Blog Updates.

Well I love the flutter of negativity to our last posting, really inspirational.

Major Corporations usually don’t give you up-to-date blogs postings to read about the internal workings of their businesses.  They provide Press releases.  Press releases are usually to indicate success, momentum, large developments, and so forth.  Press releases also cost alot of money.  At this stage we don’t have any.

What is going to stimulate Phantom so that it may get back on it’s feet? ( Which will inturn help it’s stock holders )  Hmmm..  Money.  What is hindering Phantom from getting Money…  Hmmm Debt.  Where is this debt located, please review the past 6 years of Phantom’s history stating at the middle of last year.  Other than Debt is the chain reaction of events that started late 2008, manufacturing delays, Chinese Holiday, economic distress in China, lack of specialized parts, more delays on lapboard manufacturing, shipping via ship timelines, internal reorganization, debt management, failure of  investment ventures to stimulate income, customs problems, etc….

Negative blogs are not the issue here, I’ve seen my share of bashes and the such – the real issue is that Phantom can’t function as a business if  “powers outside of our control” want us never to succeed.  So since there are a select few that monitor this blog religiously for information that they can use to cause more problems for us, we have made the executive decision to send press releases when we have good news and the money to do so. Not to place that info here.

This blog with still provide information on marketing successes and Phantom reviews, but no longer insight into stock relisting, lapboard developments, or other internal items that may cause us more harm than good. We are sorry for the reasoning behind this decision yet it was a necessary step.  Something to leave you with.

Questions / Answers

Is my stock worth anything?
You own it, it doesn’t automatically disappear.  We plan to reenlist ASAP, but we have to bring our balance sheet back to the black in order to do so. We are keeping the same or better structure with our shareholders, we’ll see what’s possible when that time comes.

Are we relisting? When?
As soon as we have the financial ability to do so.

When will I receive my Lapboard?
All backorders have been ordered from our distributor and as soon as we receive them we will overnight them to you.

How will I know whats going on with Phantom?
We will be sending out press releases when possible to well known services a copy of that release will be displayed here on the blog also.

42 Responses to “Blog Updates.”

  1. I could not ask you to be more fair, thank you so much for your sincerity. You are all in my prayers. God is powerful & true !!!

    55 Chevy

  2. This is not a joke but you guys should really take a look at the show on ABC “The Shark Tank”.Maybe if you guys take your finished project(the lapboard)on there they will help you with some of the financial problems that are arising today.I have all the faith in the world in you guys thats why I held on for so long(41/2 years) and I will still hold on cause I think your doing a damn good job,but just think about it.

  3. Probably a good idea. I was monitoring the posts the past few months, not knowing what to think, and came to the conclusion that much of it was just “noise.” Having said that, I myself became pessimistic. Try to do what you can… at this point, what more can we ask? To all the naysayers, I say, I lost a whole lot more on “listed” crap trading in the $50’s, $40’s etc…

  4. Probably a good idea guys. Better to just make statements when there’s no-kidding progress than to get the legs chopped out from under the psuedo good news that was just released that ends up creating a lot of chatter and hence stress for the people who are actually working to make PHEI into something at this point. Nobody’s making money on PHEI stock at this point, so anyone who’s critical needs to ask how the team is getting paid… they’re not! Ya don’t stress out your volunteers lol, let them do what they can, and what they’ve done so far is a lot: a manufacturing process that can now take repeat orders (no more figuring out tooling, etc), a warehouse for storage and a distributor, some prospects (Maingear PC to start, along with all the individuals on the net who know about the lapboard, which is actually a LOT of people, especially the gaming community).

    Think of it as being in on a new company, instead of what PHEI used to be, because there’s been so much commotion on this roller coaster that there’s no use looking behind anymore. PHEI is a fledgling business with some prospects, so sit tight and wait it out. Lol, the stock is delisted, so what other choice does anyone have. There’s no use to complaining :), if prospects and sales pick up enough, there can be a relisting and then hopefully away we go.

  5. Never fails – the bad apples spoil it for others! John you and the crew keep doing what you are and have been. Things will work out and everyone will be happy. Like pheadbaq said – you have a process now its just building on it.

    Good luck and ignore the negatives! Take care!

  6. Everyone offering advice and negativity and bitching about their stock is a full blown retard. There is no situation where that would help anything at all, and every situation where it would be a net negative to the company, the shareholders, and the world.

    Good luck!

