Can you imagine?

Phantom Lapboard

Can you imagine what Internet TV will be like?  Would advertisers be able to instigate a call to action on their commercials prompting the end-user to “click thru” to their website or procurement portal?  How would advertisers like to track those rates and purchases real-time?  Who gets off their ars after sitting on the sofa watching the ball game to walk into the next room turn on you computer and order the product or service they just watched in an advert on the TV?

Can you imagine the end-user sitting comfortably on the sofa or in their bed using the Phantom Lapboard to access this new purchasing power and technology?

12 Responses to “Can you imagine?”

  1. Jan Lechner Says:

    Please keep me informed !!!!

  2. John ?
    if i have stock in PHEI when we get on good terms again with the sec lol lol
    don’t i still have those shares?even thoug it shows on my statements no such company. no ticker either.

  3. or all the stock i had is gone?

  4. bob noyes Says:

    are our stock investment worth anything?

  5. jlandino Says:

    To relist will take some serious revenue, look up the fees involved with being a public compnay then add that on top of running a real biz. Thats right, a real biz…not a bunch of PR. We all have to wait but if you want to help start send Lapbaord product requests to any and all retailers & ecommerce stores. There are many things you can do to help this company move forward. Out of the hunderds of ppl who ask about the stock only a few have asked what they can do.

  6. I may not be asking what I can do now, but five years ago I ( DID ) invest 10% of my net worth in this company. I think non professional investors like myself need to know that you do have a strategy to relist. I understand that this is a step that follows some sucess but reassure me that this is a step your planning.

  7. jlandino Says:

    The answer to that question has been posted MANY times Lee. It is our end goal but its like asking a teenager if he is ready for the NFL draft right now.

  8. 55 Chevy Says:

    YES, I can imagine !!!

  9. I’m trying for Radio Shack…We’ll see what happens.

  10. PHEI–Try and be a bit more understanding for those who have invested. You mention it’s like a teenager wanting to join the NFL and not being ready. Nothing like it at all. This is business, and people have put their money, hopes, and dreams into you and your product. While it is understandable that you ask those interested to help by finding additional outlets for your/our product, it really would behoove you/the management, owner of the product, and our money to do more and stop treating those concerned like teenagers. Grow a pair!

  11. Jan Lechner Says:

    OH GEES; Here we go !!

  12. John

    How about creating a pix and what you want said and I will post on about 5 of my web sites linking to Phantom. Put it on your site for others to use so we can possibly send buyers to the web site to purchase. It will also help in your Google PR although you are rated well now. Make sure it has all the Keywords you want in it. If you post it I will use it. It would be best if you create it so you get what you want in it.

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