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Hi John,

They did send us the membrane on 17, but the quality is not as good as we need. QC asked them to rework, and the supplier will send us the new membrane on April 29, 2009. I’ll watch this schedule.

Best Regards,

Hopefully have more info in a few days.

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  1. Thanks for the update!

  2. What is the “membrane” ?

  3. Quality of product, equals customer satisfaction, equals solid sales! Thanks for the info.

  4. 55 Chevy Says:

    There aren’t many companies that would go to the lengths that you guys have to inform the investors, THANKS. A big change from what we had the last several years !!! You guys should receive the lapboards, get them to the stores, be SOLD OUT, and have another LARGER order in by the end of May—first part of June !!!

    Gooooooo Phantom

  5. Well, another… piece of great information. If you don’t get it right, I guess they won’t sell and they will all be returned after sale. Good catch; we want you to sell a great stable product. Hopefully we will see it out soon.

  6. For those that dont know, or want to know, the membrane if i recall correctly is the layer of silicon underneath the keys. It holds all the electronics for the board itself. Been around a long time, have this as my longshot stock. Looks like there may actually be some movement after however many years. Still hoping.

  7. Satellite15 Says:

    Olive – membrane (good question): If this is the standard “membrane” fpr keyboards, then Wikipedia has a good,simple explanation with pictures. Simple description – single surface with raised “butons” or keys; no single exposed keys. There are lots of advantages including being relatively inexpensive to produce and resistance to fluid and other contaminants. One drawback is lack of tactile feel (makin git somewhat less user friendly) but dome butons, etc can provide close to the feel of a regular keyboard. The PHEI keyboard looks as if it has very good key “definition” and would loomand nfeel as if it were as good as if not better than most keyboards.
    But, this brings up a good question for John, et al: do the lapboard keys have good tactile feel or “feedback” ? The photos look great with super “key definition”, so an “ergonomic design for great touch and feel” feature may be a terrific selling point.

  8. James Castiglione Says:

    To: Phantom Admin

    Terrific QC on this issue… caught it……your fixing it and our
    customers and the shareholders will be much better off for it

    Launch a flagship product with inferior components Well………you
    don’t need a Harvard MBA to figure that out

    Also, please pay attention to Satellite 15’s comment about “tactile
    feel” he/she is dead on with taht comment

  9. Thanks for the update. I appreciate being kept in the loop.

  10. John,

    If you have not yet begun to assemble the product and are still dealing with quality issues, I would say that you won’t be shipping anything in May and June becomes suspect, especially so for a product like this that is expected to be produced in the ten of thousands. Is this in China or a US supplier? Are you going to be waiting on the reworked parts or simply a new batch from the same tool? Either way this will take time to correct. Then there is the issue of finally assemby, test, marking, packaging, shipping, and receiving on the customer end. I suppose you could make an announcement on the ship date as a mile stone. Being this far along in the manufacturing proecess, any reputable supplier should be able to give you a corrective action schedule and an estimated ship date by now.

    Rather than passing off the management of your company to your supplier, what I would do would get a corrected date from them, add in a buffer to account for unkowns and release your own date to the public. Then, push your supplier to meet his schedule he gave you.

    By the way, $100k to develop a product like this is pretty cheap. Most would have charged you $100k in just the NRE (Non Recurring Engineering) cost and you would pay another $300k in tooling. I’m not sure if those two are together or included in the $100k price.



  11. @Satellite & @James:

    I’ve got one of the first units that was for sale, and I’ve been using it at work pretty regularly now in it’s tilted configuration and just flat on my lap. On this one, key feedback is great. It really makes up for the fact that they are laptop style keys which look better anyway 😉 The only suggestion I had for John after using the keyboard for a while, was on the column of keys where del, home, pg up, pg dn, and end are. If I’m not looking at the keyboard I get lost when my hand hovers over that area. I suggested putting raised dots or dashes (like on the J and F keys) on the home and end keys so the brain would have a reference point without visually looking at the keys. He said he’d pass it along to the mfg 🙂

    Aside from that, the board is very comfortable and has a nice palm rest to it, and works great flat if you just want to roam around with it a bit. All that’s left is the crazy mouse dropouts (droppings??? lol) that seem prevalent with the first units that came out. I’m just glad the mouse issue came up during that small production run as opposed to this latest one.

