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OK – please stop the hammering – my head hurts!!!

Posted in Jim the Web Guy with tags , , , on March 4, 2009 by phantomadmin

I just can’t take the asking every day, I believe I made it understood that when information is available it WILL be posted.
Have you ever thought to consider the fact that we are siding on the side of caution BEFORE announcing to the “world” on this blog information on the Lapboards progress, financial news, company events, etc. I thought I addressed this a few posts ago.

Some of you are vested in this company financially, and I can respect your position. You feel you have the right to know, and you do in most respects. But the captain of the ship decides what course to take despite the weather or obvious conditions; when everything looks bleak, it’s ALL up to him to make critical decisions. Some may not make sense to the crew at the time, but went he clouds clear and they are in calmer waters, it is understood.