Blind Sided

We are investigating what this is all about, came out of nowhere.
Phantom’s Past coming to haunt us I’m guessing. We are working to resolve the issue ASAP.

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  1. I’m very upset right now, but instead of blasting PHEI; I would like to see how PHEI resolves the issue with the stock. As I logged on to view my portfolio, I noticed that the stock price vanished out of thin air!! I had a bit of money invested in PHEI and I hope that I’m not getting ripped off yet again. What happened?

  2. Oh well, my mama always said the only way to money is throught hard work and toil, thought I might make some money here but I guess not. Thanks phantomadmin I know you tried your best

  3. Oh well guys, I know you tried your best to clean up the mess that started as Infinium and has been mishandles from the start. I guess it’s time to throw in the towel on my hopes of making money on this thing. My mama always said the only way to make money in this life is to punch a clock and suck it up, guess she was right. Thans for all your efforts Phantomadmin. Peace all the best

  4. Hogwash to wording “blind sided”- …
    See iHub post 2688:
    “… Trading suspensions

    If in its opinion the public interest and the protection of investors so require, the Commission is authorized by order–
    summarily to suspend trading in any security (other than an exempted security) for a period not exceeding 10 business days, and summarily to suspend all trading on any national securities exchange or otherwise, in securities other than exempted securities, for a period not exceeding 90 calendar days.

    The action described in subparagraph (B) shall not take effect unless the Commission notifies the President of its decision and the President notifies the Commission that the President does not disapprove of such decision. If the actions described in subparagraph (A) or (B) involve a security futures product, the Commission shall consult with and consider the views of the Commodity Futures Trading Commission.”

  5. Roll with the punches guys. The lapboard’s real, there are physical units that will definitely sell. Phantom is very close to viability. The team will get this latest hiccup straightened out and we’ll be on our merry way.

  6. Talk about fighting an up hill battle.. If it’s not one thing it’s another. To quote a great movie “Thank you Sir May I Have Another!”

  7. Weird, I didn’t think pink sheet stocks were bound by the same SEC rules. CFO FTW! Good luck guys.

  8. can u be more detailed on what happened, please dont tell me another problem with the product or shipping it etc. thanks john

  9. Well, I think this has happened before. Years ago… for about a week. I’m sure the paperwork will be filed and things will roll on again. Please don’t go selling your shares when things are back in order. Thanks everyone.

  10. Can someone expand on what the last CEO posting is about “we are looking into this. It came out of no where” statement. Thank you.

  11. SWEET LENNY Says:


  12. 55 Chevy Says:

    THIS IS AN EMERGENCY !!! But I believe you guys can set it straight. I’ll be praying for you all !!!

  13. Things will be good in the long run.

  14. I’ve been a longtime investor in this company. I’ve lost a bit of money, but I’ve maintained some form of confidence that this ship will eventually be righted. I hope this is just another minor hiccup and that things will be fine by July 9th.

  15. psijack Says:

    Hang in there you”ll be absolved from this,you came this far and look what you done.Thank you for everything,

  16. Guys, don’t freak out. Read the filing. The trading suspension is only temporary until July 8th and it’s obvious PHEI is just one company the SEC caught in a generic dragnet for delinquent filers. There were no deadlines in the release, so July 8th the suspension will be gone. The company has a viable product you can hold in your hands, and the team has done everything they can to demonstrate that there’s real product being manufactured and real prospects for selling it. The SEC is under a new administration, and is going to be flexing its muscles for the near future. I imagine this is the warning shot that they are going to be cracking down on filings soon. Just gotta roll with it.

    Think of it this way. PHEI would HAVE to fix its filings sooner or later if it expects to be viable. July 8th is when the suspension ends, so this is just a good opportunity for PHEI to get the filings going so this doesn’t happen again. Unexpected, yes, but I think they can handle it.

    By the way, kudos to the PHEI team for allowing us to talk stock at least on this latest news bit. To have done otherwise would have been really suspicious lol. That shows good judgement in my opinion.

  17. @Satellite15

    How is it hogwash? When that release refers to the President, it’s talking about THE President, of the United States, not President of the the company whose trading is being suspended. Is that what you meant?

  18. Pheadbaq is right on this one. It’s a paperwork issue. The product is moving and the gamestore will be open for business soon enough. The companies named on the list look like they were red flagged by some automated process. I remember reading a while back that all of the financials were ready to be reported and that John had been in touch with the SEC. I don’t want to speculate too much because obviously I don’t have all the info, but I do have faith in these guys and I know we’ll be in the loop.

  19. gatorbak Says:

    It not ‘personal’ a generic dragnet for delinquent filers
    by the SEC , yes we were the P section…..

  20. Waa, waa ,waa, all yall who are crying an moanen are more than likey people who talk the talk. get real. show them the money. if you want to make a difference then get involved. prove yourself. get in or get out. don’t cherry pick please.

  21. pheadbag: Section 12(k) the reference about getting approval from the President is if the SEC decided to shut down an Exchange not individual securities as in this case.

  22. What are you on about? I just came on this blog saw the new post and don’t have a clue what you are on about. Whats going on?

  23. It will all work out – just need to pay attn to the details to make sure all webs are cleared out of the closet. The company is positioned great now and certainly do not want little trivial things like this, tainting the image again or make others not want to partner up w/ Phantom.

    Pheadbaq thank you for putting some perspective on the blog that is level headed and true. All in all it is just paperwork that needs to be done and now – what better time to get it all wrapped up!?! We have a product out and forward momentum –

    This company is heading in the right direction – my hats off to the management team in keeping focussed and true. Even when it seems like all is against you – EVEN THE BLOGGERS – remember the distances you have come and challenges you have pushed passed. With a little more time and patience – the rewards will be there!

