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.0005 today  🙂  yah!

Talk to you all soon.


41 Responses to “Suggestions Post. – per request”

  1. Cool numbers, haven’t seen this much progress in years… Thank you, Thank you…

    See PEOPLE, if you bought stock last week you made money today… It will only get better…

  2. Some people feel there is a bear market rally comming between now and July, 2009. If that happens it will be so exciting to see Phantom’s stock price go UP UP UP. Sales and revenue will make it happen !!! GLTA Goooooooo PHEI

  3. Jim,

    I custom print t-shirts and think it would be cool to print some up and giveaway, atleast to start maybe….I am also a stockholder….Can’t wait for an exciting year…


  4. hey jim any update on whats going on with the gamestore? progress?

  5. It’s all coming together after 6 years of Market corruption still standing!

  6. phantomadmin Says:

    Matt – sounds interesting – what can you do for me? I’ve been wanting to make shirts. I had a few hot models a few months back model with the Lapboard. Never got around to making the shirts… Let me know – email me directly-

  7. Are we showing at the CES 2009? I seem to remember talk of sharing a booth.

  8. I see we’re holding steady today at .0005! I see a gradual climb.

  9. Ic Phantom is busy with indie developers:

    Nathan Lands – January 8th, 2009 at 3:22 pm

    I’d like to clarify a thing or two about the “Phantom Game Store”. This is actually being operated by our company GameStreamer. We will be opening multiple stores on very large websites soon which will be branded in the client’s names.

    We are very open to indie developers and are working with our distribution partners as well as some major and already established players in the digital distribution market to create a global network that you as a developer will be able to upload your games to once and it will be available across our entire network.

    We love Indie Games as we are ourselves are entrepreneurs, I’ve been since I was 15 and have been lucky enough to make a living doing what I love and in the industry I love and hope others can do the same. We know what it feels like to be the little guy against the industry giants and we’re glad that we can help each other.

    If any other developers have a hard time reaching us they can contact me personally at nlands (at)

    Jeff – January 8th, 2009 at 4:04 pm

    Hey Nathan! That is awesome that you stopped by! It’s great to provide this level of support. I’ve changed the listing to GameStreamer and upgraded it to yellow, hopefully green soon ;).

  10. My company would be willing to cover the cost of a full press release when the product comes out. email me

  11. up another .0002 to price at 11:30 of .0007, thats positve even though theres no sales or rev at all , it hasnt move this much in years. lets hope this is a gradual increase until revenue we hope happens

  12. .0007 already puts the stock in the “I don’t know why it’s that price” category, lol. I’m certainly not complaining though 🙂

    500 boards per month x 12 months x $130 per board = $780,000 per year revenue / 2,400,000,000 shares = .0003 share price for 1 year of revenue

    However we don’t know how well the board will do, or what the game service will do (take off? bomb out?)

    If anything, the market is forward-looking, hype-ridden, and finicky. Who knows what’s going to happen (shrug)? This is definitely going to be interesting. Glad I’m still around to see it unfold.

  13. Oh yeah, I forget the market is generally ill-informed as well.

  14. Idea for game store: Give people the option to purchase a physical copy of the game. I know it’s a little counter-intuitive and it’s all about streaming and digital downloads, but perhaps it could be done in a drop-ship fashion so PHEI doesn’t have to purchase and manage all the inventory, etc. You may scoop up extra sales from people who, for whatever reason, want a certain game as a gussied-up hard copy instead of streamed or downloaded.

    Just for example, there are certain times I’ll buy a CD outright, even though most of my music purchases now are digital. If iTunes gave me the option to buy a CD used (sometimes new), at a good price, straight from them, I’d probably do it, so they end up losing that purchase from me. I still prefer digital, but there are just certain times where hard copy is better.

    Don’t make streaming a pride thing 😉 I know it’s the main attraction, but we’re trying to take over the world, remember?

  15. I read a few days ago that Logitech had some layoffs, maybe one of Phantom’s biggest advantages at this point is it’s small size. Amazing close at .0007 today, now let’s hope it goes back to .0003 so we can buy more huh? I noticed that this puts Phantom’s market cap well over $1,000,000. I’d love to see a new SEC filing to read soon.

