Lapboards in the Hoooooooouse.


in John's House actually, check em out. Just a few boxes this shipment, the others will be crossing the Atlantic soon. The Lapboards are still in two flavors, Pearl White and Mystic Black. Here are some pictures that John took of the Lapboards.





36 Responses to “Lapboards in the Hoooooooouse.”

  1. Woot!!! That is awesome!

  2. Awesome, wasn’t expecting an update for a while. Keep them coming!

  3. Whoa oh! It’s hit the fan! Look out! Fantastic ;-).

  4. How cool is that….I want one….haha…:)

  5. They look really nice.I’m telling everyone I see about this. I can’t wait till
    they hit the market. Thank You again for all you have done for us.

  6. Put me down for a black one 🙂 No, really, I need to order one.

  7. Robert Bowen Says:

    Lookin’ real good John!! 🙂

  8. Where can I buy this, or something similar?

  9. They look great, but I am still a little unclear about exactly what they do. Can anyone enlighten me?

  10. Anna Balsamo Says:

    This is great news!!!!!!!!!!! Where are they going to be sold?

  11. @Ted:

    It was originally meant to be included with the Phantom console, for comfortable, wireless gaming on the couch or really anywhere that’s comfortable. The keyboard rotates 360 degrees for right or left-handed use, and it also tilts up to give you a mousing surface on the board underneath.

    I can tell you it’s great for pretty much any game or software app where you have one hand on the mouse, one on the keyboard most of the time. Anything that’s design-oriented, such as 3D modelling, 2D paint programs, UML or other types of diagramming, is a great fit with the lapboard. I also use it in meetings so we can collaborate on the same machine + projector without tossing a laptop and mouse back and forth or switching seats, etc etc.

    Based on Andy’s post along with a lot of other newsgroup postings I’ve seen from other countries, there seems to be quite a few people following this product world wide… gotta get that momentum going! 🙂

  12. yes where can i buy one?

  13. Are they only for purchase on the websitea and is there any other press releases about the shipment?

  14. By reading the replies, it appears the investment community alone can purchase the entire shipment. Tell us where to get one and you can get started on the next “larger” shipment. Nice job guys…

  15. 55 Chevy Says:

    I’am most impressed with how shiny the finish is on the product !!! Just like being at a Car Show, on some of the paint jobs, it seems you could stick your arm in up to the elbow !!! GREAT LOOKING PRODUCT !!! I’am just THRILLED !!! Thanks guys.

    Sincerly 55 Chevy

  16. 55 Chevy Says:

    I also believe that because the lapboard is so good looking in appearance, this will help with sales. The eye candy will be so strong, when people see it, they will have to have it !!! Think about it, most computer hardware is absoutely DULL !!!

    Goooooooo Phantom

  17. Pheadbaq, I read your response to Ted and I think that’s great! Don’t you think you should put that information as a marketing tool on the website? And just a question, is the lapboard the only product Phantom Entertainment has been working on for the last 7 years? Are there any plans for other products or was the lapboard just too overwhelming to come up with any new ideas?

  18. Ken Land Says:

    That’s a beautiful sight! The black ones are quite sharp. Here’s to a hopeful ramp up and great cycle of sell/produce/ship/sell/produce/ship/sell – come on say it with me sell… 🙂

  19. phantomadmin Says:

    Gil, you comments are drifting quite steadly towards negativity – if you are not a supporter on this blog – plz find someone else to share your opinions.

  20. I believe somebody mentioned this in a prior post, but is there any chance that alienware deal could come back to life?

  21. How can we buy one?

  22. Gil, I’m not affiliated with the company aside from being an investor since ’04, so I can’t put the information on their site for marketing. It’s not the only thing the company was working on either, as you may/may not already know, but gamestreamer and streamserv should be capitalizing on the other ideas come July…

    Sordid history, sure, it’s been a bumpy road. Non-existant ideas? Nope, the ideas are real AND SOUND, and they are being implemented now (finally).

    There have been people on both sides all along, but I’ve always thought these ideas were great, so I’m happy to see things finally happening.

  23. Really, I’m not trying to be negative but come on let be honest….. Ok, ok, I’ll refrain from making any further negatively viewed comments. I’ll just sit back and watch the proof in the pudding. I was hoping that my comments would be motiviating enough to prove me wrong and turn out significant results! Good luck Phantom Entertainment, lets see what you can do.

  24. I’m watching for the proof in the pudding too, no arguments there! 🙂 We’re all waiting for the investments we’ve made over the years in these ideas to finally come to fruition somehow!

  25. SWEET LENNY Says:


  26. U guys ready to do some car/bus wraps for advertising?? Let me know

  27. WELL THIS IS NEWS… congrats on this step in the new developments…

  28. It’s a very good idea for investors to buy…… advertisement. I intend to get one and lend it out to my gamer friends (I’m an investor not a gamer) and others…….hands on trial! Phantomadmin do you know when they could be available for investors and where.

  29. still wating to hear how i can buy a lapboard and where?


  31. Availibility for purchase? I’m looking @ July:
    “The ship will being departed on June 15, and arrived in Miami on July 9th while I also have TNT sending me Lapboard units via air for sales purposes. The units sent via TNT should be here in two weeks.”

    I”m betting on their website to carry there sales initially:
    “Next steps: start marketing and polishing up our website.”

    Cargo ready: 05 JUN
    CFS cut-off: 09 JUN 1700
    ETD HKG: 15 JUN
    ETA MIA : 09 JUL

  32. Hey Lenny! Long time no see! ;-).

  33. Cozmo aka Java Says:

    Nice to see the long time investors like BIG MONEY LENNY, Craig and Bucks still on board. Good Luck Guys. Great progress.

  34. Woot. I would have no idea how to use it, but I will smile all the way to the bank. Ole Widow Burns

  35. Hey there…..I would love to do t-shirts for the launch of the lapboards when they come into the stores….Please let me know….

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