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42 Responses to “Moved the poll over there ——->”

  1. Communication is the next thing. Faster bandwidth for greater efficientcy, is the way to go. You can’t go wrong.

  2. AMEN!! its crazy to think that the USA has a smaller bandwith than Lithuania.

  3. I think I understand what the poll is asking, but I’m not quite sure. I think you’re asking what we think the best way to reach gamers will be? Communication devices (cell phones? wi-fi PDAs?) and portable gaming devices (wi-fi enabled) I think would be good next targets for Phantom. Both of those device categories could integrate game streaming services, and both of them have their own niche markets. Comm devices will lean more to casual games, while portable gaming devices will host more robust games. It’s only a matter of time before that happens to both device categories. Streaming games are more and more mainstream on PC, the next logical place is on wireless devices.

  4. Gotta agree with Craig…people love new and innovative ways to communicate with each other.

  5. i totally agree with getting into the portable market, but as a gamer (not pc) i just want to sit in front of a big screen. i have the iphone, psp and a few ds’s, but its just not as fun. im into sports games, and i refuse to play madden, tiger woods etc.. on a small device. i just get mad. i could only imagine shooter games, or rpg’s. but thats only my 2cents. BUT, and this is a big but,, since most of the world does not agree with me (about said above), i think its a $$ making market to get into.

  6. I disagree with you all. The poll is asking about the approach in this particular market. As I’m sure you’re all aware, the market is in the toilet and will spiral further for the next couple years. Premium products, such as advanced communication devices and portable gaming gadgets have been taking a hit. No one is spending more than they have to; they want cheap entertainment, and this has been the case in every recession we’ve had. Ever wonder why movie ticket sales skyrocket during a recession? Curious to know why Sony, of all companies, had a 95% drop in profit this quarter?

    The best strategy for this bear market is a cheap, effective revenue stream. Budget entertainment will, and has been paving the way during tough times. My vote went to budget peripherals and games.

    As for portable gaming, there are far too many competitors in that space to even consider it. There are about 5 open source handheld platforms you’ve probably never heard of; all doomed to fail. Even Nokia’s N-Gage failed, and that’s an established company. If you want to make money, follow the money makers. Get in on the Wii and DS success. And, for this company, peripherals are the way to go (in my opinion.) Wii mote attachments, skins, DS accessories, all attainable and money makers.

  7. Hi Lou: I must respectfully disagree with you on the stock market. My opinion is this recession will be over this year, and since the stock market is a precurser to the economy it will be rising due to the large amount of financial stimulus injected. It should start rising in the next several months. We could have a favorable stock market until summer of 2010. This is according to AAII (American Association of Individual Investors) Feb. issue. After mid 2010 no one knows, some say Up, some say Down. As to what type of devises are best, I’am afraid I can be of no help.
    Sincerly 55 Chevy

  8. I was thinking more along the lines of the streaming technology Phantom developed and now has an equity stake in; couldn’t there potentially be a lot of applications for it in the mobile (communications) device market? That’s a massive market to tap. Cell phones are getting to the point where they’re doing a lot of things laptops can do (G1, IPhone anyone?). I think Phantom should definitely get into the budget peripheral market; that would be a logical next step (and probably would be a good move, considering the economy and the Wii/DS sales figures, as Lou pointed out). But what about plans for the streaming tech they developed? That’s good stuff too.

  9. I agree the market’s in the toilet at the moment, but don’t forget that Phantom’s only going to be manufacturing 500 per month at this point (don’t quote me on that). Sustaining sales of 500 per month I would think is doable even in this economy, and by the time the economy is ready to turn around, production should be able to be ramped up a bit.

  10. Chevy, I’m sorry but you’re wrong.

    I guess you can’t see the next dominoes about to fall. Don’t you see commercial real estate collapsing? What about consumer credit? It’s so evident, for you to say it will be “over this year” is blind. There are still mountains of bad debt that need to be cleared; some retailers must fail, failed auto makers must fail, and failed banks must fail. We have much more than a year, my friend, and if you think not you might want to stop listening to the talking heads on CNBC (that were wrong, by the way) and start listening to the guys that were right like Mike Shedlock, Jim Rogers, and Gerald Celente.