  16. Love the button, “Notify me of follow-up comments via email”. Very nice, I see great things happening… I don’t want the stock to go down… I hope it gets bigger, buy now save later. Three friends of mine at work have mad a few hundred dollars in the past few weeks, they I believe are going to have their stock ordered to purchase more PHEI every day there is a surplus in this particular stock, with the profit they make from the stock, its great, their shares keep going up as the % goes up… thank you guys, keep up the good work… Always a fan… Let’s get this Lapboard party started…

  17. Phantom Admin, Hey there can you e-mail me since I am not sure which one to e-mail you to…Sorry, just want to make sure you get it and we talk….Thanks


  18. so pheadbaq, ur saying the stock if the rev is 780000 a year, the stock will only move .0003 a year, thats not how it works. they show rev and the outstanding share will work out and the stock will rise, if they get listed out of pink, they will have to be at 1 dollar to stay so who knows im not a stock know it all but i dont get what ur math implies?

  19. Not sure what you mean by “Outstanding shares will work out”, AP… Outstanding shares will remain at 2.4 billion until the company has enough money on the books to decide that the market has undervalued it’s stock and decides to buy it back, thus decreasing the number of outstanding shares. 2.4 billion is the number of shares issued by the company, whether anyone owns them or not… Phantom actually has more shares that can be issued, which would provide further cash to the company, yet dilute the value of anything we own. If phantom hits 1.00 per share it would have a a market cap of appx. 2.4 billion dollars, which is a lot more than a lot of serious big timers right now, so let’s aknowlwdge the fact that we have a long road to legitimacy, and continue to do what we can to contribute to the success and permanancy of this company.

  20. Well, I’m no stock guru either, and I loathe accounting, but I do a lot of casual reading on the stock market. I know there are a zillion different measurements for stocks, but I just wanted to get the figure for revenue per share. To me, revenue is potential. No revenue, no potential, because it means no one is giving the company money for its goods or services. I don’t see why the company would issue any more shares, and I think now would be a horrible time to try and correct the 2.4 billion outstanding shares, because we don’t know what will happen yet. Who knows, leaving that many shares might present opportunites if crazy hype kicks in. So shares outstanding can probably stay constant for a while. Bare minimum then, I figure .0003 potential if all they did was sell 500 lapboards per month forever and nobody loved them. I seriously doubt that’s all they’ll do, but that figure keeps me on earth.

    You’re right though, it doesn’t work that way. When other people start seeing potential in Phantom, there ya go, the stock price goes up, because stocks are basically about anticipation of growth, making a company worth whatever people will pay for the stock (as unintuitive as it sounds to me). They expect their money to grow. This is where hype comes in. If a stock is overhyped, the price can go nuts to where it would take a loooong time (or never) for a company to live up to the speculative valuations, because people went nuts with anticipation.

    At some point, for different reasons, the hype party’s over and people go nuts in the other direction, sending the share price back down to earth, probably below. Then investors with their heads screwed on straight see that the company has been dumped more than it should have been (by having some measure of raw value for the company to compare share price with), so they come pick up the value they see and help prop things back up. Then more and more reasonable people start coming in just because they see growth.

    Lather, rinse, repeat… hype, fear, sanity, hype, fear, sanity. Not many stocks avoid it. But Phantom so far has been either all hype or fear, they went from one to the other, with no healthy sanity in between to keep the cycle going. Sanity is finally here with revenue! If revenue can keep rising, then we’ll have a healthy rising roller coaster instead of a parabolic ballistic missile trajectory.

    I haven’t a clue how much it will move though. A lot I hope 🙂 No telling really.

  21. phantomadmin Says:

    hey guys when I know you’ll know.

  22. drew slade Says:

    GAMELIFE REVIEW gave the phantom a thunbs down..I can see why.
    Im not even a gamer and i can see where they are right about the mouse being like holding a can of sardines for the many hours of play…why didnt you knitwit designers make it fit more to the hand?? whats the matter with you..And, the person that doesnt want it tilted up and wants it flat has no where to put the mouse..Why didnt you just put a pad that could be pulled out from the bottom and pushed back in if you didnt need it..the lapboard itself should be raised up and not tilted…the swivel makes sense but then if your changes….im disapointed with you guys after so many reallly should have perfected this thing so it would be loved and not critized so much…game life was right…you could just buy a board and throw a cheapy mouse and keyboard on top and you got the same idea….whats up with the game store,,maybe that will make you money??…i mean the idea is for this lapboard to be the coolest where no one would be able to improve it…I can already see 4 ways to make it a much better product…..good luck

  23. drew slade Says:

    by the way ,,how mamny did you think you could sell of these per month??
    i mean,,,you should have really perfected this thing so evryone would have to have one…now they dont…..seriously think about what your putting out there,, and redesign once again…did you guys even have focus groups and market research with kids before produciing the final product???

