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Customs Update

Posted in Message from the CEO on August 28, 2009 by phantomadmin

We have supplied all the proper documents however we are still working on getting the Lapboards released which I am confident will happen however the question is when. If you have not received your Lapboard yet and would like a refund until the shipment is released, please email me directly at

If you are willing to hold on for a little while longer, thank you. Hopefully I should have more news next week.

Lapboard Update

Posted in Message from the CEO on August 4, 2009 by phantomadmin

Ok so – we are out of Lapboards and here is why.  We had a few cases left over from the initial shipment, our latest shipment is on well…. hold. Those that have ordered your Lapboards will receive them, and we encourage you to post you own personal review on the blog.

Please use the email used when ordering the lapboard so we can verify your review is valid.

As all of you know reading this, our product has taken YEARS to get to market – and well some laws have become more strict that we didn’t account for.  Like – getting through customs for example…just more hoops for us to jump through.  While educational, it is quite frustrating and embarrassing for us.

We still have some issues with Customs.  Apparently many companies overseas got into the business of manufacturing fraudulent and “fake” keyboards and mice. We have gone through the paces by making sure our product is one of a kind. Customs now, apparently, checks all hardware for this with a specialist who works directly with those manufactures.  iOne is getting the proper documents together so this should be completed this or next week. It is a slow process to get answers back from Customs. 

Bear with us will post info asap.  Some of our Lapboards made it to customers and the rest will ship immediately as soon as we get the docs. 
The shippers and custom officials are all cooperating now so once iOne sends me the proper documentation for our lapboards we can continue getting boards into your hands.