Recurring Questions – from some new bloggers.

OK, I’ve decided to answer every post that comes in.  While tedious maybe it will help people who know nothing about marketing or manufacturing understand better how business works. PHEI for Dummies if you will.

The Lapboard: This board was designed 5 years ago, the design hasn’t changed for the reason that it hasn’t come to market, it is now coming to market for actual review by real people not just the Big Wigs of the Media Community. While we respect those guys, its the consumers we need to hear from. COST: does anyone know how much it costs to redesign a product? ALOT! Especially in this economic disaster we currently live in?  Does anyone realize the time it takes to make those redesigns, and even if done will they improve overall based on a few responses from the corporate audience?

The GameStore:  Once again I seem to revisit this, yet I understand that most of you are in the dark when in comes to the inter workings of a company doing what we are doing. Deals take time, lots of time, we are doing are damnedness to cut through the red tape and speed up the process, yet legal is legal and paperwork is paper work.  I’m sure most of you have been at an amusement park or carnival, you pay your entrance fee and then you see an awesome ride you want to get on – ALL YOU CAN DO IS WAIT.

We are doing our best here, with little money and dragging time lines.  Yes, the media is going to tear us a new one, but what else is new. I know the type of company we are now, and I’m not about to start living in the past.

50 Responses to “Recurring Questions – from some new bloggers.”

  1. Jim—thanks for the post. The public will like the lapboard and it will sell. The closer that the industry moves to the livingroom the more popular & recognized we will become. Your right , it takes time. This is a new begining for all of us who have been here for years!!! You have our support and we will stick with you!!!
    55 Chevy

  2. Purchase more stock before it goes up in price… BUY, BUY, BUY… I think February 2009 will be a great month for all functions of this company. I have only seen things doing better in the past 06 months… Thank you!

  3. Kudos, Jim. You guys just keep up the good work. We know you’re up against a lot here to get the company turned around, but you’re doing a great job!

  4. just wanted to first say congrats to you all who made this come together. i really think this comp is here to stay. ive been a stock holder for around 4 years now (since infinium) and i cant wait for the payoff. i own my own company doing vynal graphic installations, if you guys wanna advertise by wrapping a car or bus ect. let me know . i would love to help in any way. heck, ill even wrap my expedition for u guys. oh, im also looking forward to having a stockholders meeting one day. fun times ahead everyone!!

  5. Press_Start Says:

    when is the phantom being released? I reeeeeeeaaaaaaaallllllyy want one. and i need a new pc. can you please release it soon? p.s. where can i get the lapboard?

  6. Your efforts are greatly appreciated, and the progress thus far is phenomenal considering all that’s happened. Keep it up! 🙂

  7. Stock hit .001 today which makes Phantom Entertainment the single most profitable stock by percent gain that I have ever held. Absolutely incredible… I’m still holding. It would seem greedy to hold after this kind of rise if this were any other stock, but I see no reason to sell this under $1.00, I’m Looooooong term. Oh and agreed on the meeting Craig, that would be great to actually meet everyone.

  8. Press_Start Says:

    omg, how did this happen? when I was researching the phantom online, I found this.

    they called it one of the worst consoles of all time when it hasent even come out yet!

  9. I look foward to a shareholder’s meeting also. It’s all amazing! Thank you all.


  11. It’s great that the stock hit .001 today. My question is… why? I’m not complaining mind you 😉 I’m just curious.

  12. its all good fella, I Like ‘SLOW’ CLIMB…there are not many sellers,the pressure is on the ‘ask’ keep it down…the MM’s dont have enough shares,..If you have PHEI ,..put in on Good to Cancle at a high price..
    otherwise your Brokers can trade your electronic shares,without informing you…fact

  13. i just started a ‘phantom group’ on facebook. i used the pic of the helmet for my icon. if anyone in admin. would not like me to use the pic just let me know. if anyone would like to join, its open. just type in ‘ phantom ent’ any problems let me know. hope to hear from everyone soon. oh yeah, im thinking vegas or the islands for our first shareholders meeting, u game?!

  14. I just went on facebook and couldn”t get into your page.Can you please help.

  15. I’m looking at PHEI like I do a couple of my favorite sports teams. The Detroit Red Wings played like crap for years! Now look at them, a POWERHOUSE!!! The Detroit Lions, 0-16 for the first time in NFL history!!The only place to go is up! I can see the comparrison in PHEI and those two teams (I’m a Detroit Fan living is Sarasota FL). Keep your eye on the prize PHEI. I’m a season ticket holder:O)


  16. mac, its a group not his personal page, search under groups….

  17. Anybody know what kind of short activity there’s been with PHEI over the last few years? Maybe we’re seeing a short squeeze in progress?

  18. i dont know but its up right now another .0005 to .0015, and theres nothing going on. i dont know if the market pink slips are seeing a potential here or now, thats why its slowly moving.

  19. shares outstanding is down to 1.8 bill from 2.5 so people might be buying up the floating shares.

  20. Good to see the stock moving, better to see positivity being circulated about the company. If the floating shares are being purchased, who is purchasing them? Is it a company buy back? If it is good, if not that just means Phantom is getting a respectable cash infusion when they need one. Wonderful idea to answer posts because transparency means a ton to consumers these days.

  21. Hmmmmm, visited the game store just now and before the maintenance message popped up I saw graphic on the main page I hadn’t seen before 🙂 Is the game store close to coming back up I wonder?

    Whatever’s going on, you guys are doing great! Please don’t let the people pressuring you with questions get to you too much.

  22. I just checked out the game store too and saw the same thing. It looks like a pic from Unreal Tournament 3. I dont think that game was on the site in the initial run. It seems like they have been able to collect a few more titles. That can only mean good things.