  7. thejamaican Says:

    things well start moving….wether it is 5 years from now. but i’m not losing faith

  8. I can understand to keep some information to yourself until the right time to send out a press release, but i’m still confused about the customs issue. There is usually only two things that will keep an importer from getting his goods. Paperwork and money. You say all the paperwork has been filed but yet it has been almost two months since arrival. Can you explain this a little more in detail ot will have to wait on a press release.

    I’m not complaining just confused.

  9. K.Christopher Says:

    Now that last post was dickish of me, but it is the truth that “powers outside your control don’t want you to succeed.” the previous leadership of the Phantom brand so offended your average gamer tht you’re pretty much in a black hole.

    It’s not your fault man, it’s thiers.

  10. “Everyday has it’s dawn.”
    John Zarlino
    Your Car Guy

  11. Weird that this thing hasn’t caught on more. There is NO other easy solution that offers the same thing that the Lapboard package does anywhere and I’ve been looking around for a year now.
    – it works with PS3 and PC.
    – it’s wireless.
    – it fits a mouse area in the same space as the keyboard!
    – it’s compact and nice looking!
    – it looks damn awesome!

    How this is not a major seller is beyond me. According to it just seems like the company has had poor management and been more focused on selling shares than getting a product out. Might be wrong though.

    Start over from scratch and sell it as is instead of some AlienWare/Axess bundle! 🙂

    I’m from Sweden btw and can think of 30 friends and acquaintances off the top of my head that would want something like this. With some clever PR I would think this could become a best-seller…at least in Europe :).

    Hope everything works out for you guys and that I can order one some day! Take care!

  12. That Shark Tank show idea might be worth looking into.

  13. I’am still here—55 Chevy—True and Faithful.

  14. You guys still there? It’s probably nice being able to work without the distraction of the blog. Just sayin’………don’t need to blog back………just pinging.

  15. Hope positive things are happening for you guys, been very quiet i hope thats a good thing for the company and its investors, good luck, only way left is up….

  16. How much is needed to clean up the debt?

  17. Hy just wanted to check and see if there is any information about when we can expect our lapboards, paid in July. It’s a wonderful product and I have been told there is a holdup at customs due to the MS logo or something to that effect. If there was someone we could write to at customs, or a MS I would be happy to put in a little leg work if it helps.

  18. Scott (AZ) Says:

    These were the answers I have been waiting for. Thank you for taking the time to be open with this information. I will be awaiting your transition from business as normal to great success. Hang in there…

  19. Any news? Anything at all?

  20. keep on trucking

  21. Any news to report?

  22. I’am curious as to what the answers were that Scott received (3 blogs before me). If it’s not damaging info., I’de love to hear something uplifting !!!

    55 Chevy—Long & Strong.

  23. SWEET LENNY Says:

    ANYTHING????? 2010 MAYBE THE YEAR???

  24. Any odds on the ability of the lap board to be avaiable for Christmas sales this year? Thanks

  25. SEC

  26. anything with the sec?

  27. Wow man, I think the Lapboard is beautiful. Post cool information, we all need some good words. I think I will try to buy one when the next boxes are shipped in. I wonder why nobody has tried to create the same product, I guess there is Idea rights.

    alrighty, keep on marketing.

  28. i saw an update on FB the other day about the MS logo. anything going on over there?? sorry, just wanting to hear something/anything. hope everyone is having a good turkey day!

  29. Just checking in, hoping for an up-date before the end of the year !!!

  30. When will I be able to order a lapboard?

    I think it’s the best solution for my HTPC and I really want to buy one.

    Can I give you my email so you can update me on the next shipment?

    Thank you ^_^

  31. SWEET LENNY Says:

    MONTHS AGO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. Any new news on the compnay????

  33. How about some update? Are you guys still alive and kicking? Please show some sign of life.

  34. any news? the product is still sold out?

  35. As the end of the year approaches I wanted to wish everyone at Phantom Happy Holidays.

  36. Dear Santa,

    all i want for xmas is a lapboard!! merry xmas phantom fam

    oh, and some news on the stocks

  37. what is going on with phantom? There is no new news that I heard of since october 2009. Should I forget about this company and take the lose.

  38. haven’t heard from you since sept. what’s happeni9ng with the relisting?

  39. Are any lapboards going to be available soon?

  40. WOW I sure would like some feedback soon !!! We’re still here awaiting your return to trading on more sure footing. Today is Jan. 1, 2010. HAPPY NEW YEAR to all of you at Phantom Entertainment. Still hoping the Lapboard sells well.

    55 Chevy

  41. Hellooo?….Helloo?….Is anybody there? Just wondering.

  42. martin gindy Says:

    still no word of any kind from you. are you still alive.??? any word would be nice just to let us know you’re still kicking

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