Lapboard News!!

We got an exciting review from a very popular and well respected site yesterday,

Check it out!

25 Responses to “Lapboard News!!”

  1. JohnnyBravo Says:

    I just ordered my new white phantom lapboard. I am very excited to recieve it. I have been following the Phantom products for years and have always thought that the lapboard was a product that no one has even come close to duplicating. I am in the process of completing a high end media center pc for my living room to play games, etc and the lapboard fits perfectly into my setup. Cheers to John and the rest of the team for getting this product out the door!!! It seems to have been a hard road but something tells me it will get a lot easier and profitable to Phantom and their investors.

  2. Ken Land Says:

    This is a great review of the product!!! John you and your team obviously did your homework and have put together a product you should be proud of!

    You guys rock!!!

  3. Wow, I as an investor had no idea what a quality product this was. Now I see why John Landino jumped on this sinking ship to rescue it. Thanks John, I am really excited about the future of this product and this company. This review was amazing, extremely flattering. Apparently this lapboard really is the creme de la creme of technology.

  4. I see you have the order page for the Lapboard up! Great! Can we expect to see a big PR push to inform everyone that you are selling the board now? Will you have other Magazines/Websites and consumer sites review the board? The more publicity the better. Great job guys!

  5. Don’t forget, it’s great for apps other than games. In fact, I think one of the other major selling points when PHEI is marketing the lapboard should be for design-oriented apps. CAD, 3D Modeling, 2D Design, they all go great with it!…

    John, what about sending samples to places that do a lot of graphic design like Apple, Adobe, etc.? Even places like movie studios that do heavy 3D work or game dev studios. I’m sure they have specialized tools for the heaviest work, but there are a lot of folks that do light, touch-up work afterward that this board would be perfect for. It’s great we’re getting attention from the blogging press, but word of mouth between in-industry folks in key areas could help establish a foothold in other markets as well.

    Just a thought 🙂 Great work!

  6. …Heck, you could find out who the top design industry folks are in different areas, and see which ones have the highest twitter followers and send them the lapboard, in hopes that they’d tweet about it. Even just a one-line mention could start some fires through something like twitter.

  7. And they are now available for purchase on Homepage. Let the games begin.

  8. Do the lapboards work with Ubuntu? If so, I will buy one right now. Finally I can get rid of Comcast TV and watch TV through the internet. This is going to be awesome. Thanks guys!

  9. great news

  10. Once again, congratulations.

  11. Just ordered a white one for my iMac, couldn’t have come at a better time since half of my keys are dead from a spill… Get ready, BF2!

  12. I have been a follower of Driverheaven for a long time and I was speechless to see this review over there. What an awesome product, time to put my order in today

    Fantastic review indeed, great pictures and they covered all i needed to know.

    Well done guys !

  13. nice review, I would love to purchase one but it’s way out of my price range, and no numpad 😦 Other then those little things I love the board 🙂

  14. How many lapboards are left? And will a lapboard work with Ubuntu OS? Because I am dying to buy one.

  15. Can you share with us how many boards have been sold as of today? I still have not heard if the boards made it out of customs. If sales are going well when can we expect to see another shipment of boards come in? Thanks and good work!

  16. Not the official word, but from what I can see is taking orders, and didn’t John say they already put in the next order for lapboards?

    @Bill: The lapboard is a standard USB Human Interface Device, so it should work with Ubuntu. I had it going on both Ubuntu and Xubuntu while testing some HTPC options with older PCs.

  17. Just bought mine, can’t wait to try it out!!!

  18. This is really great news, I have had stock for a long time now, and I am glad to see that waiting it out was not a waste of time. Thanks John for putting life back into the company.

  19. Observer Says:

    Everyone seems quite excited, and they should perhaps, but i’m yet to meet a single person who have ever held one of these keyboards in his hands… Is there actually Anybody who got one anytime recently? Just curious…

  20. What is going on with the SEC????????

  21. John and Company,
    As an original stock owner, I’m very pleased to hear of the actual production and sale of the product. The review is great! I am curious to know if this version, or perhaps future versions, will have LED back-lit keys? In a true media room environment, operating a keyboard in the dark would be of great benefit.
    Keep up the good work!

  22. Can we please get an update on sales, if you are ordering more lapboard for sale, also the current stockholders would like to know what’s going to happen with their existing positions. Please clarify.

    Thank you.

  23. Yes we would like some update if poss


  25. @Observer: I received mine recently, when it arrived there was a key snapped off (easy fix) and some cellophane wedged between the two plastic panels on the bottom, other than that it looks and functions fine. I’ve found myself doing a double-take when I see it on my desk. It’s like “The Phantom Lapboard? No kidding?”

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