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This isn’t over.

Posted in Message from the CEO on July 16, 2009 by phantomadmin

Wow, I’m really tired of reading the comments that directly relate to the Phantom Entertainment of the past, and comparing it to the group today… We understand the money that was spend, the hope that was put forth, and the dissappointment felt. We had nothing to do with that segment of Phantom’s past, we have been straightforward almost to the point of crossing legal lines to keep you informed and how we were turning things around to benefit everyone.

Do you really think we are just giving up?  Seriously after all the crap we have gone through to bring the Lapboard finally to life?  We had momentum and then the SEC threw up a wall we could not afford to get around. Our ticker is down now, but we are still fighting to get back up on the board and resume the same profile of investors that are currently holding shares. If you want to leave the party, we respect your decision, we however have come too far to quit despite the sky falling around us and the ground rumbling beneath us – We plan to keep the course of bringing of Lapboard to market.  Thanks for those that understand our ( the new guys ) situation.

This post is a bit blunt and to the point but we are all feeling slightly exhasted from the echoes of unfortunate circumstances that keep developing, hindering our success.