Lapboard Update

Ok so – we are out of Lapboards and here is why.  We had a few cases left over from the initial shipment, our latest shipment is on well…. hold. Those that have ordered your Lapboards will receive them, and we encourage you to post you own personal review on the blog.

Please use the email used when ordering the lapboard so we can verify your review is valid.

As all of you know reading this, our product has taken YEARS to get to market – and well some laws have become more strict that we didn’t account for.  Like – getting through customs for example…just more hoops for us to jump through.  While educational, it is quite frustrating and embarrassing for us.

We still have some issues with Customs.  Apparently many companies overseas got into the business of manufacturing fraudulent and “fake” keyboards and mice. We have gone through the paces by making sure our product is one of a kind. Customs now, apparently, checks all hardware for this with a specialist who works directly with those manufactures.  iOne is getting the proper documents together so this should be completed this or next week. It is a slow process to get answers back from Customs. 

Bear with us will post info asap.  Some of our Lapboards made it to customers and the rest will ship immediately as soon as we get the docs. 
The shippers and custom officials are all cooperating now so once iOne sends me the proper documentation for our lapboards we can continue getting boards into your hands.


40 Responses to “Lapboard Update”

  1. JohnnyBravo Says:

    I ordered back on July 21 do you know if my lapboard was shipped yet or not and if not will I get some kind of shipping information when it does ship?

  2. The 500 sold out? Or the 500 is what is on hold.

    Either way nice work, but if the 500 are gone because they all sold then that is awesome.

  3. Much appreciate the update on the lapboards; but for us faithful shareholders, do you have an update on possible re-listing of the stock.
    Many Thanks,

  4. Thanks again for the honesty and communique…hopefully they all did sell out. 🙂

  5. I’m with DJ… How about some stock situation updates???

  6. Joey 1210 Says:

    I’m with the others, please supply an update on re-listing the stock.

  7. SWEET LENNY Says:


  8. You know, you can use places like UPS to clear product through customs for you. They will act as a customs broker. You just need to get them the correct information. Might not be necessary long term since you only have one product for now and once you get the first few batches through, hopefully it will be easier from then on. Just one shareholder trying to provide a tip!

  9. I also would like to know about the 500. Did all of the boards make it through customs? Sold? or does customs still have the some boards? What is the status with filling with the SEC? How many boards will the next order contain? Have you made any deals with any big box store’s? Sorry for all of the questions I know you guys are working hard. I am sure like other investors we hope that the faint speck in the distance is the light at the end of the tunnel of this long journey we have all taken together.

  10. 55 Chevy Says:

    Hi John—–I’am with DJ and Nobody Says, we are all thrilled with the lapboard and we know it will sell like hotcakes !!! We are very concerned about our shares. Right now there is a lot of negative on the message boards, and since most of us are not legal experts we don’t know if our shares are any good any more or not !!! I’ve heard talk both ways. As the sales of the lapboards continue, please for sure keep us updated concerning the validity of our shares !!! We’re still in your corner !!!

    55 Chevy

  11. I ordered one YEARS ago on the old website. Are those orders going to be processed, or did you start over at a certain point?

    I think it would have been at least 2 if not 3 years back that I ordered it.

    I tried to order one earlier this week but was unable to due to the Paypal outage. I’d love to be contacted via e-mail if you could so I can figure out if I’m getting one or not.

    Still holding over 100k shares…

  12. Ken Land Says:

    oooops! 🙂 Lessons learned along the way tend to stick with you. Funny iOne would not have been able to provide a heads up on that and take care of it all. Nonetheless – thank you for the update and sounds like things are plugging along nicely. Once the shipment goes through customs – assuming no more hiccups – we should be good on all other orders as I believe you have encountered anything and everything with this one!!! 🙂 Hang in there and market market market!!!!!

    To those that keep asking for updates on the stock re-listing – take a chill pill and relax. The stock will get relisted when it gets relisted. My guess and only my guess – not today nor tomorrow…….just enjoy the ride as I am.

  13. phantomadmin Says:

    John P.
    We can’t be COMPLETELY transparent.
    As information presents itself we will respond in the manner most appropriate.

  14. Everybody seems to be asking about the relisting. I don’t see how the relisting can happen absent sufficient funds. The funds aren’t going to be there without sales. And sales are just now starting, so it could take a while guys. I don’t think there’s much else we can do but wait and hope the lapboard takes off. The good thing is, if PHEI gets to that level of sales and is able to relist, then anyone looking at PHEI at that point will be seeing a viable company with actual existing and future prospects, not just a venture capital company in R&D. It could actually turn out to be a good thing that PHEI is delisted and then is able to relist later after the company is stable, think about it.

