Usually nothing said is better then saying anything at all.

So.. here we are. I’ve been reading your posts and I can see you are all getting upset, are anxious and well hanging on by your last thread.
I have nothing to tell you. I can’t – legally.

Here are some facts.

As most of you know John Landino became the new CEO of Phantom back in July of 2008 – what that means is that he needed to sort through the tons of crap that happened over the last 5 years… Do you think thats easy? Do you think that can be accomplished in 8 months – while at the same time manage getting the lapboard to market ( remember that means fixing relationships with old manufacturing companies that were pushed aside by old Phantom managment ) John had to start from ground Zero – he was the new guy taking over – It’s not like PHEI started where it left off – I hear you guys rant about a 5 year period for a keyboard to get to market. SIGH… If it was only that simple.

I’ve tried to explain this over and over again. Here it is plain and simple, the delay of getting the board to market lies in the hands of our manufacture; also the 3 weeks it takes to ship to the US. We are at their mercy. Think what you want – I’d like to make some money selling our keyboards…..

36 Responses to “Usually nothing said is better then saying anything at all.”

  1. Sounds good to me, Im not going anywhere. Keep truckin Phantom! Would be nice to hear some good news by summer though. Thanks for all your hard work.

  2. Satellite15 Says:

    Thanks for the update. Realy, most of us long-timers are well aware of the IFLB disaster, and of John’s great effort to turn the ship around (after gettin git to float again). Frustration is here because of delays in lapboard and game store. Lap boiard mfg – well, I noted before that this is what happens with shipping the work mto China – intial cost may appear cheap, but untol doher costs, delays, “borrowed” IP, etc, have ruinbed many an endeavor. For next build or production, keep in USA. I’ve been in product and process`development 40 years, and we can get it done faster, cheaper (must look at total life cycle cost and schedules), better “locally.” These delays are not only typical, but expected`when using off-shore “services”. We alos know it takes timne and money to get stuph such as lapboards throug FCC, CE, etc compliance (has the competiton done this yet? might be worth checking – hint). I understand that John has TCB so doing it right. Anyhow, wity the competition hitting the market, our window of opportunity is closing fast. Sombody needs to get with someone who can work with the Chinese and get the boards delivered (assuming they have even been built) or get some boards made locally (CONUS) ASAP, or game is over. Is `there a patent or application awarded or pending? Regfraedless, timing is the key – first to market is usually the big winner.

  3. Thanks for the update. This delay in manufacturing brings up a concern in should (when) the lap boards take off and re-orders are processed, will you be able to get the manufacturer to do a quick(r)turn around?
    Regardless of how great a product is, if you can’t get it, its no good!

  4. Jim/John,

    There may be a few people who are anxious and upset, but I think there are more of us out there who can be patient. We know about the history and the giant mess; you guys have a lot of work to do. In fact, I’m sure there’s more going on behind the scenes than most of us realize. I’m looking forward to the first press release about the lapboard’s availability, and that’s about it. Until then, keep up the good work.

  5. 55 Chevy Says:

    Thanks for the info. !!! I’am still with you, and still believe we will be successful. Our day is comming.

    Goooooo PHEI

  6. jim to be honest, stockholders and gamers involved here just want to know John is still making progress, thats all. i dont expect anything from you guys honestly if at all this year. just hope things are looking better and better by the week?

  7. Here’s one in support of the team. Thanks for all you guys have done, all you’ve put up with, and all that you’re doing. Looking forward to those keyboards flying off the shelves 🙂

    I still think this is one of the best possible times to be in on this company going forward, considering current low stock price and product poised to be released.


  8. Don’t sweat the small stuff Jim, vocal whiners and basher wolfs in sheep clothing never tried to get a startup company off the ground, they just criticize other peoples efforts and produce nothing themselves except verbal diarrhea…. Focus on the job at hand and ignore the BS from these guys. I’ve been in since the beginning because the ideas have merit and there is plenty of time to make it happen. Good luck longs. Be patient and take advantage of the dips if we get them. Weak hands and whiners make for good buying opportunities on the stock. Almost wishing for the .0001 cellar boxing days again, all in my opinion only.

