The Phantom Lapboard adds versatility to Maingear’s Gaming & Media Center powerhouse


MAINGEAR Unveils Luxury Gaming PC for the Living Room

Axess HD Gamer combines high performance gaming and media center capabilities in a low profile design

Union, New Jersey – June 18th, 2009 – MAINGEAR Computers, award-winning builders of high performance custom computers for PC gamers and enthusiasts, is proud to announce the Axess HD Gamer, a luxury gaming PC that brings high end gaming to the living room. Built into a sleek, low profile, aluminum HTPC form factor with an acrylic trim, the Axess HD was designed to integrate seamlessly into any home theater set up with existing A/V components.

The impressive list of hardware for the Axess HD includes a powerful Core i7 processor combined with dual 9800 GT video cards in SLI to deliver a stunningly visual1080p experience. MAINGEAR also teamed up with NVIDIA to integrate GeForce 3D Vision so that gamers with Mitsubishi DLP’s or Samsung desktop LCDs can experience an unparalleled 3D gaming experience. MAINGEAR further enhances the luxurious home theater gaming experience by being the first company to offer the Phantom Lapboard, a unique keyboard that liberates users from desktop settings through an innovative 360-degree rotating design. The Axess HD Gamer also offers cutting edge media center capabilities including 7 channel pre amplified audio, Blu Ray and DVD Movies, Music, Home Videos, HD TV, Internet TV, based on Microsoft® Windows® Vista Home Premium which also provides access to Netflix’s online streaming through the Media Center interface.

”The Axess HD Gamer was conceived to deliver unsurpassed gaming performance fused with advanced media center capabilities all contained within a low profile case, making it the perfect cornerstone for any home theater environment” said Wallace Santos, CEO and Founder of MAINGEAR. “A lot of the media centers currently on the market don’t specifically address the PC Gamer and we want to give our customers a solution to game from the comfort of the living room without sacrificing quality or performance.”

“We’re thrilled that MAINGEAR is providing a Games for Windows solution that complements the wide range of media functionality that Windows Vista Media Center already provides,” said Megan Both, Snr. Director of OEM Sales at Microsoft. “This high performance 3D gaming system combined with the advanced functionality of Windows Media Center make the Axess HD Gamer a phenomenal option for the home theater enthusiast as well as the avid gamer.”

Gamers can purchase the Axess HD Gamer at MAINGEAR’s Web site or order by phone at (888-MAINGEAR). The base price is $1,799. Axess HD Gamer comes with MAINGEAR’s standard 14 month warranty and is backed by the best in-house support team in the country.


OS – Microsoft Windows Vista Premium 32- or 64-bit
CPU – Intel Core i7
Chipset – Intel X58
Graphics – Dual NVIDIA GeForce 9800 GT in SLI with PhysX and 3D Vision
Memory – Up to 12GB of DDR3 Triple Channel Memory
Storage – Two 3.5″ SATA or SSD HDD up to 2TB
Audio – On-board High Definition 8-channel Analog and S/PDIF Digital
Case and Chassis – MAINGEAR Low-profile Axess Chassis


MAINGEAR is the premier high performance systems integrator in North America.  MAINGEAR custom builds gaming, home office, mobile, multimedia, small business and 3D workstation solutions of the highest quality, which have won them many editors’ choice awards in every major computer publication such as C-Net, [H]ard|OCP, Maximum PC, CPU Magazine, etc. For more information on MAINGEAR, please visit or call, toll-free, (888)624-6432.

Media Contact:
Matt Shumate
Account Supervisor
Max Borges Agency
3550 Biscayne Blvd, Suite 501
Miami, FL 33137
(305) 576-1171 x15

22 Responses to “The Phantom Lapboard adds versatility to Maingear’s Gaming & Media Center powerhouse”

  1. Nice! That’s a beautiful system.
    There’s a familiar name down at the bottom that brought a bit of a chuckle…

  2. B-man (craig b) Says:

    I think i just pissed my pants!!

  3. Great News guys!!!! I hope this is just the start of many more partnerships. When will consumers be able to purchase the lapboard by itself? Dont get me wrong that HTPC is pretty slick, but im not currently in the market for one. Is it safe to assume mid July?

  4. whogasa Says:

    Very Good. Paired with the Top End gaming machines is a great place for this lapboard to begin.

  5. thallwyn Says:

    Thanks for your support, we hope that this is going to be a successful partnership for both of us. Your product is the kind of quality and performance solution that we require for our luxury computing products.

  6. Ken Land Says:

    Very cool! Very very cool! Great job and what a nice looking package at that!

  7. thallwyn Says:

    NKJ – want to know something even funnier? I used to be a managing editor there – but this is a new company just using the name – with a high quality product that deserves consideration.

  8. Very cool! I’m wanting to look into purchasing this media package…

  9. Wozzzzzzers, this is the stuff people are looking for. Everybody, I’m sure is very pumppppped. Keep up the great work… You guys rock.

  10. thallwyn Says:

    Looking forward to your order, CraigD. 😉

  11. Thank you Maingear!!! What a great way to kick off the availability of the lapboard!! 🙂

  12. Correct me if I am wrong, but doesn’t public release mean for example an announcement in PR newswire or some other venue for potential investors. Until now I have seen no posts on TD Ameritrade. When will one be appearing, day before yesterday? No. Yesterday? No. Today?…..

  13. Flypaper Says:

    Where is the Press Release?

  14. Has the above announcement been posted ANYWHERE ELSE except this blog??????????????? That doesn’t seem like a very public release to me.

  15. B-man (craig b) Says:

    So is this the press release??

  16. Will Maingear be offering the lapboard with any of thier other desktops or just the Axess HD. Don’t get me wrong this is great news but for me $1799.00 is pretty steep. They have cheaper desktops, why not bundle with them as well?

  17. Hey there, When are we going to see more of an official announcement? Like the home page of the Phantom website, so the actual stock exchange can pick it up or do a release, so reflected on the exchange….So its just not us knowing about it here….That would be great to get new excitement from others……Thanks

  18. I will put a link on my website but would think cooler if that info above on the Phantom home page so people can see and get excited….Just thoughts…:)

  19. B-man (craig b) Says:

    WTF??? Doent anyone at phantom do as they say?? If this is your idea of ‘official’ then u need to step your game up. Let me guess,’ the ship ran out of gas’ is the next excuse to be posted. Maybe a new PR team is in order.

  20. thallwyn Says:

    Well, we put out OUR press release and if you google maingear and phantom you’ll get a lot of hits…

  21. phantomadmin Says:

    B-man –
    A formal press release is about the Phantom Lapboard ( a PHEI product ) in the Market, we are passing the news on to you – an Official Press release would be about Phantom Entertainement the company announcing / talking about one of it’s products… there is a huge difference – we aren’t trying to trick ya.

    Also, I don’t have an issue with your concern and anxiousness – yet don’t complain on this blog… it really doesn’t help anyone and is actually kinda insulting.

  22. B-man (craig b) Says:

    well then, u got me…. I formally apologize. Looking foward to the ship comming to port

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