This isn’t over.

Wow, I’m really tired of reading the comments that directly relate to the Phantom Entertainment of the past, and comparing it to the group today… We understand the money that was spend, the hope that was put forth, and the dissappointment felt. We had nothing to do with that segment of Phantom’s past, we have been straightforward almost to the point of crossing legal lines to keep you informed and how we were turning things around to benefit everyone.

Do you really think we are just giving up?  Seriously after all the crap we have gone through to bring the Lapboard finally to life?  We had momentum and then the SEC threw up a wall we could not afford to get around. Our ticker is down now, but we are still fighting to get back up on the board and resume the same profile of investors that are currently holding shares. If you want to leave the party, we respect your decision, we however have come too far to quit despite the sky falling around us and the ground rumbling beneath us – We plan to keep the course of bringing of Lapboard to market.  Thanks for those that understand our ( the new guys ) situation.

This post is a bit blunt and to the point but we are all feeling slightly exhasted from the echoes of unfortunate circumstances that keep developing, hindering our success.

42 Responses to “This isn’t over.”

  1. psijack Says:

    I’m still with you guys no matter what.

  2. Now, Take a deep breath, and press forward…

  3. Dwight Brown Says:

    But you know, that’s what you get when you take over such a company. Surely you expected it, right?

    That’s the nature of Companies, they are seen as entities within themselves and not for the people behind them, often even by the government and for taxation; so no surprise people do to.

    You’ll just have to forge ahead and weather all that, because it was and continues to be inevitable.

    You still have a product a lot of people want, myself included. But heck, ashame you couldn’t have done that under a new company name, or without acquiring the baggage of Phantom to begin with. But hey, hindsight!

    Keep on truckin’

  4. I just wanted to say, “Keep up the good work!”
    I believe many of the people posting are frustrated because they don;t understand the SEC or the hazards of investing. As I understand it, our shares are our shares, and the only way we will lose them is if the company is liquidated to pay off bondholders and other creditors.
    At this point, any creditor would be foolhardy to try to force liquidation
    because THERE IS NOTHING TO LIQUIDATE! This company is operating on the goodwill, personal finances, and guts of the current management.
    They are determined to bring to market the one salable item left over from the original Infinium Labs. Maybe then they can finance the rest of the dream, but the market for an online gaming service, which was virtually empty in Infinium’s day, is now being filled by other gaming machines with broadband access.
    If the Lap-Board succeeds, Phantom may be able to reposition itself as a developer of High-End gaming peripherals. But even if they just make the best damn lap-board on the market and protect their patents, they could return to profitability, and I would be happy just to see that.
    As I said, “Keep up the good work!” It is heartening to see such a dedicated management team finally at the helm of Phantom. If anybody can make this dream come true, it is you.
    And I, for one, am grateful.

  5. The lapboard is going to be a success, no doubt…it’s gonna sell A LOT. Glad you’re not going anywhere John and you’re being loyal to the shareholders. If you’re able to fully resuscitate Phantom after all this crap you’ve had to deal with, I think we should all chip in and get you “CEO of the Year” award, and present it to you at the first shareholders meeting after you re-register and everything is back on track. 🙂

    We’re still with you!!!

  6. hey i really enjoyed reading your blog.keep posting thanks for great share

  7. That is the post I have been looking for. I just wanted to know that even though the company has temporarily lost its pink sheets, our investments are still protected unless they liquidate which IS NOT GOING TO HAPPEN. And I for one am very impressed with your forthcoming information and honesty. Good product + Good management = Profit for Everyone. Good product + Good Management + Monkeywrenches in the plan = Delays followed by profit for everyone. That’s the way I see it. I’m just glad I got in and bought a piece of the pie while things were easy and the pinks were still active, and now it’s just a matter of time.

  8. whogasa Says:

    The lapboard will be a winner, and I am not going to give up either. This is just too good of a product.

  9. Go get em! I have been with you guys since your beginnings. Do what you have to do. I have 5000 shares. That is nothing, but if you turn this around, it will be something.

  10. When are you expected to re-file?

  11. siggywiggy Says:

    I agree with your statement and i am with you guys forever. However, many of these topics that are posted by phantom are using the past as excuses as well. I realize its the truth and the past has put you in this predicament, but lets not focus on the past. One day at a time.

  12. I am still with you too. Your dedication and determination is admirable. Enormous challenges ahead. God give you strength. I hope to see the Lapboard available to purchase soon. You can count on us shareholders to be a huge sales force. Many thanks to you and your team.

  13. Abraham Says:

    Just to be clear, these boards cost $129 retail. If the markup is 100%, that would be a profit of $65 per board. That would be a hefty markup for a new product, but if that is really the case, we need to sell 3077 just to pay for an audit of $200,000 per your numbers. That does not start to cover anything else as far as sales efforts, marketing and shipping. If the first shipment is only 500 boards, when should we expect to see a sale of 3,000 more to get this relisted?

