The LapBoard, the epic journey turns a corner

Here’s the scoop ppl.

Lapboard Shipment

It turns out the manufacturer could not keep their commitment to ship prior to CNY.  We also need to understand this project has been floating around for several years and they final received payment a few months ago to go to production.  Phantom is probably not too high in the picking order when it comes to completing an order before CNY.  Jimmy really pushed to get the Lapboard out, there is nothing else he could have done.  Thanks Jim!

I know we all are very anxious to get this product out and get this company productive, so just a little more patience and support is needed.

Thanks to those new and current shareholders who have invested again in PHEI.  We do have a plan to clean up all the financial and start filing again.  Terry Taylor has all the filings ready to go.  While we need to clean up a few more bills to do this, Terry will be able to put a post up this week detailing where we stand and what we need to do.  If we can’t file yet…we sure can at least post the info.

We are still working on the Phantom Game store with our partner GameStreamer who will be releasing a breakthrough application today: GS Extranet.  Please visit  The GS Exrtanet will allow game content to be uploaded and managed through an online portal.  Very cool stuff!

Just remember the bashers will bash….some are paid to do this, some are ex employees who left with pockets full of money while we work for free.  PHEI has NO burn rate,me Jimmy and Terry are not going anywhere.  We will continue to work on making Phantom Entertainment into a valuable company.

If you have any questions or concerns,please do not hesitate to contact me.

John Landino

14 Responses to “The LapBoard, the epic journey turns a corner”

  1. Thanks for the update John. We know you guys are working hard; good move getting a production unit to Gizmodo to review. We’re almost there!

  2. DAMN!!! its ok, Phantom going to bounce right back and keep on tracking. Phantom got my support. Back to the waiting game :o)

  3. Good review. Keep chugging…

  4. Hi John and Jim. Chevy here. Ditto what bob says. This is the first time in my investment career that I have felt so close to a management team. I consider it a previlage to be able to converse with you in this maner. Kind of like family. A lot of us have been here for many years and its exciting to see Phantom blossom. I know you will make us proud.

  5. Very exciting news on the filings and financials, I’m eager for some fresh PHEI reading material. I’d ask a question or two but I suppose I’ll have answers soon enough. Thanks again guys.

  6. I got a question for the CEO about the price of the Lapboard. Is there anyway the price can come down to $99.95, just right below one Ben??? I have read some of the Lapboard’s reviews and most of the reviewers talked about the Lapboard’s price being high. Anyone out there agree on this??????????????????

  7. I was wondering about the post from Terry concerning financials. John mentioned we would have something last week. Maybe this week?

  8. To me Phantom teaches you patience, they are a real company following real ethics now. In the past they were a baloon of hype but since John came in with his guys they are developing Phantom in a much more natural way where in the past the company lived on hyped press releases. It may take a while but presently there is not alot of companies to invest in presently that have this energy that they could become something.

  9. A new date? here in Macau China was liking idea of checking up on things. Do you have a new schedule?

  10. its over a week and no post from terry, anything? phantom needs to stop saying time frames and just get it done and surprise us.

  11. phantomadmin Says:

    Please have patience: Due to SOME PPL ( Joe – on here we are now being extra cautious to the information we provide.

  12. Thanks for the update phantomadmin. Sorry to see there is always some people who overeact and ruin it for everyone else. You have my continued support. Think I will leave you alone for a while.

  13. James Castiglione Says:

    Keep the fire under Phantom Management

    Lets go guys business is business

  14. James Castiglione Says:

    In previous posts I have discussed the economy and its potential negative impact on Phantom. Well, it appears that Obama, the Federal Reserve as well as our trading partners seem to be getting the global economy moving in the right direction.

    I believe Phantom – based on publically avaliable information – now has a window of opportunity of about 12 months to solve its business problems and become a viable company. Naturally, additional information from management re: progress along important business metrics is an important step in building positive shareholder relations

    I understand the importance of not building investor expectations that are not supported by operational facts; Important legal ssues are involved.
    However, one can be overcautious to such an extent that current and potential shareholders will begin to correctly wonder if Phantom is making
    any real or sustainable progress.

    For what its worth


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