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This Blog, your questions, our answers…

Posted in Message from the CEO on September 20, 2009 by phantomadmin

Phantom has and continues to go through a rollercoaster of events and some groups have some old ideas of what we NOW stand for; we feel while this Blog is a great source of information, unfortunately it is being misused in a way. 

It has happened more times than none that when we share information of our progress and successes, something negative comes out of it. That is mostly the reason for the lack of posts over the last month.

Customs is still a current issue that we are focused on at the moment, a perfect example of how a simple issue has escalated into problems and set backs for us.  We are going to be more cautious moving forward on posting things here until we have more of a solid footing and a regular flow of positivity and company structure solidity.

If you have any issues please contact us directly at
Thanks for your understanding.