  23. Share price rise seems to coincide with CES.

  24. most of the PHEI ‘naked shorting’ occured pre-2005…..the SEC is looking at PHEI will be hard to ‘counterfiet shares now ,with the new regs

  25. wait til we get above .03

  26. gatorbak—I sure hope you’re right about the SEC monitoring PHEI closely. We sure don’t need any more of that (naked short selling). What happens above .03 ?

  27. Holding 2,000,000 shares from the infinium days. If we see a few cents I’ll think about retiring.

    One encouraging point is that the Lapboard does not look like “vaporware”. I wouldn’t mind having one myself.

    Has Phantom management considered offering the Lapboard via an Affiliate Program through CommisionJunction, Linkshare, ect.? This would help build inbound links to the company’s website, thus pagerank with Google, thus targeted traffic, and also brand recognition as your affiliates spread the word about Phantom products.

    If management needs ideas for how to build the best affiliate program in the world, I can email a link to my affiliate partner who has been said by Allan Gardyne of fame to have, “the best affiliate program on the net”. They are one of the few affiliate programs that offer lifetime recurring referals which is unheard of in affiliate programs. And the company does not have to advertise AT ALL. New business comes solely from affiliate partners word of mouth advertising. Of course the flagship product is life-changing too. That’s key.

    I want to help you guys. Just let me know via email.

  28. any info on price of rentals on the gamestore? what kind of numbers are we looking at for everything. i.e. games, lapboard?

  29. the number of shares that are being bought on this stock is unreal.

  30. PappaDaddy Says:

    Good news. I want one of these!

  31. OFF LIST – 532 consecutive market days: OFF LIST as of 12/01/2006 Through 01/13/2009


  32. PHEI found the ‘naked shorters’ bought them to Court,they ‘weaseled themselves’ out of it legally,..But the SEC /FINA eye has been on PHEI since imo

  33. and vice versa ..haha

  34. gatorbak i really don’t understand what you are saying. i’m not into the market that much. can you please explain to me ?

  35. Good for PHEI, gatorbak— thanks for the info. on the naked short sellers. I hope they were taught a lesson, and they don’t come back!!!

    55 Chevy

  36. I’ve been with phantom back when it was infinium as well. I just hope this ride lasts a little longer than the last time. Keep up the good news and I hope to see the lapboards on the shelves soon. I know these things take time, but does anyone know when the gamestore will be back online? I was excited to see it… and then it was gone.

  37. Anybody know what the current float is on PHEI? Yahoo boards have been babbling about it recently and now I’m curious what the actual figure is. The last update I can find was back in 2005.

  38. Is there going to be an update on the lapboard shipment today?

  39. Andrew Parrott Says:

    Did the lapboards ship today?

  40. this is the highest close since i can even remember. go phei…keep climbing

  41. So the Lapboards ship out of China today. I’d say more but I’m sick :p

  42. So I did a bit of keyword research around about 4 Phantom specific keywords like “Phantom Lapboard”, here:

    This is a great way to “read peoples’ minds” and is what all the pro marketers do to guage demand for any potential or existing goods or information.

    I was very surprised at the volumes of search traffic at the engines related to Phantom’s specific keywords.

    Of course, I noticed many of the keywords are based on data for the overlapping keywords from Phantom Comics ect, so you have to use a critical eye.

    But I can see a lot of evidence that Phantom has some surprisingly extensive brand recognition. Much of it is due to all the bad publicity over the years, so of course it is not GOOD brand recognition. But that’s not to say that management can’t tap into this IF (HUGE IF) they can EXECUTE!!!

    If I can give management one good piece of advise, I’d like to urge you to master the art and science of….


    Everything’s a cinch if you take it inch by inch…so if you have trouble exucuting on baby steps, then break those baby steps into even smaller baby steps.

    There’s no where to go but up so don’t be afraid to change your habits and get a bit avante garde.

    I would stop commenting on the stock price first of all if I were in management. It comes off as amateurish and shady and seems to tell me that is your only etherial and superficial goal. Separate yourself from the pump and dump legacy. Focus more on talk about the business strategy, NOT the stock price – that will take care of itself, IF you take care of business.

    Also, the blog is great, but I’d like to see some dangled carrots that actually don’t get snatched away each and every time. Work on giving us some real meat that stays on our plate.

    Also, with thoughts to the above keyword research, to continue to grow recognition of your David and Goliath struggle to build your brand and to bring more fresh eyeballs to the Phantom story…..consider adding more secondarily ralated “keyword focused content” to your websites. For example, write about Circuit City’s bankruptcy and how it points to certain virtual trends in your favor. Or how about the growth in gaming, ultra broadband, and new computer users in developing nations.

    What you will find happen is that all the extra distantly related keyword combinations will bring you a ton of target traffic due to the “Longtail” phenomenon.

    So finally, my advise to you….as you go more avante garde….is to….

    Click my name and you can learn exactly how “The Longtail” can Turn Phantom into the Wal-Mart of gaming. It’s time for some ultra Gorilla Marketing.

    I would love to help you guys build REAL and SUSTAINABLE business momentum by building on what you already have.

  43. So ……….um. Whats the deal? I understand things take time, and Im not expecting miracles or anything……but. It would be nice to get status update or something. Even if the shipment is delayed, im fine with that. Just lets us know.

  44. Jim, What is wrong with this blog?

  45. anything going on, very quiet latley

  46. phantomadmin Says:

    Working on it Tim.

  47. Nice job on the updated streamserv site and the gamestreamer extranet demo. This is gonna be good!…

  48. @ErbiumDopedAmplifiers:
    Nice post 🙂 good advice.

  49. WOW! and actual decent review from a reputable gadget/gaming site!!!! Sounds pretty positive to me!!

  50. Kool forum.

    when the lapboard gets released i’m gonna advertise for free lol.

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