The unfortunate effects of honestly.

In this Blog we have really tried to keep those reading, how ever you are connected to PHEI in the “loop” – meaning STRICTLY – a straight forward way of publicly distributing information.

As seen below one blogger doesn’t feel that way.

His name is Joe – – ip:


Well Joe, per the SEC – NOT SCC – the following applies.
In the Proposing Release, we stated that an issuer’s posting of new information on its own website would not by itself be considered a sufficient method of public disclosure. As technology evolves and as more investors have access to and use the Internet, however, we believe that some issuers, whose websites are widely followed by the investment community, could use such a method. Moreover, while the posting of information on an issuer’s website may not now, by itself, be a sufficient means of public disclosure, we agree with commenters that issuer websites can be an important component of an effective disclosure process. Thus, in some circumstances an issuer may be able to demonstrate that disclosure made on its website could be part of a combination of methods, “reasonably designed to provide broad, non-exclusionary distribution” of information to the public.

We emphasize, however, that while Rule 101(e) gives an issuer considerable flexibility in choosing appropriate methods of public disclosure, it also places a responsibility on the issuer to choose methods that are, in fact, “reasonably designed” to effect a broad and non-exclusionary distribution of information to the public. In determining whether an issuer’s method of making a particular disclosure was reasonable, we will consider all the relevant facts and circumstances, recognizing that methods of disclosure that may be effective for some issuers may not be effective for others. If, for example, an issuer knows that its press releases are routinely not carried by major business wire services, it may not be sufficient for that issuer to make public disclosure solely by submitting its press release to one of these wire services; the issuer in these circumstances should use other or additional methods of dissemination, such as distribution of the information to local media, furnishing or filing a Form 8-K with the Commission, posting the information on its website, or using a service that distributes the press release to a variety of media outlets and/or retains the press release.


That being said – thanks to all that have supported the new and improved PHEI – gonna be a slow and difficult battle, most of you know that already.

The content of this BLOG is not announced, proclaimed, secretly released, used as leverage, written to stimulate, or used to cause a ripple effect of actions effecting the free will of any individual… etc, it is purely a public blog. Plain and simple, please don’t base your financial well being on a blog, or life changing decisions from the info here.

Thanks again for your support.

27 Responses to “The unfortunate effects of honestly.”

  1. Wow……It sounds like its past Joe’s naptime. Yikes man. Nobody ever forced you into anything. Perhaps you should relax a little and enjoy the ride. Keep on truckin PHEI!!!! Its slow going, but I know you can do it. Keep up the good spirits, continue to be honest and open and everything will come together eventually. Thanks for all your hard work.

  2. I guess there are crazies everywhere. I am glad you posted this and his e-mail address……To each their own and let him be one of the few before long. Time will prove to the doubters that you are for real. All of us in from the beginning support you and will continue to do so. Keep up the good work and progress. I thank you all for the free work which will be rewarded down the road. I look forward to the shipment and receipt soon after. I will be purchasing one myself. Then not only will I be a share holder and partial company owner, but a contributor as well. Good luck. Continue the information train.

  3. “It’s a public blog, plain and simple” I ditto what KJB just said. And yes, there is evil in the world.

  4. Hmm, I don’t remember ever seeing specifics as far as shipment numbers posted in here… In addition, you guys have been completely transparent on the shipping dates. What’s this guy even talking about?

  5. Cause that freak posted the same message on yahoo”s messageboard.

  6. I hope Joe recovers from his anxiety and continue to hold on to his PHEI shares. Step by step… Let’s get those Lapboards to the warehouse is the next step.

  7. I’d like to see noone lost from this.

  8. ‘preciate ya Joe! Keep up the good work.

  9. Everyone just ignore the bashers….their intentions are to stir up controversy, and create doubt. Well…lets keep a positive attitude, and keep looking for some movement from PHEI. Hang in their and lets “Get it on”.

  10. It’s always extremely disappointing to see comments like Joe’s, but it’s not unexpected. As a long-time shareholder, I’ve had to learn to have a little patience with Phantom, but I think I speak for all the shareholders and Phantom enthusiasts when I say we’re all extremely pleased with what we’ve seen out of you guys over the past year. I think pheadbaq said at one point it’s best if you under-promise and over-deliver, and I believe we’re closer than ever to over-delivering on all of Phantom’s promises from years past. John & Jim are doing FANTASTIC work moving this company forward, and I for one can’t wait to see where Phantom takes everyone who’s hung in there the past 4 or 5 years. I’m also looking forward to a shareholder’s meeting at some point so I can finally meet the team and some of the other stakeholders who have been diligently posting on the site. Keep up the good work!

  11. everyone in the phantom office,,, keep doing U, keep doing what your good at and love. fuk the bashers. i will personally b!tch slap them if i get the chance.(ill be nice and ask if they want it open hand or back hand) sounds like this joe cat just needs to get laid. sooo, to the phantom admin, take the weekend off, enjoy your familys, and sundays big game. i just want to say personally “THANK YOU” for all the hard work everyone is putting in, in this crazy economic time. just stay true to yourselfs and all will work out. and like i said before, if u guys wanna wrap a car to advertise sometime, let me know.

