An Update.

I wear many hats in this company, and the blog sometimes get bumped down on the prority list.
I had to initiate a fully moderated board since I have been getting numerous “raw” and “insulting” comments and posts over the last week or so.

I apologize and will try to review the posts as they come in on a more regular basis.

14 Responses to “An Update.”

  1. “Raw” and “insulting”, Wow – not needed… I haven’t been on this site for some time. I guess there some people out there who may have depended on the Phantom stock to pull them out of any and all misfortunes in life due to the possibility of the stock making it big and making them rich. Maybe they believe money is the only thing that will make them happy, well if they believe that money is the only option for a fulfilling life, and then they may not be living at all. Please friends, hope for wealth, and live like you are rich. If you happen to make it big some day, maybe then you will understand it is not the money, but the company you keep that makes you content.

    As for the Lapboard, it will come when it comes. If you are frustrated with what has been going on, just don’t buy any more stock until you feel like it it worth it for you.

    As always, I will keep hopeful for a turning point in the financial situation our country is going through, and pray for a winning result for the Phantom Entertainment group… Stay the course…

  2. Anna Balsamo Says:

    When will the website be back up? How many people are using your gaiming site?

  3. Let’s see if the product actually get “produced” so they can actually sell a tangible product. The Chinese new year is over! Where the hell are the lapboards?

  4. No need for an apology, we understand how hectic things can get.

  5. Please let us know if you have any updates as to the delivery date of the product and a date as to when we could see the gamesite back up

  6. ron kaiser Says:

    was wondering if the launch of the gamestore was intended to be for just a few days?? what’s up with that ?

  7. So, um……anybody home? Did they ship? Did they not ship?

  8. I tend to have the same thoughts as Wayne. Can you please update on the expected arrival of the product. Communication is always important to people of concern, especially since the Chinese New Year has past. Any informatiom is better than no information at all. We all understand times are tough but are also concerned along with being hopeful of a delivered product. I have always believed this is a worthwhile venture but the lack of updated information on the status of the situation can lead to doubt. Nobody wants to listen to empty promises, but they do at least want to know where things stand.

  9. I’m like most people here, I have been with this company for awhile and have no problem waiting longer, but I do have to wonder what happen with the shipment date and the website.

  10. Well, I still have hope. I believe the CEO did say he would not post a PR until the product was in the warehouse. I can’t believe that at this late date things would fall through. But I think I understand the CEO’s silence at this juncture. If he says that there are further complications or delays, people get frustrated. If he makes another promise that doesn’t come through, he appears dishonest. Let’s just keep our fingers crossed and pray to whatever powers in which we believe, They are all one anyway.

  11. We just wait for info and updates –

    I have been w/ the company for quite sometime as an investor and truly feel that if the boards can be pulled off things will take off. If the management of PHEI were not commited to the project and the idea – they would have pulled the plug on this long time ago.

    Good luck and God Bless!

  12. Not sure we can expect everything to go smoothly guys. I was able to buy one of the lapboards from the very first batch, so I have no doubt about it being there along with the manufacturing needed to make more. The manufacturer just needs to get their butts in gear and make the thing. But with the initial order being smallish, Phantom could be way down on their priority list. And Phantom’s going to have to put most of the money they get from selling lapboards right back into more lapboards over and over again to be able to increase production. It’ll take a while to get momentum going.

    I also think it’s better they only release info when something is actually happening, not anticipated to happen. When they give out a production/arrival date without knowing if the product is actually on the assembly line yet, then people get antsy (rightfully so) when those dates aren’t met. I think it best to tell people what IS happening, not what might happen.

    Patience… 🙂

  13. Have you noticed stock movement. Going down. People are frustrated by the lack of information. Phantom management will not disclose any info on Lapboard shipment or schedule. Nothing on the gamestore. John said Terry would post on financials. Nothing there either. All of this is not good for Phantom. It’s time for management to address these issues and stop making excuses.

  14. James Castiglione Says:

    In previous posts I have discussed the economy and its potential negative impact on Phantom. Well, it appears that Obama, the Federal Reserve as well as our trading partners seem to be getting the global economy moving in the right direction.

    I believe Phantom – based on publically avaliable information – now has a window of opportunity of about 12 months to solve its business problems and become a viable company. Naturally, additional information from management re: progress along important business metrics is an important step in building positive shareholder relations

    I understand the importance of not building investor expectations that are not supported by operational facts; Important legal ssues are involved.
    However, one can be overcautious to such an extent that current and potential shareholders will begin to correctly wonder if Phantom is making
    any real or sustainable progress.

    For what its worth


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