A few cartons of Black Phantom Lapboards have arrived!

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Today we received the elusive Black Phantom Lapboard, an endangered species but we plan on releasing them to the wild to multiply.   Soon everyone will have one in thier livingroom kept safe by thier loving owners. 

Still hard to believe but another small step forward.  Black Lapboards for sale, email me at jlandino@phantom.net until we have a splash / order page up…if they even last that long.


2 Responses to “A few cartons of Black Phantom Lapboards have arrived!”

  1. 55 Chevy Says:

    John: Seeing the pictures you took is very good news. I still can’t get over the sheen on the product. It’s like a mirror. I think that’s a selling point !!! Gooooooo Phantom

    55 Chevy

  2. John,
    Again Good to see more arival. I do have a question & hope you can kindly response. Are we as Phantom Entertaiment still have a relationship with old business partners to sell these lapboards? Or will we expect them (the order from them) coming? Thanks,

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