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Posted in Jim the Web Guy on September 21, 2009 by phantomadmin

Well I love the flutter of negativity to our last posting, really inspirational.

Major Corporations usually don’t give you up-to-date blogs postings to read about the internal workings of their businesses.  They provide Press releases.  Press releases are usually to indicate success, momentum, large developments, and so forth.  Press releases also cost alot of money.  At this stage we don’t have any.

What is going to stimulate Phantom so that it may get back on it’s feet? ( Which will inturn help it’s stock holders )  Hmmm..  Money.  What is hindering Phantom from getting Money…  Hmmm Debt.  Where is this debt located, please review the past 6 years of Phantom’s history stating at the middle of last year.  Other than Debt is the chain reaction of events that started late 2008, manufacturing delays, Chinese Holiday, economic distress in China, lack of specialized parts, more delays on lapboard manufacturing, shipping via ship timelines, internal reorganization, debt management, failure of  investment ventures to stimulate income, customs problems, etc….

Negative blogs are not the issue here, I’ve seen my share of bashes and the such – the real issue is that Phantom can’t function as a business if  “powers outside of our control” want us never to succeed.  So since there are a select few that monitor this blog religiously for information that they can use to cause more problems for us, we have made the executive decision to send press releases when we have good news and the money to do so. Not to place that info here.

This blog with still provide information on marketing successes and Phantom reviews, but no longer insight into stock relisting, lapboard developments, or other internal items that may cause us more harm than good. We are sorry for the reasoning behind this decision yet it was a necessary step.  Something to leave you with.

Questions / Answers

Is my stock worth anything?
You own it, it doesn’t automatically disappear.  We plan to reenlist ASAP, but we have to bring our balance sheet back to the black in order to do so. We are keeping the same or better structure with our shareholders, we’ll see what’s possible when that time comes.

Are we relisting? When?
As soon as we have the financial ability to do so.

When will I receive my Lapboard?
All backorders have been ordered from our distributor and as soon as we receive them we will overnight them to you.

How will I know whats going on with Phantom?
We will be sending out press releases when possible to well known services a copy of that release will be displayed here on the blog also.

This Blog, your questions, our answers…

Posted in Message from the CEO on September 20, 2009 by phantomadmin

Phantom has and continues to go through a rollercoaster of events and some groups have some old ideas of what we NOW stand for; we feel while this Blog is a great source of information, unfortunately it is being misused in a way. 

It has happened more times than none that when we share information of our progress and successes, something negative comes out of it. That is mostly the reason for the lack of posts over the last month.

Customs is still a current issue that we are focused on at the moment, a perfect example of how a simple issue has escalated into problems and set backs for us.  We are going to be more cautious moving forward on posting things here until we have more of a solid footing and a regular flow of positivity and company structure solidity.

If you have any issues please contact us directly at
Thanks for your understanding.