    If we DO have a rally in anything, it will be late February and end in late April, according to history, and you’d be a fool to follow the bull run in a bear market. Quote me. Late 2011. History shows it, and common sense shows it. There are simply too many problems in this economy you overlook. Take it from someone who saw this coming and made money doing it. You can dump your cash into a speculative recovery that won’t happen, but I won’t be. Thankfully, it seems like PHEI is readying themselves for any market conditions.

    Chevy, here’s a useful link for ya’

  11. James Castiglione Says:

    In some ways, this is probably the worst time to launch a non-essential consumer oriented product; and as a parent, I am looking to save every penny for items like food, rent……the essentials.

    Phantom needs to present a value message that appeals to parents who are now skimping on everything. As for the stockmarket, do not expect a recovery until after 2010.

    Phantom can also expect video games to come under increased review as the APA(American Psychiatric Association) decides if video games are addictive. Based on a paper that I have published, it is quite possible that APA will determine that video game addiction is a growing problem
    in grade, highschool and college poplulations.

    If this happens, Phantom’s revenue stream may be impacted. Better to counter this threat with services and programs that mitigate the potential for addiction. For example, parents would love the ability to code into the downloaded games playtime limits. This is a value added feature that as a parent I would love to see. As a Phantom shareholder I would proud of a company that acted in a prosocial, proactive way.

  12. I have to agree with Lou. The economy has a LONG way to go to correct itself. Pumping upwards of trillions of dollars does what? Thats right GREATLY weakens an already weak dollar because inflation becomes inevitable and that is something that doesn’t get rectified quickly and Gold and Silver have not yet begun its run. I regretably think that we are in for a long road of just trying to hang on in this country.

  13. can we just get 2 cents on the stock, i mean if theres some action with this lapboard, i assume it will at least go up a friggn penny or so!!!!

  14. video games addictive?? tell me one thing thats fun, and is not addictive? and as far as kids playing to much,,, how about U be the parent and not let the kid be a parent. i have a 12, 10, and 2 year old and when its time to stop playing, i simply hit the ‘power button’ stop wasting time on studies and writing papers, and sit down and talk to your kids sometimes.

  15. Hi Lou: There is some truth in what you are saying. I lean more to the positive side . If we get the banking system lending again and get money moving again, things could get better quicker than most people think. We need 2 quarters of positive growth to declare the recession over! I pray for the best, and America.

  16. Actually, goods and services is among the fastest stimulating elements to an economy. I certainly see goods (Phantom Lapboard and paripherals) and services (Game networks) working in favor for Phantom to contribute and do it’s small part to help jump start the nation’s weak economy. So they shouldn’t be apprehensive to dive into the marketplace.

  17. James suggestion on “Playtime Limits” is an EXCELLENT!!!! idea. Please consider…


  18. @ 55 Chevy

    Yea, two positive quarters of “growth” according to the government that got us in this mess :rolleyes:. Listen, there is no real positive side here, and we need much more to get the economy back on track then a phony Keynesian stimulus and “getting money moving.” How about we let over inflated housing prices correct and bad debt liquidate? We have until June 2011. Trust me. There are far too many problems to clear in the next two quarters. Like I said, we still haven’t seen the consumer credit crunch or commercial real estate collapse. Just a reminder, you’re listening to the same people that said we would continue to grow in ’07! They didn’t see this coming and you want to listen to them?! Crazy. Listen to the guys that got it right, please, for your own good. Jim Rogers, Marc Faber, Mike Shedlock, Peter Schiff. Until we recover, accumulate some cheap PHEI while ya’ can.

  19. Jim, Have you talked to Ione? Are they back at work?

  20. James Castiglione Says:

    This is in reponse to Craig…

    Whats the differnece between “pulling the plug” and building in play time limits? It amounts to the same thing Craig; and without the fuss. And just so you know Craig…just pulling the plug does not qualify as having a conversation with your kids.

    Regarding your suggestion that I should talk to my kids …consider this, I have four children…. two daughters …two boys and three gandchildren.. one daughter is a teacher, one of my son’s is an engineer and the other son is a sanitation worker, my other daughter is a housewife.

    So please dont lecture me about talking to my children…… been there done that already…. I hope you achieve as much success and more with your kids.

    Your suggestion that I should stop doing research is the height of arrogance. I hope you children grow up to be a bit wiser…but the apple does not fall to far from the tree.

    In today’s economy companies that don’t scan the environment for economc opportunities and the threats to corporate profits are companies that risk being sandbagged by developments.

