This Blog, your questions, our answers…

Phantom has and continues to go through a rollercoaster of events and some groups have some old ideas of what we NOW stand for; we feel while this Blog is a great source of information, unfortunately it is being misused in a way. 

It has happened more times than none that when we share information of our progress and successes, something negative comes out of it. That is mostly the reason for the lack of posts over the last month.

Customs is still a current issue that we are focused on at the moment, a perfect example of how a simple issue has escalated into problems and set backs for us.  We are going to be more cautious moving forward on posting things here until we have more of a solid footing and a regular flow of positivity and company structure solidity.

If you have any issues please contact us directly at
Thanks for your understanding.

6 Responses to “This Blog, your questions, our answers…”

  1. I didn’t realize customs was such a problem. Be sure to let us know when things are straightened out and running smoothly. Certainly not too much longer.

  2. PS2 INFORMANT Says:

    So basically the situation with the company is hardly less precarious then it ever was and few new updates will be forthcoming until you have good news to report and who knows when that will be?

  3. While I can most certainly understand your frustration at the negativity of some people posting, I also feel that it is unfair and unprofessional to not keep the blog postings current, especially for those of us who have a great deal invested and have continued to be supportive. Perhaps it is time to figure out a way to envision yourself larger than the sum of the blog postings and grow a thicker skin.

  4. Well, my wife always did say that my head was going to explode if I kept looking at my stocks and these PHEI blogs. Maybe I’ll take her advise and back off a little bit ! I promise I will not peek at the blogs for the rest of the week. Okay ? Good Luck Earthlings !!

  5. keep pushing john,dont stop now,ignore the naysayers–there are always crapehangers whever you go. good luck

  6. 4 months with no updates? are things really going so bad that you can’t post or are things going too good that you’re to busy to put anything on the blog?

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