  14. John & Team,

    You all have done an excellent job of dealing and working the issues out. I wouldn’t let the negativity on certain posts bother you as those are words from idiots. They are from people that just do not understand what is involved in running a start up operation – much less one with baggage from before. They are words from people that do not understand the level of communication provided from you and your team is not the norm.

    I thank you for your continued efforts and focus on bringing the product to the market. The way I see it – you have the product – it is here – now just time to advertise and build volume. When you read the posts you can tell you have plenty of supporters and fans.

    Good luck and keep your chin up! You guys are awesome!!!

  15. jan lechner Says:

    Thanks; I needed that !! I’m cool ! So here i go asking more questions again. But I think it is the negativity in the comments that has management all twitterpated; so I won’t do that . I do have a question about how the lap-boards are doing . Are they done with customs yet ? Keep on doing your C.E.O. job as best you can and I think most of us will be happy ! Have a good weekend JOHN; it’s a hundred degrees in Montana and I think after I take my big farm dog to the Vet, I am going to the lake and then I’ll go to our new Brewery for some relaxation. You should do the same.

  16. Castiglione Says:

    To: John and all Phantom Shareholders
    From: Castiglione

    I believe that this initiative will be successful for various reasons. First the decision by the SEC is not set in stone; and it will be reversed. This not an impossible problem to solve.

    Also, the economy is beginning to show some stability. This is a good thing. Have you noticed both Intel and IBM have firmed up their

    So when things get back on-track with the regulators, I believe the company still has an opportunity to survive and thrive. I suspect the dollar will trade lower with respect to our trading partners for the nexts several years.

    This will present an additional opportunity to Phantom management to press sales of the lap-board in Europe….This is an opportunity that cannot be missed.

    While many of the shareholders are disappointed by the latest SEC actions – including myself – this is what the stock-market is all about.
    Risk is involved and you need to be able to handle this. John I really think
    you have pushed this football within striking distance of a touchdown.
    Outstanding, concentrate just a bit more……and you will go all-the-way

    Good Luck


  17. Don’t worry about your shares guys, they just showed up in my account as PHEIXZ, lol (how many different ticker suffixes are there, any way?). You legally own the shares, so the brokerages/banks can’t just vaporize them (all shifty brokerages that allocate non-existent shares excluded… but that’s another topic), because each share is basically a sort of legal tender. So some action would have to happen with the company for the shares to cease existing. Of course, the price is nil right now, but I plan on hanging on through all this anyway, and I know/knew the risks. Hopefully the lapboard will continue doing well and we can relist. Patience…

    John and PHEI team, you guys have done more with nothing than everyone before you did with more than enough! Those of us paying attention to what’s actually happened with the company and not just blabbering on about the stock price know that this was a monumental feat to accomplish what you have thus far, and also that there was basically nothing to work with. You have our sincere gratitude and thanks.

  18. errr… I meant that MY shares just showed up in my account, not your shares, lol. Typo!

  19. 55 Chevy Says:

    Looks like my Prayers are being answered. To God be the Glory !!!

    55 Chevy

  20. @pheadbaq – I liked it more before you clarified the typo, as I thought it was intentional humor.

  21. Well, had a bunch of IFLB shares that went south for a vacation, then PHEI came along and those shares came back and for a while were worth much more than when IFLB; and I bought as bunch more. Now all these shares are on another vacation, resting up for the next run. John, do as well with the “new” Phantom as you did with PHEI and next time we’ll all be able to take a long vacation instead of our stock. As long as you keep honetsty, integrity, faith, an doing things right, things will be just fine.

  22. SWEET LENNY Says:


  23. Yeah Pheadbaq is right. I guess I don’t thank you guys enough. Thanks guys!!! Give me an L give me an A give me an N give me a D give me an i give me an N give me an O what’s it spell 🙂

  24. Beancounter Tony Says:

    It is good to see there is still a positive feel amongst us Phantom Believers. While all the panic was spreading, many have kept calm and educated themselves in regards to the workings of the SEC. Those who have done so are the smart ones, good work.

    The smart ones also understand this is a long term commitment. If anyone believed that the stock would shoot up in a matter of days anytime soon, I’m sorry but you’re mistaken. When John took over the company, regardless of its past, it was essentially still in Research & Development, meaning no sales revenue was evident. Many companies remain in R&D for years developing products. Many of those companies dont have to worry about following SEC guidelines, because those companies have no platform to issue stock. Without revenue (or projected revenue) or any way of establishing asset future value, they usually cannot issue public stock. Unfortunately, years ago dollar signs got in the way of common sense amongst the previous management and they issued all the stock they could which they could because they had previous revenues.