    Thank you again.

  24. So the stock can’t trade for a couple of weeks, big deal. Were any of us planning on selling our shares at the current price anyway? As long as the lapboards start selling the future will be looking bright. The SEC seems to be doing some late spring cleaning and have to agree with the others who said we’ve got caught up in a dragnet. I’d rather have this happen now before the lapboards came in from the ship and product was moving. Once that happens this will be a dim memory.

  25. yareunot Says:

    I see this as being the case of the team being busy! While it’s not the most opportune thing to be a little late with these filings, I’m pleased that they have so much to do!!!

    Keep rock’n guys!!!

  26. @Mike

    I know :), I was referring to Satellite’s post that seemed to insinuate that PHEI couldn’t have been “blind-sided” because the SEC would have been in contact with the President of the company (PHEI)… when it was really talking about THE President. I doubt the SEC would have bothered to correspond with each and every single company in the dragnet ahead of time. The SEC release is at least partly a directive to brokerages and looks to me like a warning message to the companies themselves to straighten up, which is communication enough, and it would be up to them to get back with the SEC or suffer the consequences… more suspensions, possible litigation(?), etc etc, whatever the escalating chain looks like for this sort of stuff.

    Right on yareunot. Timing certainly isn’t perfect, but we may as well make the most of it.

    Great work PHEI team! Keep it up!

  27. Everybody needs to read this to get their facts straight about the trading suspension (including me).

    It will be up to brokerages to get their info right about a company before allowing trading of that security.

  28. Anna Balsamo Says:

    Could someone point me in the right direction so I read about what is going on.


  29. Anna Balsamo Says:

    Is it a news release? Confussed.

  30. thomas thompson Says:

    what is going on, did the sec put a hold on trading the stock and what was the price of the stock before it was put on hold

  31. Ditto 55Chevy, I have Chitz and I can’t wait for the payoff and “right on” Jpkin. We can thank “you know you” it was suspended @ 0.0011 and not @ 0.0001!!!!

    Keeping the faith,

  32. I’ve been following PHEI (IFLB) for four years now and yes this has happened before for about 2 weeks a few years ago. I really think this whole thing could turn out to be an advantage……a little word called “publicity” When it happened years ago, a product was not ready to be put on shelves and at that point it was scary….now, it’s a different story people…..a tangible product is ready and the marketing of it is excellent. The word will get out even more now that this happened with a difference…… now phantom has something to show for it. Like I said…..more publicity to attract buyers….could be a blessing in disguise and I know the phantom team will continue to market the lapboard and get the word out… the time this minor paperwork is cleared up, the lapboards will be even more known and ready to fill orders. I’m not worried one bit.

  33. gatorbak Says:

    I agree,. I have owned IFLB/PHEI since 2/2004 we have a product NOW and we are ‘up’ and running ..we were not alone(Suspensions)
    we were the (P) section..of the temporary suspensions.

    It would be nice to open trading with a Progress PR imo.

  34. Only 500 boards were received (about $70k retail) a few weeks ago, so not much chance of filling lots of orders or generatin any meqaningful revenue in the foreseeable future. How many orders have been received, how many boards are on backorder, and when will future shipments be in? If we start getting orders as hoped for because of the “publicity”, but can’t fill the orders, then even worse than before. Let’s see, this very small order was received in June (4 – 5 months later than told), so if we need several thousand per month to generate a meaningful revenue stream, then where’s the supply? As said before, I’ve been here since IFLB days, and have tried to help based on years of successful related product development and manufacturing experience. This is not a good situation, and busy is not an acceptable excuse for not filing – more to the story than being busy. Good management would not have allowed `such a SEC debacle especially at such a crucial time. Good products can be destroyed with poor management. PHEI needs to put the SEC issue to rest before the 10 day period if they even intend to keep stock available and honor the stockholdres. However, PHEI can move on, build and sell boards, profit from game store, and yet never touch the stock again. Or, they can prove to be honest and true – which will undoubtedly lead to huge successes. I’m hoping for the latter. We’ll know where the heart of PHEI is within a week – otherwise we’ll also know … .
    Read pheadbag’s posted SEC link (25 Jun 1:15), then read between the lines. Ball is in PHEI’s court, so watch close to see where (or if) we’re being led.

  35. For everyone who’s wondering what’s going on:

    Click to access 34-60166.pdf

  36. Prayer can help any situation… give it a try!

  37. sorry, math was off before:

    How many shareholders are there who would like to see this thing continue? If:
    1000 shareholders contribute $100 each = $100,000
    1000 shareholders contribute $200 each = $200,000

    what say you everyone, we have the chance to make history hear. The current PHEI crew has been working for free for a long time. Its time to man up or whimper quietly into the night. The above price per person is nothing compared to what most of us would lose.

  38. jpkin – already done that, and it was squandered.

    What about 49% of GS? Also, bet that when LB sells the $$ will not be put back into PHEI. Don’t blame Govt or SEC -could have done enven 1 filing at a time to ease the pain. Just pian ol’ poor magagement, or else panned all along so as to get rid of stockholkdres at just the right time … . Amazing how this i working out ??? So all the long time holders will be given shares of new ticker, assuming it ever goes after it ??? Not. After all, you don’t need the stockholders $$ now that products finally trickling in … . And it’s the Govt’s fault that paperworknot filed … . Sure it is … . IFLB # 2

  39. I like jpkin’s idea. A private funding on this is what is needed so that the company can move forward. Be it the shareholders themselves or some one else – I clicked on the “Chip in” link and it didn’t seem to work or at least did not see a place to complete anything……

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