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Latest News:

iOne has informed me the membrane is now ready and they are sending me a new sample for testing and approval. If the sample gets approval we will start the production run. Once I get the Lapboard we will give another update.

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  1. Craig B Says:

    thanks for the breadcrumb. this should play with my emotions for a few more weeks. till then…………..

  2. John,

    Thanks for the update. I know there will be people complaining about the time it’s taking to get this going, but we want a quality product out there first and foremost. Looking forward to seeing our first real production run going full steam.

  3. Do we need to send money to air freight the sample to you?

  4. Craig, pretty funny. Better to have a breadcrumb than starve to death. Glad to see some progress and an update posted. Keep the faith. The market needs a product like this for all of the recliner surfers out there, no good ergo-keyboards available yet and I am still using a book on the armrest for a mousepad. This will sell like mad if it ever gets to market. “Are we there yet? just a little further. Are we there yet?…just a little further…” Patience.

  5. Thank you. The progress and update is appreciated. Getting closer!

  6. At this point I’m just worried that after you approve the product, assuming it’s worthy of approval, they’re going to tell you that their supplier can no longer produce the electronics or something. I’ve read all the posts here and I have to wonder if this would have happened with an American, Mexican, or Canadian manufacturer… Of course I don’t really have the details or experience with this type of thing but I was under the impression that as far as business dealings go, if you say you can do something then you had better be able to do it. It seems like they have no clocks or calendars in their offices. Anyway, thanks for the update and keep them coming! I check this site at least a few times a day on my phone and I’m sure that others share my feeling that I’d rather read an update about the morning commute than nothing new at all.

  7. 55 Chevy Says:

    Thanks John. Quality is paramount !!! Looking foreward to hearing from you again soon. GLTA.

  8. Good going John. :-). step by steady step we go.

  9. At least it’s not bad news. Thanks for the update. There have been so many years of short stories about the LapBoard. I understand why people are eager to see the real launch of the LapBoard, the Game Site, and all the other things that have been reported as coming. It feels like you’re doing time in the desert on a military tour and they just extended your duty there for another year. I guess someday we will come home. Maybe someday the LapBoard will actually be sold in a worthwhile market to generate a surplus “non-debt” income. Thanks for the update…

  10. Satellite15 Says:

    Read the past posts, read the iHub posts (past and present) … .

  11. Cliff Krauter Says:

    Updates are always appreciated, however my greater concern is once you approve and produce the lapboard; How are you planning to distribute them, also what are some target numbers that need to be reached to start some momentum within your company?

    How can we as shareholders be assured our investments are sound if it takes so much time and resources to produce one product. I find it hard to believe projected capitol from one long overdue product will turn the tide for Phantom Entertainment and surely cannot be the only obstacle to overcome considering the state of things.

    While I do believe the delay of the lapboard might actually work out to be a benefit since in my opinion many potential customers will be console owners who will require a comfortable mouse/keyboard solution. Manynew MMORPG’s are being released within 3rd quarter of this year, (e.g Citiy of Heros – PS3) which is a first (excluding FFXI) for console owners and opens a new market for potential buyers of the lapboard.

    Again, while this is a hopeful endeavor, hope alone will not forge a new culture or future for this company. I was looking forward to seeing the result of your gamestore that “had a successful launch” which was visible on the splash page for a short time before being removed and the nav link was deactivated. Surely all focus cannot be directed toward a single avenue of income; please enlighten us with your ideas, we are listening.

  12. siggywiggy Says:

    i hope they overnighted it! this shouldn’t take weeks to find out if its good or not. IMO

  13. Is our game store going to be replaced with


  15. Oh No! My legitimate supportive comment deleted again! Boo hoo, somebody does not want one of their oldest investors from the IFLB days to say thanks and keep up the good work! Oh well, that’s what I get for being supportive. toodles.

  16. phantomadmin Says:

    No, GameStreamer is not part of Phantom.

  17. Cliff: read some of my past posts both on the blog and iHub. I’ve also asked many of the same questions, but also made inputs regarding productio quantities, timing, etc. – based on 40 years of product development experience and business. I’ve also been “invested” and even got others to put some cash into this thing starting in IFLB days. But, basically have been either ignored or otherwise … .

  18. Bummer! I was more stoked about that than the lapboard really.

  19. Cozmo, I get deleted often myself. Just re-post Like I do.

  20. SWEET LENNY Says:

    Let’s roll John! I’ve been on this ship for four damn years. Pack the cannons,
    roll out the red carpet, break out the funeral drum, light the torches, put on your
    best pair of battle britches, Damnit man……..IT’S TIME TO LIGHT THIS CANDLE!


    I understand this venture may not be paying your bills… Why do you keep trying? Are people still investing in PHEI…? What do you do for a living other than PHEI to make your car payments? Are you real? Flesh and blood? Am I in the matrix?

  22. Well???????????????????????????????

  23. I guess they are on the slow boat from China

  24. siggywiggy Says:

    This is taking waay too looong! UPDATE Please!

  25. Nice, I’ve been looking to buy a lapboard for a long time now and can’t wait for it to be released. Whats up with the game stream? I was really looking forward to that but now it’s gone 😦

  26. Craig B Says:

    sooooo, im just gonna throw this out there….. im guessing they didnt use fedEX? just a wild guess, but hey, i’ve been wrong before. it was around 4 years ago, but i have been wrong

  27. John P. Says:


    It has been over two weeks since you last update. Do you have a status report you can give us on the Lapboard. I think I speak for everyone when we say we would like to be in “The Loop” with what is going on. The more information the better. I Just want to know that Phantom is not totally dead and it is still breathing. Shallow breathing, but breathing. Thank you.

  28. James Castiglione Says:

    To: Phantom Management
    Re: Cliff Krauter’s comment

    I support Cliff’s comments. This represent sound thinking and clear
    concerns that management seems reticent to address. Phantom has
    many business related problems to overcome; including but not
    limited to poor corporate image, and a serious management
    credability issues that have not been addressed.

    Once again the economy is gaining ground….but Phantom
    Management must move quickly to-market with a flawlessly
    performing lap-board But this cannot be a one product company.

    The lap-board can easily be reverse engineered and improved
    upon by others in this industry; industry participants that have far
    more resources than Phantom.

    If I were to rate the probability of Phantom becomming a sustainably
    profitable company – considering Phantom managements
    performance thus far – I would rate the probability at less than 10%

    Sorry guys but facts are facts.

    For what its worth


  29. After having many products manufactured and delivered from China for distribution in North America, I must say, when they had the samples done, it didn’t take three weeks for them to be flown over here even on the cheapest carriers to get the product in hand! How about an update.


  31. GameStreamer’s test shop looking good so far. I have just two words for what I think PHEI’s next product should be… Casual Console 🙂

  32. I know you probably have a ton of people asking this, but its been 3 weeks since the last update. Is thier anything you can tell us?

  33. Wow, they aren’t even reading this blog anymore. I guess all this waiting has been in vain

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