Now what?!?! – How about some perspective.

Since the Infinium days nothing was produced…only the HOPE and PROMISE of a product. Millions of dollars spent on theory and well….who knows what that management did. They were getting paid convalouted amounts of money, and well it was what it was.

Let’s push pin that in at 2002 just for a time frame.

I became the new CEO in July of 2008. With barely any money and a four person staff working on faith alone, the Lapboard will be available in July 2009 ( currently crossing the atlantic )

As far as the SEC issues….We are at a loss – we are just rolling with the punches. There are no more gray areas, no exceptions that existed in 2002 that were exploited by all.  What there is a lot of are new laws that make it impossible for struggling companies that want to turn a new leaf to survive.

But we are fighting, with or without your support. We are doing this FOR YOU the shareholders.  We are not the company of 2002 – We could have easily taken the easy way out and just shut our doors and quit, but we stayed to push through the bias of the media and Shorters out there to prove that we can be a new company to launch our product, and grow from there.

The hard way ALWAYS costs more, and I’m not only talking money…  To our supporters thanks, and to others that feel different thanks also since you hung on this long… we wish you well in a “unknown” economy.

19 Responses to “Now what?!?! – How about some perspective.”

  1. Not my field of expertise here, but what about a share offering from the treasury of say 300 million shares @.0007 ($210,000) to stockholders of record for the express purpose of bringing SEC filings up to date. I’ll take 3 mill to add to the 15+ mil that I already have. Don’t worry about stockholders abandoning ship cause we are currently locked in the galley with no way out!!

    Who else??

  2. Can’t do that under suspension. I think it’s either wait for revenue, find venture capitalists, or shareholders put forth what we can to get the filings current, as jpkin suggested previously. It’s already set up to take our donations at the “wanna help” link to the right of the main page.

  3. I’m still with you guys. Keep fighting!

  4. Public trading is suspended but don’t think that would stop private placements. It would only take 100 placements at 3mil each to cover the costs. I would only commit to the offering if it was fully subscribed in advance. Admin what do you think?

    Who else??

  5. just put in $200.00 to the kitty. I can commit $200/month for the next several months.

    come on everybody, put in your nickels and dimes and lets get out of this mess.

  6. phantomadmin Says:

    Thats awesome jp –
    that 200 has been there for awhile where exactly did you contribute – just curious

  7. Can we update the dates on the chipin page to make it look a little more current?

  8. I tried the link for the Contribute Now and do not see where you can do anything? I get directed to Chip In’s site but other than the blog comments do not see anything. Am I missing something?

    We need people involved with doing the same as JP and others – can we spread the word Phantom to other shareholders somehow in order to make this a workable option. In the scheme of things its not that much to put forth when you take the number of shareholders.

    I trust that there are no more suprises though?????

  9. I’ll also commit $200/mo. for the next few months if that’s what it takes.

  10. Listen John and the Phantom administration, Nobody can blame you guys for what is happening now, and I hope nobody is trying to do that. You have a great product, that is what I have heard anyway. If I had the 200,000 to give you to get this stuff straight, I would. It is actually through your forth-coming information in this big bump in the road that you have actually really earned my trust. I hope you keep trying and don’t throw in the towel because of all the negative, impatient people out there. When I bashed on here, it was because of the silence, but you are certainly not being silent now. I appreciate all your efforts and you keeping us posted and being honest. Come on!! Keep it up a little longer. We are almost there.

  11. Donations ? I can swing something( maybe $150.00-$100.00 monthly)

  12. Can an extension be granted by those, and I mean this with all my heart. scumbags at the SEC to continue trading until the funds or the paper work can be submitted? I’ve lost more money than I could have afforded too with other companies because the SEC(A$$HOLE$) weren’t looking out for me! The SEC has allowed companies to do to investors what they will! Now that PHEI and it’s investors have something to look forward to, they pull this crap!!!!! I’m in for another $100 but with the economy the way it is and if we will even be able to purchase more stock, that’s all I will be able to contribute.

    Love to PHEI and with much prayer,

  13. I’m in for $200 and I’ll buy a LB when they are available. Didn’t see the contribution total update with my payment, however.

  14. Just sent $200 via chipin but also didn’t see it update.

  15. My chipin amount cleared for $200 – my checking account confimrs that. I sent receipt to as requested by John.

  16. While I am only able to check the blog periodically, I am in for $200.00 per month. Howevwer, it looks as though that is no longer an option as per Phantom admin returning funds. Good luck! I am on this ship no matter the destination. The LB is a great product! You have my support. Jo

  17. gatorbak Says:

    Are we going to Grey Sheets?

  18. I’m not an investor or anything. But I am 22 y/o and I would have loved to use most of the products you guys want to produce. The laptop would be an awesome concept for my computer, to clean up what a mess I already have on my desk. And the idea of no media(cds/dvds..blu-ray) such type media would be cool. But… downloading games for a next gen console would take forever. It’s already proven that much on xbl.

    I realize I mentioned another company here… but have you guys ever thought about redesigning your console for input media…

    It doesn’t HAVE to be disk guys. It could be as simple as flash drives.

    Why not flash drives??
    I love the idea of this system, I really do.

    I do have experience building computers, and I noticed most of your hardware is computer related hardware.

    You don’t have to use “branded” hardware to get a special nvidia card.
    Big companies like BFG and XfX.. it’s a waste of income/cash.. when you can get the same card by a cheaper company like evga

    I only say this cause I support your system and would love to see phantom on the market as a console.

  19. sorry i’m correcting my previous statement.. I said laptop and meant LAPBOARD

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