    Companies that don’t build in value added services ie play time limits for example are missing an opportunity to get ahead of the APA( American Psychiatric Association) Video games may attract alot of bad press and possibly even government intervention. Remember they have been doing this with the tobacco industry…..and Graig Lawyers Love To Make Money

    Craig…thing this is nonsense….Google (Internet Addiction) and inform yourself before going off “half cocked”.

    And regarding your goods and services comment …some goods and services do not stimulate the ecoomy in a direct way. Construction, military spending, autombile production and Wall Street sustain and grow economies. People who are employed in these high paying jobs buy other peripheral goods and services that include the phantom lapboard.
    But The lap board is not an essential must have product when people are losing their homes and can’t pay the rent

    Craig do you have any understanding of the current unemployment rate and what this implies for consumer spending in the near future ?

    Gee, I hope the current management at Phantom Entertainment is bit more sophisticated.

  21. I still say 500 lapboards/month is doable even in this economy… 🙂 We’ll see, but I think Phantom is perfectly placed. They’re only able to do a nibble’s worth of business at a time right now, but that’s okay because we’re in a bad economy at the moment anyway. It’s very likely Phantom will be able to grow substantially and with stability when the recovery comes.

  22. Hi Lou: I understand completely what you are saying, and yes there is a lot of truth in what you say. I like to be positive even in the dark times like now. One good example is the other day the housing sales report came out on the plus side, after 37 straight months of decline. The media said “Wow—Completely Unexpected” I keep praying for America. On a side bar—what would be your guess as to what PHEI’s stock price will be this summer and in one year from now.

    55 Chevy

  23. Long time shareholder, first time writer… I tend to agree with James (above) with respect to keeping pricing in mind with respect to this current economic environment. Remember, Product/Pricing/Promotion/etc. People just don’t have the money for discretionary items anymore. Having said that, I just returned from visiting my young cousins after having lost (again) at one of their video games. I cannot seem to sink the ships on the video with the submarine. I can sink the USS Enterprise however, which is the aircraft carrier- but there is another module I just cannot win. It is very addicting. Every time I go to visit I must play. And I am not a youngster. I guess what I’m trying to say, is that perhaps these types of entertainment serve as a release from reality and from the current economic environment and may actually be/become non-discretionary items(must have). Anyone else have an opinion on this? Also, your old “teaser” video was quite impressive… can you work on bringing it back? (the one where the old console was created/unveiled with the robotic armatures) Obviously the console is no longer being used, so perhaps the video can be modified?

  24. Also, I forgot to ask: Is there a concern IONE will actually take revenue from the lapboard?

  25. replace “cousins” with “nephews” above… it’s been a long day

  26. @ 55 Chevy

    “On a side bar—what would be your guess as to what PHEI’s stock price will be this summer and in one year from now.”

    I haven’t a clue. However, if the market continues downward like I think it will I don’t see a rally. The stock will probably be artificially bonked down for a little while, or more likely manipulated by the sub penny players. The stock has been pretty volatile as of late.

    I typically don’t deal with sub penny stocks but I think, if purchased at the right price, PHEI could be a tremendous opportunity. The risk/reward is, I think, very attractive.

  27. Andrew Parrott Says:

    Dan, in response regarding non-discretionary items: For a good portion of my early adulthood I was a pizza delivery man. I saw things which have led me to believe that it will take more than a economic crash for a lot of people to stop buying what they want with complete disregard to their financial present or future. I delivered pizzas to folks whom were spending their last 20 dollars for the month on them. 20 dollars could buy a weeks worth of groceries. I have friends that are in debt up to their eyeballs, but buy that flat screen or new computer anyways. I truly don’t believe that pattern has or will be broken for some time. To many people, if it is a great as it seems, the lapboard will be a must have regardless of liquidity. Hell, I don’t really need most of the things I buy, but even to a lower-middle like myself, 100-200 dollars really isn’t that much money.

  28. Let’s see if the product actually get “produced” so they can actually sell a tangible product. The Chinese new year is over! Where the hell are the lapboards?

  29. James Castiglione Says:

    Hi Folks

    Hear Obama’s address to the nation???? He told our young people to
    stop playing video games. I hope the management at Phantom gets the message. Build in play time limits and address the addiction potential issue now before congress takes its cue from the APA American Psychiatric Association and regulates this industry.

    Every time a person begins to play a phantom video game download, a public health message should appear indicating that video games are not to be played to the exclusion of phyical activity, sports and other recreation or educational activities.