  12. Hey Shane, The initial order is only supposed to be five hundred units. This is going to be gradual. I do actually think this is going to get off the ground and even intend to buy a couple hundred dollars more worth of shares in just a few days, but don’t be unrealistic. I am hoping that when the news of the product coming out hits the newswire that this stock will go up to a penny (.01) per share. Any people from the blog care to comment on this projection? Is it under, over or just about right? Of course, nobody really knows. Just experienced investors, what are your thoughts?

  13. Satellite15 Says:

    I still have hope and like the basic ideas – I am just frustrated watching this go the way most such good but small-time endeavors go.
    This should have been to market long ago. I’m constantly amazed watching these things start to take off then the wings fall off. Most of the time it’s short-sighted greed, ignorance, or fear that holds these things back. If the mgmt is worried about $100k, then this is doomed to undercapitalization (ignorance). What’s the business plan? This project needed at least $500k to get development, design, tests, compliances, certs, parts, molds, packaging, advertising, etc. and first full production run (e.g., 4,000 to 10,000 boards) out the doors, and then could/should have been to full production in 6 months at a rate of 500+/month to cover 5 employees and make a decent profit – quick wag IMHO. And so far this is still basically zero for stockholders … .
    That’s what frustrates me – proper planning, funding, and execution would have avoided unnecessary wasted time and money. And NOT involving China or Mexico. Regardless, if folks would get off their duffs (call China every day, plan a secondary approach, get some help, obtain adequate funding to complete development and cover some long term production), then we the stockholders might still make a couple of bucks. I see lots of blog comments complementing the company, and responses about long hours with no pay. Well, hard effort and sacrifice is nothing new and it’s called sweat equity – and usually done without conning money from good people with no concern or responsibility. Pure non-sense. It’s time to step up and get moving – either produce or close up shop; time (waiting) is NOT on our side. There is lack of management oversight, control, and implementation that is allowing this to continue to stagnate. Seriously, it could be another 6 months to a year at this rate before we see a substantial quantity of these boards to market – and that means tens of thousands not just a few hundred or couple of thousand – do the math.
    My other concern is subsequent production IF this thing takes off – if not planned, contracted, and ready now, it’ll just be a flash in the pan with a few quick sales to pay off the initial build then everything cools off awaiting months between next shipment – then it’s too late – opportunity lost. That’s why I stay frustrted with this – we have a good “potential” product – but potential is “what could be but isn’t.”
    Having said this, now I hope PHEI proves me wrong, and I’ll gladly apologize. But, until they start producing and generating a steady and proving a solid revenue stream, as an investor I’ll stay on their backs – coddling obviously does no good at this point.

  14. Excitment is in the air! Thank you for the updates and looking forward to good things to come on this.

  15. Tell you what… Send the shareholders the blueprints, we’ll build the things. The first few off the line might not be so pretty, but I’m decent in photoshop so the boxes will be good, lol.

  16. Hey guys,

    How did the new membrane work out? Any further communication from IONE?

  17. Hello John , i know ur focused on the lapboard shipping out hopefully this spring but what ever happened to the game streaming part of the website, any progress or is that a dead issue right now.

  18. Craig B Says:

    y the heavy volume today on the stocks?? if i miss something cause of a non updated blog,, im taking back my happy meal offers 🙂

  19. Did the membrane make it?

  20. Craig B Says:

    does this blog even get updated anymore???? its been a week since a new post has been posted. atleast toss me another bread crumb to drag out my emotions for another few days.

  21. siggywiggy Says:

    what craig B said ^^

  22. Satellite15 Says:

    China = 6+ wks beteen any “event”, large or small, not to mention a week+ in the transport ship. Agree with NKG, except we can do it aesthetic as well as functional in a fraction of the wasted time with the outsourced process. This is just the preview of future production time-line and frustrations. John or someone in the loop needs to read previous posts.

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