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Recurring Questions – from some new bloggers.

Posted in Jim the Web Guy on January 11, 2009 by phantomadmin

OK, I’ve decided to answer every post that comes in.  While tedious maybe it will help people who know nothing about marketing or manufacturing understand better how business works. PHEI for Dummies if you will.

The Lapboard: This board was designed 5 years ago, the design hasn’t changed for the reason that it hasn’t come to market, it is now coming to market for actual review by real people not just the Big Wigs of the Media Community. While we respect those guys, its the consumers we need to hear from. COST: does anyone know how much it costs to redesign a product? ALOT! Especially in this economic disaster we currently live in?  Does anyone realize the time it takes to make those redesigns, and even if done will they improve overall based on a few responses from the corporate audience?

The GameStore:  Once again I seem to revisit this, yet I understand that most of you are in the dark when in comes to the inter workings of a company doing what we are doing. Deals take time, lots of time, we are doing are damnedness to cut through the red tape and speed up the process, yet legal is legal and paperwork is paper work.  I’m sure most of you have been at an amusement park or carnival, you pay your entrance fee and then you see an awesome ride you want to get on – ALL YOU CAN DO IS WAIT.

We are doing our best here, with little money and dragging time lines.  Yes, the media is going to tear us a new one, but what else is new. I know the type of company we are now, and I’m not about to start living in the past.