Lots of Phantom Lapboards to sell!!!

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Lapboards safe and sound, shipping regularly so far.  Will put out a PR shortly and continue to market and sell, sell…SELL!  Just got back from Washington DC and had a meeting with a Defence Contractor who loved the Phantom Lapboard.  With the military moving towards more UAVs and personnel in the field controlling them, the Phantom Lapboard can make an impact on their ability to use electronics in an unconventional enviroment and positions.

9 Responses to “Lots of Phantom Lapboards to sell!!!”

  1. Jan Lechner Says:

    At one time it was called foot-work. Keep on them, and sell them all,but don’t forget to order more.

  2. This is great.Great job guy’s

  3. Walter G. Says:

    Go Johnny Go!!!

  4. 55 Chevy Says:

    So very happy to see such progress. I know we’re on the right track. Looking back, just think where we have come from !!! We will all be rewarded when we re-list, thanks to all of your efforts. I will be proud to be a Phantom stock holder in your company. Anticipating seeing the Phantom logo plastered everywhere. It sure will be exciting !!!

    55 Chevy—–Here since 2005

  5. Here since 2005 also it will be great whwn they re-list

  6. Anna Balsamo Says:

    I sent a request to Walmart to review the lapboard

  7. So sweet to think our lapboards may be taking out terrorists one day. 🙂 Just plain awesome.

  8. ‘nice camouflage touch, people.

  9. Mark Zarlino Says:

    What will the new listing be on the market?
    What if we still hold old phantom stock in accounts?

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