Customs Update

We have supplied all the proper documents however we are still working on getting the Lapboards released which I am confident will happen however the question is when. If you have not received your Lapboard yet and would like a refund until the shipment is released, please email me directly at

If you are willing to hold on for a little while longer, thank you. Hopefully I should have more news next week.

13 Responses to “Customs Update”

  1. JohnnyBravo Says:

    Thanks for the update. Anxiously waiting. And thanks again for the update.

  2. Thanks for the update John. I was getting concerned. Nice to see you are still hanging in there.

  3. I’am with Ted. You know, as time goes by, you should get all of these temporary bugs settled. Then the lapboards will flow. That’s what we’re all waiting for. I believe they will sell !!! God be with you John.

    55 Chevy

  4. SWEET LENNY Says:


  5. When you meet SEC requirements… will we see our shares of stock return? I appreciate your response.

    Thank you. J

  6. John,

    Thank you for updating. I think you have spoiled us with all the updates (not saying stop) – I find myself out here quite a bit looking for new news. Glad to here the paperwork is resolved. One would/could only think that the process will be quicker next time.

    You had mention another order was being placed in an earlier blog. Is that still coming along?

    Again thank you for all that you do.

  7. Scott (Calif) Says:

    OK, I have nothing brilliant to say… But I was here and I’m still showing interest in the company doing well. I guess I will check back in a few weeks and see if there is anything good going on about Phantom Entertainment.

  8. Hi John are you referring(documents) to the past late filings with the SEC?
    I am not up to speed on this, holding this stock since 2004.

  9. Just checking in…longtime shareholder here…just wondering if we’ll ever get an update of any kind about listing/re-listing status…any little word would do…really…

  10. Any word on the status of the SEC situation? I hadn’t followed up recently and noticed that share activity froze.

  11. James Castle Says:

    To all Phantom Shareholders

    I have run several econometric models of the global and specifically the U.S. economy, based on these results, it appears that the United States will solidly emerge from this recession in about 12 to 16 months. Incremental improvements are already on the way. Also, based on the recent Treasury Department report, foreigners have been net buyers of U.S. equities. This all bodes well for the general economic environment
    So, if Phantom Management can solve the gliches that have been slowing things down, and the lap board gains some market share, the stock price will respond and respond well. Any news on relisting

    Cheers! 🙂

  12. Surely at this point the shipment has been cleared customs? Wishful thinking on my part?

  13. Okay, its been long enough. Whats going on Bub. ( I mean John ! ) Just throw us an ort. ( a small piece of sustenance. )

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