    As an educated and veteran investor who constantly looks for companies with new ideas in tech, I am not expecting a ROI for another 3-5 years. That may seem like a long time for many of you, and it may seem like an extremely conservative estimate, but the product is just hitting the market. Forget the years of hype, promises and previous poor management, we are all in this now anyway. Waiting is all we can do and really all we should be doing.

    No one understands more than John that his biggest supporters are his investors. He knows we’re here and he knows how important we are. He knows as well that we are also inexpensive marketing. Many have offered themselves, their time, their skill and their own money (beyond stock purchases) not just because of belief in the product. Of course it is a good, possibly great first product in what could be a long line of products, but us believers did so because we believe in the PEOPLE running Phantom. So whether we like it or not, we need management and they need us, kind of like a marriage. And anyone who is married knows, patience is key.

    So be patient. Be smart, educate yourselves. Be supportive of management. Let those doing the work do the work. All we should be asking of management is not to leave us in the dark. Keep us believers in the loop as much as you can like you’ve been doing.

    Don’t listen and don’t respond to idiot bloggers (you know who they are) and take nothing they say as fact. Every time someone responds to them, they gain a platform to speak more. Ignore them and they’ll disappear.

    Phantom lives on, it has a product ready for sale, it has a market. When, and I mean when, they are financially viable they will do the filing necessary to meet the requirements of the SEC, because they want to make money too. Until then, promote the product, buy the product, believe in the people running things, keep yourselves educated and ignore the ignorant.

    Go Phantom!

  25. i’m still with u guys…?? what r the other options?

  26. yareunot Says:

    John, you ROCK!!!

    Still with you and the team!

  27. Ditto to what both pheadbaq and 55 Chevy said….and I want to thank pheadbaq for the “layman’s” explanation regarding how things work, I needed that.

    Infinium Lab was buried along time ago. Let’s leave it that way! If I can do that, even with the “Infinium Lab” sign still up on the building across the street from where I work, anyone can!!!

    Kev (Sarasota, Fl:O)

  28. Scott (Calif) Says:

    OK, as long as the guys from the past don’t get recognition for the work you all are doing… Like when the products come to market…

    There will always be the shadow of the past for this company, but this should be expected and if explained right, (Media, Investors, and Lookie-loo’s), will get it. For the ones who don’t…POOP on them. Don’t get discouraged…

    I still have my shares, and have had them for a long time. When I could have sold them I didn’t, and even now I wouldn’t sell them if I could.

    Please stay the course, and use the negativity as your power for strength not your kryptonite. Good Luck. Let’s get this Lapboard party started…

  29. I haven’t heard, about the boards and customs. Did they clear customs yet? Keep up the good work.

  30. All I here is crickets. Trying to stay positive. Need to read more posts from the admin.

  31. Should of been hear not here.

  32. Thank you Mr. Beancounter Tony…you’ve inspired me almost/just as much as the Phantom Management Team.

    Thanks again,

  33. Stehen Carter Says:

    I am still holding on and I am one of the originals. I still think it is a great product.

  34. Bill Turnbull Says:

    As share holders for several years, we are excited and congratulate you and all for your commitment and perseverance! Keep it up. Bill Turnbull, Cathedral City, CA

  35. Anna Balsamo Says:

    I invested about 6 months ago and I thought the lapboard was a great idea so I thourgh my money out there. I have hope that we will all be okay, we just have to hang in there and get through this. Thank you so much for everything you have done, most people would have bailed by now…….it shows you believe in this product and if you believe in it and have been through the hell you have, then we will all be okay with whatever the turn out is……thanks again

  36. Scott in CT Says:

    The only time I sold my shares was to catch a small profit in order to buy more shares. I’m solidly behind this company if for no other reason than I have very little to lose and so much to gain. I truly appreciate the openness and honesty being displayed by the current admin. John, thank you. Keep it up! Lapboard FTW!!

  37. I have kept my shares and intend to support the lapboard launch as much as I can.
    This will be successful and get the company back on its feet!!!

  38. Joey1210 Says:

    keep up th egreat work. We’re behind you all the way. Just keep us posted more.

  39. kevin4117 Says:

    Any update on being relisted and being publicly traded again?

  40. As a shareholder of over 3 million shares, there’s not much I can do but wait and keep my fingers crossed! That’s about it.

  41. martin gindy Says:

    it would be nice if you could email stockholders like me , aout the sec situation. will you start to trade again and when ? have you filed. i send emails to the website but they go unanswered
    Thanks for thinking about the investors

  42. i am in it for the long haul with over a million shares and when we get
    back on track i will be buying more.
    Thanks John for the update and keep doing!

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