the PHEI blog.

Hey everyone, things are going well and I can feel the vibe flowing through the blog.  We are getting now a steady 500 -700 visits a day rate.  I’m excited that news is traveling out into the world and back again. 

I’m a little disappointed in what I’ve been finding in “other” forum hot spots, but I guess that is to be expected.  Some big deal in India or something… hahah doesn’t exist.  That being said, talk like that will NEVER be allowed on this blog.

I’m starting to see some new faces in the comments section, and as they are always welcome I’d like to see less comments though of anything to do with our stock, no asking, no quotes, no assumptions, no far fetched ideas on the future, no I’ll show you mine if your show me yours.  This is an informational forum, outside of the financial world. Please pump somewhere else.

If we as a company are doing well in a monetary manner this will be directly reflected in a multitude of brokages or online stock checking devices. While we do now and then post good news on the blog –  if we are going to “announce” anything huge it will usually be in the form of a public press release.

Thanks as always, and we appreciate your continued support.

14 Responses to “the PHEI blog.”

  1. Hey John,

    The good vibes are due in large part to the team’s continued effort and hard work! Keep it up; we’re all looking forward to that next HUGE press release about the availability of the lapboards. 🙂

  2. jan lechner Says:

    Please become a force to deal with !

  3. phantomadmin Says:

    Yes, Jan we are all hoping for the best.

  4. 55 Chevy Says:

    Thanks Phantomadmin for the post. I check the blog every day, and its always exciting to see my screen lit up with new information!!! It will be absoutely thrilling when Big News does come and its on the public wires !!! We’re all looking foreward to July 9th. That just happens to be my mothers 91st birthday and she’s in great shape. See ya.

    55 Chevy

  5. This was a good post… Please just keep up the great information on the production, shipping, sales. I think this information is what people are starving for. Alot of my friends are asking when can they buy a LapBoard??

  6. kay warman Says:

    Great job!!!!

  7. John, i know a few months back you discussed the gamestreaming , what ever happened to it and will it be back on the website in the future, good job by the way….

  8. Gamestreaming is now and will soon be accompanied by White Label Partners Like

  9. @ap
    GameStreamer (separate company from PHEI) is developing the game streaming service. PHEI I think is getting their own branded store from GS. GameStreamer is basically providing a streaming games store front + back end for any one who meets the qualifications and signs up with them. StreamServ (another separate company from PHEI) is the one who bought the streaming tech from PHEI, licensed the source to GS exclusively for use with games, and StreamServ looks to be providing streaming store fronts for any type of application (standard apps like MS Word, Photoshop, etc, don’t quote me on those apps either).

    GameStreamer’s partner stores (which I assume includes PHEI’s store) launch in July, so not much longer before we see that finally up and running! Everything’s coming together all at once here! Woohoo!

  10. Can you give us an update on the “Patent Pending” status of the Lapboard?

    Ya know, Dave Bing, the new mayor of Detroit, is working for free until he gets that city turned around (and I think he can)…kind of reminds me of the PHEI management team. KEEP UP THE GOOD/HARD WORK!!!!


  11. They are beautiful! I can’t wait! Jo

  12. They are beautiful! I can’t wait! Great job!

  13. Lol, anyone check Raging Bull lately? Those two guys have been talking to themselves for months now. Unbelievable!

  14. yareunot Says:

    Love the updates.

    I totally agree with you about people keeping their finance and financial thoughts out of this forum. This is not the right place.

    Keep up the good work!

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