    Just gotta sit tight and let the guys do their thing. There’s nothing else that can be done to speed things up, that’s all there is to it.

  15. As with most here I am pleased with the progress of the company. That being said most of us are also stock holders and this success means nothing if we lose our shares. Any update would be nice.

  16. jagged edge Says:

    Been following the “phantom” and infinium since the times when the console was just whispers and the gamecube was known as ‘dolphin’…. bought shares with a friend… etc. Anyhow All of that is the past and the old pump n dump CEO is gone thank god, the only reason I have been keeping track this long is the lap board, The price is a bit high and I remember reading something about Alienware (Dell) putting and order in for these sometime back, it appears that nothing came to fruition from that. In any case I really hope you guys get these things on the market so I can buy one.

    Good luck with everything you guys, I am honestly amazed you guys are still alive but I have to agree. Getting the lapboard out is a must and its the only way to rebuild infinium to something more than what it was in the past. Keep it up guys.

  17. I ordered one back around july 26.I’m trying to find out if my order went through to.I emailed them a week ago and still no response.

  18. Donnie said it all…..none of this means anything!!!!…..if our shares have no value when re-listed. So many companies, change their names, to avoid the original shares and I would hope that Phantom DOES NOT do that. I can assure that if they do, I and my over 3 million shares will sue for damages and fraud if necessary.

    As the owner and operator of a website business importing items from overseas, yes indeed, UPS can process and clear customs in Door to Door direct transport and I hope you, John, have done your due diligence in researching those methods. If not, feel free to contact me as I can give you plenty of companies and names that have handled my International shipments through customs, which involved many many products than just one.



  19. Not to be a pooper….you should really try to be a bit more professional with the website. The home page says the lapboard will be available for purchase soon, the products page says you can purchase it, and paypal is sold out. It would look better to all involved and to potential buyers if the site was updated daily, or at least every couple of days. Am I going to loose my shares? Been sticking this out since 05.

  20. phantomadmin Says:

    updated – remember back in Aug 08 we told you we aren’t getting paid. You can guess that something has to pay the bills…. hence the gaps of quiet and delayed updates at times.

  21. phantomadmin Says:

    we already said we were NOT going to do that… ( first part of post ) …probably a few times now. Please email us you philosophies on shipping, it’s always nice to hear alternatives, as long as those alternatives don’t cost 3x as much…

  22. phantomadmin Says:

    we are on it and will get you your board ASAP.

  23. I’ve heard of slowing down on the blogs; but you didn’t have to stop completely. Maybe I need to get a life ! No questions about the product or the stock & no answers from the CEO ? Come-on; at least get a little something going on ! This is boring !!!!!

  24. JohnnyBravo Says:

    Just checking to see if any lapboards were actually sent out yet. I have been patiently waiting since the 21st of July when the boards went on sale. Any information would be appreciated. Thanks, John

  25. good answers for us that all own stock! ???????????????????????// answers please

  26. any news for shareholders coming soon?

  27. How are we doing! Nothing since the 4th, Just wanted to see if you have any news. Thanks.

  28. I know times are tough but any update would be nice, even if everything is status quo.


  30. It is the 21s/t now & my comment is still waiting moderation. Am I on the correct site ? Are people talking ? Have the others taken your fingers away from all of you ? Lets get busy ! I realize everyone is busy doing whatever they do when summer is almost over, and I am almost scared to ask this question, BUT; hows the lap-board doing? That wasn’t so hard was it ? Just throw me a little something, PLEASE ? Pretty please with millions of lap boards and loads of information on top ??
    Bored close to the burning man

  31. It’s the 23r/d now and I am still waiting. Am I on the wrong site ? HELP !

  32. SWEET LENNY Says:



  33. So what is new?

  34. JohnnyBravo Says:

    Any updates. I ordered back on July 21 and still no word.

  35. Still waiting……

  36. its been about 3 or 4 weeks since any news of updates, whats going on please?

  37. any word with regards to customs and the shipments?

  38. phantomadmin Says:

    Customs have stronger rules on logo usage to prevent fradulant, the proper paperwork is NOW on file and we are working quickly to get the boards out of customs.

  39. phantomadmin Says:

    Customs have stronger rules and regulations on logo usage to prevent fradulant, the proper paperwork is NOW on file and we are working quickly to get the boards out of customs.
    iONE has followed and we are back on course. The delay was on the proper paperwork…

  40. Thankyou Phantomadmin for the update ! Don’t be a stranger !
    Thanks again

    It doesn’t take much to keep me happy; but it does take something !

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