  9. wolves? little typo there, you get the idea. Message boards are overrun except 1 ihub, but there is a mole there trying to be nice. might have found his way here as well, Hard enough to run the company when the internet dweebs can’t put a sock in it. Keep up the good work.

  10. Web Guy,
    Hang in there, I appreciate all your comments, being honest and keeping us posted. Seems like many are negative because they put out money and invested in stock. We all need to remember that the road to success
    has curves, stops, deadends and U-Turns just like life. For the first time in years, it seems that Phantom has made the U-Turn and headed in the right direction. I’m just an average guy that holds stock because there seems to be a future with the new team. The whiners that can’t take the bumpy road need to sell and get out. For the jokers that say I’m a fool to stay with a dream and it may be, so what. But it’s our dream to make it and if we don’t then I’ll find another. I think Phantom has a great concept and a chance. In this economy a chance is remarkable.

  11. Long time investor here………….. give it your best…and we shall toast to wealth and prosperity….. aka/ in for the long haul..good luck everyone.

  12. Hello Jim, I just wanted to say thanks for the post, I am yet another PHEI investor, don’t have a vast amount of cash, so this is my entire portfolio. I just wanted to be different and say that somehow I am absolutely positive this whole mess will come to fruition. I believe in this new management, let’s say new company, I don’t know why, but I have faith in all of you. And to the naysayers, the mere fact that this company still exists should at least make you think. I also get down about this but for some reason have ALWAYS had a good feeling about this. Thanks to all of the new management for trying so hard, and chin up, somehow this will work out, I can taste it.

  13. I’m just glad there’s some type of communication, whether it’s positive or negative. It sure beats the communication we were receiving from management a year or so ago….none!!!! Now, we get to talk to them directly…luv it!!!!


  14. i think we have been enjoying the posts by you guys so much that when they don’t happen for a while we get antsy. Please feel free to put up something as simple as….”Still waiting on the manufacturer” or an ambiguous update on operational stuff like “still getting the accounting and filing up to par/up to date”. I think we enjoy having something to post about and enjoy hearing from you guys more than anything else.

    And maybe we are just a little spoiled now…

  15. Jim, Please update this blog so we can read what people thought of your post.

  16. Another thought on the OnLive service. While I think its latency issues will keep it from appealing to a huge portion of the gaming masses, it could still have an audience in the “good enough” market of gamers. This actually ends up being a good thing I think at least for the lapboard, because the OnLive micro-console is yet another USB-enabled device aimed at the living room. Phantom, GameStreamer, and StreamServ have several angles that can be worked from everything that’s happening. If an advantage is diminished in one area, they can benefit in another and vice versa. Staying nimble, and being able to do a lot with a little in a manageable way will help make the company(ies) competitive in these emerging markets. And if you think about it, all three have a viable foothold in NEW areas. Living room convergence, games on demand, app virtualization and streaming. Good stuff.

  17. Jim, I also am in for the long/short/any haul as this is a gamble stock with very little downside. However, I do not understand the lack of info concerning the status of manufacturing and expected availability. As I read your latest unupdate, you are saying that legally, the publicly traded company can’t give accurate info to the stockholders? What gives?

  18. Anna Balsamo Says:

    If the manufacture can’t produce the boards according to your agremment. Dump Them….I know that is easier said than done. We really need to produce jobs here at home….and then they can buy lapboards

  19. Just wanted to comment on all these OnLive articles that are continually popping up everywhere, since I just saw another one today. Anybody notice what other company consistently gets mentioned, albeit in a negative context usually, either in the article itself or in the comments section somewhere? Phantom. It’s evident the company has considerable mind-share with pretty much all mainstream gamers out there. Now if the company can just pivot all of that negative mindshare to its favor using actual products and services as the fulcrum. Unique opportunity here, even if OnLive does succeed to some degree, although I doubt it can make good on all its concepts.

