The Phantom Lapboard – riding the Maingear train.

6 Responses to “The Phantom Lapboard – riding the Maingear train.”

  1. It’s amazing how fast news of interest travels. Nice work. And now we only need those boards to stream in, in a timely manner.

  2. I like the attn, I like the updates, and I really like what seems to be forward progress. A question was asked and I am curious now – Is MainGear packaging the Phantom with other units or just this one? This is a great start as the product is now sold, offered, and available through another channel –

    Continue forward and continue to make new friends in the world! We all will continue to anxiously read, refresh, and hope to read more!!!

  3. its great to see the press release spreading out through the different message boards! Looking forward to buying a keyboard this summer.

  4. I just need to say, it has been a long time coming. Finally this great product is seeing the light. Thank you, new management and staff for taking on this challenge. Thank you for not giving up, keep up the great work.

  5. Cozmo aka Java Says:

    Impressive. First time I saw the prototype of the lapboard I knew it was going to be huge, it is unique and needed desperately for gamers and couch potatoes, rejoice, the killer peripheral is hitting the streets. Good work Phantom, thanks.

  6. John,
    Please give us an update on the SEC’s suspension and what is the Co’s near term strategy? Thanks

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