questions over and over.

  10. Thanks for responding to our posts, please be patient with us.

  11. 55 Chevy, a word of advice my friend. I was like you, always checking the stocks and when the pinks were lost, the blog to see when we were going to relist. The answer is YEARS FROM NOW IF EVER. And based on that answer you might want to….give it up and get on with your life. I know that disappointments are hard to accept, but you need to or you will be frustrated and chomping at the bit waiting for good news that in all probability will never come. Sorry for the much needed reality check dude, but somebody had to say it.

  12. You know something financially about the stock investment of Phantom Entertainment? I’m talking about knowing facts.

    Let these people have their hope. No one has a guarantee on anything in life…

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