    I always did like the Infinium Labs name and the Phantom brand. Hope they get reclaimed at some point 🙂 It’s all good either way. Just rambling here.

  20. Push the gaming service with the board. Perhaps with the purchase of the lapboard you can give out a credit for the store, or maybe you could do a late-night infomercial as to garner interest in both your product, and your service.

  21. If it takes let’s say 12 to 18 months to clean up the company and have the keyboard manufactured, why not just create a new company from scratch? I think this would have been perfectly possible in that time frame. Besides, you would not have all those liabilities and dozen of legal cases that stick to the company. And I don’t point to these billions of shares issued…
    Just my 2 cents.


  23. One statement has stood out in my mind over these past weeks that consistently has me believing in the dedication of the PHEI team, and the potential of this company. Three words… “No burn rate.” So, maybe I’ll buy the Triumph next year. I just put in a good-until-cancelled limit order.

  24. Not posting comments to the blog these days?

  25. apparently you only post cooments that support your relentless holding of info. i have posted two comments that never made it to the blog. you really are pulling thewool over our eyes arent you?

  26. 55 Chevy Says:

    Where has the blond young lady on I-Hub message board gone?

  27. phantomadmin Says:

    Ted – as said before – If you post crap and negative comments – they will NEVER see the light of day.

  28. Joseph DiCristofano Says:

    Ted are you an operative for Logitech, or are you flaming the posting in the hopes of causing the shares to drop a few points so you can buy a poop-load more of them?
    I’m just kidding, but we all should try to keep the comments positive, and if not positive, then professional. I admit that Phantom does not fully have my trust either(I’ve been around since the debacle), but at least the company is involved with the shareholders now.

  29. Although this is my first post, I have been a shareholder since the very beginning. I believe in the product and appreciate all the work you guys have and continue to put forth towards getting this off the ground. I know you guys have more important things to do, but I think everyone just likes to get a little update now and then to know that we’re still kicking. More frequent updates can only help to attract new investors as well. Also, is there any chance of having a post addressing the financial filings info as mentioned in the Jan 21st post?

  30. Richard Inyo, III Says:

    Once again you dumped my post. I want to know why you guys are sitting around instead of working your butts off to get this company going. Don’t give us anymore of that “I don’t know when the Chinese manufacturer is going to get around to making our boards.” You have been singing that song for too long. The fact that you mentioned a manufacturing contract on this website is a good basis to have that information verified, if you know what I mean. You need to start talking to the shareholders about what you are doing or explain why you are doing nothing. This nonsense you guys posted here about the Chinese new year, all that talk led people to believe that something was imminent. Some of those people bought shares. Come clean!!!!

  31. Richard Inyo, III Says:

    And another thing, who authorized the sale of any portion of the company to any other entity? That needs to be explained as well.

  32. werent you guys gonna make a game console?

  33. Richard Inyo Says:

    Where is the lapboard?

  34. James Castiglione Says:

    In previous posts I have discussed the economy and its potential negative impact on Phantom. Well, it appears that Obama, the Federal Reserve as well as our trading partners seem to be getting the global economy moving in the right direction.

    I believe Phantom – based on publically avaliable information – now has a window of opportunity of about 12 months to solve its business problems and become a viable company. Naturally, additional information from management re: progress along important business metrics is an important step in building positive shareholder relations

    I understand the importance of not building investor expectations that are not supported by operational facts; Important legal ssues are involved.
    However, one can be overcautious to such an extent that current and potential shareholders will begin to correctly wonder if Phantom is making
    any real or sustainable progress.

    For what its worth


  35. Regarding Richard Inyo,

    Please shut the $*@# up! I understand that you are a selfish and greedy SOB but please no one else needs or wants to hear it. Put your self in their place; Talk is a lot easier than the walk.

  36. this is the most i have ever seen a stock trade

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