  24. pink sheet Stocks usually dont go up on Fridays ,most traders know that
    and there was pressure on the ‘ask’ ,..I think (something Great) is finally happening after all these years, Exciting ,and Finally market time for all true ‘longs’

  25. lets hope the SEC/DTCC/FINA offical are prosecuted for their crimes, go Phantom !!!Phantom Rules

  26. heh heh… “something wonderful”

  27. Just I don’t sound completely crazy… that was a quote from 2001 Space Odyssey in case anyone was wondering. Couldn’t help it after reading gatorbak’s comment.

    Looking forward to next week to see what happens next!

  28. What is the time line for the return of streaming web games? What is involved other than updates to the Beta site? In other words: are there new legal hurdles that are preventing this from happening soon??

    The longer your site is down, the worse the implications…

    I read above: “When I know you’ll know” and don’t expect to hear speculation or hearsay.

    Just want something firm to hang my hat on… or else bail!!!

  29. phantomadmin Says:

    OK, I’ve decided to answer every post that comes in. While tedious maybe it will help people how know nothing about marketing or manufacturing understand better how business works. PHEI for Dummies if you will.

    This board was designed 5 years ago, the design hasn’t changed for the reason that it hasn’t come to market, it is now coming to market for actual review by real people not just the Big Wigs of the Media Community. While we respect those guys, its the consumers we need to hear from. COST: does anyone know how much it costs to redesign a product? ALOT! Especially in this economic disaster we currently live in? Does anyone realize the time it takes to make those redesigns, and even if done will they improve overall based on a few responses from the corporate audience?

    The GameStore: Once again I seem to revisit this, yet I understand that most of you are in the dark when in comes to the inter workings of a company doing what we are doing. Deals take time, lots of time, we are doing are damnedness to cut through the red tape and speed up the process, yet legal is legal and paperwork is paper work. I’m sure most of you have been at an amusement park or carnival, you pay your entrance fee and then you see an awesome ride you want to get on – ALL YOU CAN DO IS WAIT.

    We are doing our best here, with little money and dragging time lines. Yes, the media is going to tear us a new one, but what else is new. I know the type of company we are now, and I’m not about to start living in the past.

  30. phantomadmin Says:

    Please read latest post. – Recurring Questions – from some new bloggers.

  31. phantomadmin Says:

    Please read latest post – Recurring Questions – from some new bloggers.

  32. phantomadmin, thank you for entering the information you have. This last week has been great. I can’t wait to see what you all do next. Lets get this Pantom Lapboard party Started…

  33. jim these guys are ‘professional ‘ not dummies,the questions are fair..
    only way to squas doubt is market profits imo

  34. phantomadmin Says:

    Fair questions yes. So after reading my post you can see I’m working hard to make things happen. I don’t have any answers at present so please be professional and stop pressuring me for an answer. That is all I ask. Thanks

  35. if u guys wanna do a car or bus wrap (vynal graphics) let me know. i own a graphic install comp. i cant really get the printing done for free, but i can install it for free. anything to help. i live in the jersey area, and cover the tri state area. me and my buddy are the exclusive installers for the media company that has the rights to the advertising space on buses. hope to hear from you.

  36. any news?

  37. phantomadmin Says:

    January 11, 2009 at 1:11 pm
    When they arrive in the US, we will send out a PR.

  38. jim, the investors forum don’t need your imput,just stay ‘jim the web’ guy

  39. phantomadmin Says:

    If you haven’t figured out by now, I’m more than just the web guy. I provide you with the news that comes directly from the CEO of this company. Also I have more insight as the direction of this company because I’m here working on the front lines.

    Please be respectful here, you do not know me, or the type of obstacles I have to deal with on a daily basis. I am purely here as a servant to the investors, I am not paid, and I do this only because I’m confident that this company can come out of it’s dark past into a bright and healthy future.

  40. Thanks for all your hard work Jim, know that it’s greatly appreciated.

  41. I thank you also Jim, good post, VERY REASSURING, THANKS FOR ALL THAT YOU DO !!!

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