Phantom Lapboard at LAN Party gets reviewed!

Big thanks to Corey Nash for bringing his Phantom Lapboard to the LAN Party he puts together and letting the Gamers test it out.  Nice honest and genuine  responses and praise for the Phantom Lapboard.  Also, the Phantom Lapboard never made it back with Corey, so many people wanted it he had to raffle it off!

A new Phantom Lapboard is on its way back to you Corey! THANK YOU!

2 Responses to “Phantom Lapboard at LAN Party gets reviewed!”

  1. Ken Land Says:

    That is the review info I was looking for. True gamers playing with it and interacting with it. Good news for all! Makes a long time investor and supporter all warm and fuzzy inside! 🙂

  2. @Ken –

    Agreed! This is our core target demographic, and if these guys like it, then we should be in good shape moving forward. I think one of the reviewers had a point regarding the mouse: it may be a good idea to sell the board minus the mouse as an option for those who may want to use their own. Or maybe Phantom could also offer an “upgraded” version of the lapboard with a configurable gaming mouse. That might not be a bad idea either. It would at least give consumers a couple of more options when ordering. 🙂

    Maybe that would be a logical next step…configurable lapboard packages…

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