About.com Phantom Lapboard Review

ABOUT.COM Phantom Lapboard Review

Not overly thrilled with Lisa’s review but she did take the time to look at us so Thank You!  Also no link to our site??? (UPDATE-they just added our site)  Again, I stressed the relevance of the Phantom Lapboard and the new Internet TV technologies but I guess that did not interest her.  So she likes the Phantom Lapboard for Gamers.  Gamers and the Internet TV consumers will both enjoy the Phantom Lapboard.

2 Responses to “About.com Phantom Lapboard Review”

  1. The review may not be that great, but it gives the company an idea of where to make future improvements. That’s the way a product can only get better is by constructive critizism. We gotta take all reviews in stride.

  2. Ken Land Says:

    true words Donato – Overall I think the product is great. I have been using mine pretty extensively since I received and and enjoy using it. I really like being able to lien back in my chair and type as I am now.

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