  12. I guess Joe’s post gives credence to the saying “Don’t drink and blog”. If Phantom’s biggest concern is illiterate bloggers with no social self awareness, then they are doing just fine. Keep up the good work guys.

  13. Look, all this guy is, is another basher, paid or unpaid, looking to start some negitive buzz, around the internet. He may not be a true investor with this company. So why worry about him?

  14. Whoops, I meant Jim, lol. ‘preciate ya Jim.

  15. Just wanted to make clear my post on Jan 29 was in support of Jim and the rest of the PHEI crew (and gamestream/streamserv as well), NOT Joe. Got the names goofed up, whoops!

  16. Joe just proves the point that there are a lot of people out there walking around that need medication.

    Sorry, one more football comparrison, if the Cardinals can get there, so can PHEI. Enjoy the game…


    P.S. Craig, give him one of each!

  17. thomas thompson Says:

    i think what joe did is he bought the stock when it was .0009 and it dropped over the last week, lmao this is not a stock that you just buy it and dump it. thats what pisses me off about some people they will try to make an easy buck off of a stock and sell it, but i guess it didint work out for joe .

  18. Guys, honest question for you.

    Considering investing, but I need to know how you plan to tackle the market conditions in the near future. I anticipate a further deterioration in the market until 2011….can you guys hold out until then? Any other products in the pipeline?

  19. phantomadmin Says:

    Lou, as you know I can not answer your question directly, but what I can say is that dispite the market conditions we have one thing going for us – we are a very small company. We do not have the operating expenses of huge companies, so we are less likely to crumble in the long run. We are focused on one thing – ( outside of the lapboard ) cleanning up the mess of the last 5 years. It’s not easy – it’s not like we can wave a magic wand and come out squeaky clean – We have a great product and we look forward to it finally coming to market – if you knew the struggle between frustration and determination we go through on a daily basis you would understand more about how we are going about doing business this time. In this hand of Texas holdem – I’m betting on the River card to bring us home – yet with these economic times anythings a gamble – thx for your support.

  20. I understand where you’re coming from, and I think it’s admirable you’re attempting to revive the company. That shows a love and dedication to your business, and I think it will pay off. It’s a spec play, but I think I’ll purchase some shares.

    If you’d like the opinion of some gamers, don’t hesitate to put up a poll.

    For example, I think Phantom would be well served to make some budget Wii and DS peripherals to generate a revenue stream. I think this is very attainable for a small company. The lapboard has already given you experience in this area, and you could use some lower end products to fill out your line. If you’d like an example, look at Majesco’s business model. That company was doomed for destruction, but it turned itself around by focusing on a strong market segment; publishing for the DS and Wii. You might also consider a quality, budget gaming mouse, or maybe some novelty peripherals. Just some ideas. I mean, the lapboard looks great and I’m ecstatic it’s getting good reviews, but it might not be for everyone, and you have a huge market segment going untouched.

    I hope I’m not giving the wrong impression. I want to see you guys succeed, and these are just some ideas from an avid gamer as well as business minded investor.

    Again, good luck everyone! Here’s to a turnaround at Phantom!

  21. phantomadmin Says:

    Thank you again Lou, we have thoughts as you do moving towards a more aggressive stance on hitting different aspects of the gaming market – yet we need to reconstruct our foundation before taking that leap…did I mention we have patience of steel?

  22. Yes, I know it can’t be easy trying to pick up the mess of a few jerks. I’ll be following the blog; I think it’s great you inform your customers/investors this way.

    Thanks for taking the time to respond and maintain the blog!

  23. in this time of economic crisis, everyone can take everything that they know about the market and toss it out the window. very true though about being a smaller comp. baby steps,, thats all i gotta say. one thing at a time. although i love to hear everyones suggestions for the company, lets hold our thoughts for future products until a shareholders meeting : ) yes, listen to the ‘bad’ reviews, but dont dwell on them. i mean, people even have bad things to say about a ferrari. (lol, not many, but u get my point) once again, thanks for everything u do phantom! oh, is anyone else addicted to this blog more than me?? i check this thing a few times an hour! hope everyone had a good sunday(if u like football)

  24. Hey there, I thought you were interested in T-Shirts…You e-mailed me then nothing….I would still love to do something with the launch of the product with t-shirts or please keep in touch with me….I have been a long term investor and have faith and trust in this…



  25. I am trying to be patient but it seems the open communication has stopped. Is it to risky to post anything since Joe went ballastic and called everybody scumbags? Hearing from PHEI is always a bright spot no matter what the news.

  26. James Castiglione Says:

    In previous posts I have discussed the economy and its potential negative impact on Phantom. Well, it appears that Obama, the Federal Reserve as well as our trading partners seem to be getting the global economy moving in the right direction.

    I believe Phantom – based on publically avaliable information – now has a window of opportunity of about 12 months to solve its business problems and become a viable company. Naturally, additional information from management re: progress along important business metrics is an important step in building positive shareholder relations

    I understand the importance of not building investor expectations that are not supported by operational facts; Important legal ssues are involved.
    However, one can be overcautious to such an extent that current and potential shareholders will begin to correctly wonder if Phantom is making
    any real or sustainable progress.

    For what its worth


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