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Usually nothing said is better then saying anything at all.

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So.. here we are. I’ve been reading your posts and I can see you are all getting upset, are anxious and well hanging on by your last thread.
I have nothing to tell you. I can’t – legally.

Here are some facts.

As most of you know John Landino became the new CEO of Phantom back in July of 2008 – what that means is that he needed to sort through the tons of crap that happened over the last 5 years… Do you think thats easy? Do you think that can be accomplished in 8 months – while at the same time manage getting the lapboard to market ( remember that means fixing relationships with old manufacturing companies that were pushed aside by old Phantom managment ) John had to start from ground Zero – he was the new guy taking over – It’s not like PHEI started where it left off – I hear you guys rant about a 5 year period for a keyboard to get to market. SIGH… If it was only that simple.

I’ve tried to explain this over and over again. Here it is plain and simple, the delay of getting the board to market lies in the hands of our manufacture; also the 3 weeks it takes to ship to the US. We are at their mercy. Think what you want – I’d like to make some money selling our keyboards…..