    The message should encourage parents to explore the play time limits and offer advice on the constructive and appropriate use of these systems. For example a video may be included – produced by a qualified psychologist – teaching parents about the negative externalities that may accompany high levels of video game use.

    Parents should have the play-time limits built-in so as to afford them an opportunity to control the amount of exposure to this activity. Look I am a Phantom shareholder.. I believe in the potential of this company. I also
    am aware of a growing backlash to video and internet games that Phantom and the industry may be forced to acknowledge.

    I might add, that a proactive approach to this issue may save Phantom from law suits and other legal adventurism on the part of people looking
    to blame everything from suicide to homicide on videogames.

    So my advice to Phantom management is simple. Get ahead of the curve on this issue now. Understand the potential downside of videogames to academic performance, adolescent health and physical activity and build a business model that addresses these issues not only for the benefit of our shareholders but for the benefit of our users as well.

    Keep up the good work

  30. phantomadmin Says:

    UH – I’d just like to take a minute and respond to this, as I’m always fair and rational – do you like video games? Are you an investor? Do you have a stake in the success of this company? If you have answered no to any of the questions mention – PLEASE STOP POSTING HERE – seriously. I’ve been playing video games since the VIC 20 was invented, my motor skills are Excellent, my eye and hand coordination is outstanding – I wouldn’t be were I am today if it wasn’t for video games. YES I did play them excessively – YET IT WAS THE JOB OF MY PARENTS TO REGULATE MY GAME TIME. WOW – I worked for the military in some really intense programs, and we were moving to slowly intergrating video games into combat trainning for what we were specifcally trainning on. VIDEO GAMES ARE ADDICTING – I 400% agree they are made that way to keep you focused and interested. Video games encourage learning and improve motor skills, strengthen logic and prepare you for life thinking ( not all games ) But you get my point. Interferring with video games will not improve our childrens lives it will cause them to seek out ways of bypassing the “system” and making better games that are even more advanced and exciting. You want to slap a warning on a video game like a message on a pack of cigarettes? WHAT?!?!? With proper parenting and good upbringi video games are healthy fun tools – my kids will be using them before they can crawl. – Jim D.

  31. phantomadmin,,, you couldnt of said it better!! thank you, thank you, thank you.

  32. James Castiglione Says:

    Ok Admin…lets take it from the top… I love video games. I own 60,000 shares of this company so I do have a stake in the success of Phantom Entertainment. I believe in the business model….it has terrific potential.

    I respectfully suggest however, that If you cannot look at all sides of this developing picture, If you cannot keep an open mind to the opportunities as well as the challenges that face the video game industry, then the longterm success of Phantom is in question.

    Now you know who I am and my motivations. WHO ARE YOU?

    If you decide to respond to this reply…please use your full name and your position. I request this as a shareholder – who is frankly not interested in your particular successs story or what your children do. I am interetsted on corporate profits and shareholder value; money in my pocket man….and that is something that Phantom Entertainment has -this far-clearly failed to deliver.

    I am also concerned with anything on the horizon that will interfere ,with that picture . That includes the potential for government regulation of this industry. It may interest you to know that Harvard University’s McLean Hospital in Belmont Massachusetts established a clinic to treat and assess computer internet and video game addiction as early as 1998. Some of the resarchers at Harvard University have suggested that government regulation is not an If but a when issue. This company has until 2012 to respond to these negative developments That is when the (APA)American Psychiatric Association will make additional comments on this developing issue.

    So I think you should get your hands off the joy stick long enough for you
    take a look at the real world and proactivly respond to it. That is the foundation of any successful business initiative……an entity that Phantom is currently not….and I agree that video games are fun….but they are not tools in the traditional entertainment sense…perhaps in the military, and they are not universally healthy.

    Very sorry about the tone of this reply. But business is business and bull is bull. Success is based on an understanding of the evolving business environment and all of the factors that impact it. That requires that you take your head out of your vido game console and look around a bit.

    Look man all of us want Phantom to make it

    For what its worth

  33. Ditto to that, phantomadmin. Well said…stay focused on the lapboard re-launch. Looking forward to an update on that soon!

  34. Phantom admin, you sound like a libertarian =p

    Experts also conducted a study that found surgeons who played video games were over 30% more accurate and successful. Now that’s interesting.

