Google aims to offer internet on your TV – TIMESONLINE

This is what we are made for, amazing how no one has contacted us to use the Phantom Lapboard!  Post a comment on this story about our Lapboard please.

5 Responses to “Google aims to offer internet on your TV – TIMESONLINE”

  1. Whats interesting about googles idea is that TVs like this have been around for at least a year, heck I almost purchased a Web TV last week from sony. If I want to surf the internet on my TV I’ll just plug in my Computer or buy a PS3 which can surf the web. I could always do one better and buy an all in one computer like the imac and use that as my TV too.

  2. dave stitz Says:

    hey guys how do we contact google, they might think phantom isn’t for real because of past problems. lets help them see what we got. Two things , don’t like to see logitechs name mentioned ,google might be trying to find the cheapest way to start, but if they do start there should be plenty of people like me who would want to use the phantom lapboard instead of some clumsy junk, also did you guys consider some lighting on the keyboards (back light on keys, small top light) i know if i’m in front of a tv it’s dark. When i use a laptop while watching tv i can’t see the keys well. Any how i tried to get my lapboard last order and now that the site is up i’m ordering right now ! Always a supporter

  3. Hey John,

    Maybe it is time to start developing a universal remote control to go along with the lapboard? Just thinking of couch logistics, if I am in my Living Room, sitting on my recliner, typing on the lapboard using my TV as a computer screen, I really don’ want to have to look around the room to find the remote control if I want to change the channel to check on the game.

    Just something to think about considering this article.

  4. John,
    Is it possible to let us know what kind of quantity this latest order consisted of? Thanks for the hard work.

  5. maybe you can make contact with QVC and try and sell on there show. I don’t know what’s involved with that.Just throwing someting out there.

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