Look! what’s this??!?

Lapboard Ship Dates

The ship will being departed on June 15, and arrived in Miami on July 9th while I also have TNT sending me Lapboard units via air for sales purposes. The units sent via TNT should be here in two weeks. Now that we have a flushed out manufacturing and shipping process, all future orders will go much smoother and timely. iOne has done a great job in supporting the Lapboard and our vision. Many thanks to Jenn, our iOne account rep, who has been through the quite a bit to get the Lapboard through the assembly line and out the door to the USA.

Again this all would not be possible without Terry, Jim and Dick. All three have always took time out of their busy days to lend a hand to the Phantom cause.

Next steps: start marketing and polishing up our website.

Cargo ready: 05 JUN
CFS cut-off: 09 JUN 1700



22 Responses to “Look! what’s this??!?”

  1. Woohoo! Great news! Thanks for all the hard work Phantom team!

  2. Awesome!!! Great work team!!! We knew you could do it!!

  3. Yes!! I knew at the very least this compnay woudl eventually come out with this ia product. Now when are you going live with this info. on PR newswire

  4. I think i love u!!!

  5. OMG!!!

  6. kalelsfca Says:

    Can this be. I am so excited to finally see a finished product. I currently own the original first run Phantom Lap Board (which I am hoping John will allow me to exchange for the newer version) and love it. It does what I need it to do when gaming on my couch in front of my projector. I just hope they fixed the mouse issues. Thanks John for al your hard work and dedication.

  7. Perhaps some day that order from Alienware could be resurrected.

  8. Put me down for a black one. I’m already using one from the first run at work, now I need one for home 🙂

  9. Sounds great…..where’s the latest version? Let’s see it

  10. Ken Land Says:

    Hey hey hey – heavier trading volume and we actually moved the decimal point over slightly!!!! 🙂 ask price – .001 vs .0007.

    Heres to good times to come! Great job and time to sell some product!

  11. Hmmm, yep that will do just fine. This is great guys!

  12. SWEET LENNY Says:

    GREAT JOB TEAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LET’S GET IT ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Nice. It’s going to be an exciting summer.

  14. How many units in this run?

  15. It was in the bag all along, John and company. I knew it…

  16. Hey, Let me know if still interested in a run of t-shirts for the launch….Please e-mail me….

  17. 55 Chevy Says:

    Keep the momentum going, the stock price will follow !!!

  18. James Castiglione Says:

    Ok the product is on its way…… and the economy is turning around a bit.

    Gentleman….I believe this just may be the beginning. Nice volume on
    the exchange as well.

    However, Phantom management needs to manage the PR a bit more with a public announcement of these developments.

    But, all and all … a refreshing change of pace.

    Well Done!


  19. Although it’s great to hear this news; I caution whether or not next month’s deadline will be another milestone set for another month. Will we actually see the normal production and sales of the lapboards or simply more target deadlines month after month. I’ve waited patiently since 2002 for something to come out of Infinium Labs/Phantom Entertainment and after 7 years PHEI is wearing me out. If that is the intent, your tactics are working!!! When I saw the shipping dates of: 15 JUN 09 to 09 JUL 09, I just had to ask myself; has anybody ever heard of FEDEX!!!!!!!!! Then I realized, this is simply another calendar delay tactic. In July of 2010, I can just see the blog headlines: “waiting for one more test sample to come back from Hong Kong and then we’ll start sales in December 2010. And what about all of those deals/contracts that were made with companies like Alienware? How about the sales we proposed to make in Europe? Do we realize if we were to actually get our acts together and make some sales, the stock will actually move over a decimal or two. Am I wrong on all of this? Seven years, 3 CEO’s, 4 decimal places to the right and no lapboard later. The gaming world and its investors have waited patiently long enough!!!

  20. Hey John,

    Lapboards in the Hooooouse. I have been a stockholder for over 3 years and today is really good news. Thank you for the update. Can’t wait until they hit the store shelves, think they’ll be available for Christmas sales? I hope so I can’t wait for Phantom to blow off the competition and into comsumer hands. Keep them coming!

  21. Well, you’ve gotta admit Gil… This is way more product from far fewer resources than in the “Infinium” days. I’m really excited at the prospect of actual revenue and seeing future products from Phantom.

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