  35. James, the whole violence/sex/academics/name-whatever-topic-video-games-affect in video games thing has been around since games first started becoming mainstream. Same goes for kids wasting time playing games. Same goes for legal battles that have ALWAYS been ongoing in the US over video games (and other countries). I’m not really worried to be honest, I say let’s leave those battles with the politicians and the parents.

    Ultimately I don’t think we’ll see the type of regulation that we do in other countries. Think about it. The game industry is now bigger than Hollywood, kids watch plenty of movies, but you don’t see that sort of regulation on Hollywood, so why would it happen to video games? I don’t agree that play-time limits should be built into the game, but I do agree the ability to limit play time through the service would be useful, in fact you could probably actually charge for it. In fact, if you go through some old vids of Phantom at E3 in 2004, there were parental features planned (can’t say they’re in there now). I have a YouTube playlist with those videos if you want to watch (

    Anyway, I’m not worried. If there is more regulation, it would probably first be aimed at making a more informative ratings system (which is still dependent on parents taking responsibility to raise their children correctly). Gosh this brings back memories. I remember reading in GamePro about a game on the Genesis way back in the day, and there was a big controversy over it because there was no ratings system at the time, but the game had tons of blood, mature themes, etc. It was a game for more mature players. I’m fine with a ratings system, and giving parents the tools to help them keep control of their kid’s activities, but ultimately it’s up to them. Aside from that, I would be surprised if Obama wasn’t addressing young adults who don’t take life or their responsibilities seriously, as opposed to 8 year olds who don’t have any life-altering decisions or responsibilities yet.

  36. The link for the YouTube playlist I mentioned got murdered by the post parser. Here’s the link again (hopefully working):

  37. phantomadmin Says:

    Hey Jim it’s Jim,

    Sigh – I guess everyone has the right to their opinion whether it be, political views, taste in ice cream, favorite occupation, car interest, passion for a particular hobby, or the research of goverment regulated psychiatric guidelines that may or may not be introduced in the video game industry in the year 2012…

    BTW – I prefer chocolate. 🙂
    Yours Truly,
    James DiMeo
    Title: A Non-employeed Phantom Entertainment worker of his own freewill that manages all marketing and blog tasks, graphic designer, Phantom Board Promotion Specialist, photographer, web site designer editor, stock holder, optimist, and all around great guy.

  38. James,,, U DA MUDA-FRIGGIN MAN!! im gonna by u a happy meal at our first shareholders meeting. keep up the good work

  39. James Castiglione Says:

    Whats in a Name?

    OK Jim……we beat the addiction topic to death AND THANK YOU FOR IDENTIFYING YOURSELF . Now lets go on to a new beef.

    Phantom Entertainment. This corporate name is a business liability. Too much negative mind share associated with Phantom. This is not a trivial concern, management needs to work on its corporate image.

    Among other things I raise funds for our local opera house. Well….when I called people for donations and used my last name Castiglione my failure success to failure ratio was way too high.

    One very successful fundraiser told me to change my last name and try again. Naturally I asked why. His reply was “on-point” your last name is Italian….It is associated with crime, violence, and a lot of other negative mafiosi-guido godfather baggage. If you called me up he added, I would hang up on you too.

    As an American of Italian extraction, I was a bit insulted…..but I began to think about the possibilities. So, I figured, let me give it a try. My new name was James Castle, within the first week of using the my assumed name, I began to see a change in my ratio. I started to make some money. The trend continued and I became one of their best producers.

    So, Whats in a Name?……….Everything. SHEEEEED, I should be charging Phantom a consulting fee.

  40. phantomadmin Says:

    A name change? – Not quite a solution – revenue would be a step in the right direction…

  41. oops, i ment to say jim (phantomadmin)above comment. jim is getting a happy meal (your choice)!

  42. James Castiglione Says:

    In previous posts I have discussed the economy and its potential negative impact on Phantom. Well, it appears that Obama, the Federal Reserve as well as our trading partners seem to be getting the global economy moving in the right direction.

    I believe Phantom – based on publically avaliable information – now has a window of opportunity of about 12 months to solve its business problems and become a viable company. Naturally, additional information from management re: progress along important business metrics is an important step in building positive shareholder relations

    I understand the importance of not building investor expectations that are not supported by operational facts; Important legal ssues are involved.
    However, one can be overcautious to such an extent that current and potential shareholders will begin to correctly wonder if Phantom is making
    any real or sustainable progress.

    For what its worth


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