Limited number of Phantom Lapboards now in stock and for sale!

Breaking News!!!  Lapboard 2010 production is finished and we had a few cartons flown over here to NJ.  I received them on Friday and I have to tell you that they are the best quality to date.  Sync now is super fast and easy, keys work flawlessly and the mouse has greatly improved functionality.  A big step ion the right direction for Phantom Entertainment.  As I type this post with my Phantom Lapboard lounging on my sofa, Window 7 works PERFECTLY (in my opinion) with the Lapboard. 

I have about a dozen White Lapboards left as we sold a few to our FACEBOOK fans already and I am shipping those today!  To order please email me at and I will send a PayPal invoice for $129.99 USD Lapboard, $13.50 US shipping or $45 Int’l shipping. 

More news to follow as we are getting ready to ship (once again) however this time WITHOUT MSFT compatibility logos even tho we are licensed to do so!

2 Responses to “Limited number of Phantom Lapboards now in stock and for sale!”

  1. John – Call me when you have time. I need your cvs file so I can send out your message via my platform network. John

  2. Great job John!
    Keep the work flowing we will see the light a little sooner.

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