Yes – We are still Alive.

Well good riddance to 2009 for Phantom Entertainment!  And welcome 2010 and the “next” shipment of Phantom Lapboards!!  Our manufacturer is assembling the current production order now.  We were hoping to have the Lapboards shipped prior to CNY ( Chinese New Year ) however as with everything Phantom, we have to be patient.  The Phantom Lapboards should ship within the next 2 weeks from China so with some luck and prayers we will be selling again shortly.  More info will follow.  Jim is back in action with his new baby daughter, so now that he is adjusted to his new responsibility we can get more posts coming!  Congrats Jim!!

13 Responses to “Yes – We are still Alive.”

  1. Hey Guys,

    this sounds good! Im holding since 2006 and lost some money… do you have planned anything for old stockholders?

    best regards

  2. =)
    first off, congrats on your newest member of the phantom fam!! Keep gringin everyone. Hope all is good

  3. Awesome and thank you! I am thinking theme songs for you guys and Phantom. “STAYING ALIVE” – or “I WILL SURVIVE” – maybe a little Rocky Eye of the Tiger mixed in!

    Thank you for all the hard work and the great communication!

  4. Wow! You guys just don’t die, do ya? I admire your perseverence and, as a stock holder, am very grateful for it. I realize that getting your pink sheets back is still very, very far off. But is it still your intention to reenlist with the SEC and honor the thousands of dollars that people have invested in your company throughout the years? I would hope so, but just checking. Again, thanks for all your efforts, Phantomadmin

  5. Many congratulations on the baby Jim! The hard work has just begun. 🙂

    Glad to know you’re still at it, John. Keep your head up and this thing will take off before you know it.

  6. WOW !!! I clicked on the blog and came straight up out of my chair, really. YES. YES. YES. I am thrilled to hear from you, and will continue to pray for all of you at Phantom. Keep up the fight and we will all WIN!!! Congrats to you Jim. Last month my wife and I became grandparents to TWINS. We still believe in you.

    55 Chevy

  7. Good to hear from everyone but more important congrats Jim!

  8. Thanks for posting the update and Good to hear you are back with action. Keep it up.

  9. This is great. Sound’s like everything is starting to take place.Keep up the good work guy’s.

  10. wuzzzz uuup?

  11. The US economy is on the mend. With a bit of luck and additional hard work, the best of the Phantom Story is yet to come. Hi Jim from Jim enjoy the little one and take a tip from poppy: they grow up fast !


  12. don palmer Says:

    since 7-19-04,and still around. good luck

  13. Have you ever thought of employing a external person to post in your blog? Someone who has direct contact with the company and who can reply to comments and post updates etc, this would be beneficial to both phantom the company and the customers.

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